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Wisdom from Sayyidina `Ali (r)

Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

2 July 2010 Lefke, Cyprus

Jumu`ah Khutbah

O Muslims! O Believers! Allah, subhaanhu wa ta`ala, granted us to be Muslims. He guided us. Yahdee man yashaa. He is guiding everyone to Islam, guiding everyone to love of Prophet, Sayyidina Muhammad (s). He is guiding everyone to the love of the family of the Prophet (s), Sayyidina `Ali (r), Sayyidatina Fatima az-Zahrah (r), Sayyidina Hussayn (r), Sayyidina Hassan (r). O Muslims, we have to keep our respect, and those who are following the family of Prophet (s) have to keep the respect of loving Sayyidina `Umar (r) and Sayyidina Abu Bakr (q); this shows their love to Prophet (s).

O Muslims! You have to talk less. Don't talk too much, don't argue too much, don't go on the Internet, don't blog too much. Don't waste too much time. As Sayyidina `Ali (r) has said, "There are four elements that, if you keep them, Allah (swt) will keep you: First is as-samt, to keep silent. Don't talk; if you talk you are going to sin, so don't talk. If talking is silver, not talking is gold. You will go from gold to silver, so let us not talk and keep quiet.

Then after keeping silent, don't make fitna. He said, after that use your ears to listen to what people are saying. "Listen well before you take any action." So listen well, and then balance with the Shari`ah to see if you are creating fitna. If so, run away from it, don't answer; if you answer, you are pouring oil on the fire.

Then another; after being silent and listening, "Observe." So you can be an-nazhar, the observer, to observe behavior so you don't fall into tricks and traps. After you observe, then haraka, move forward on your decision. Don't voice your decisions with an angry mouth because you will fall into fitna and problems with you and your opponent, for nothing.

Fitna is dormant. Allah (swt) will curse those who are putting blogs full of nonsense on the Internet. Don't let Shaytan take you with his tricks and traps, or you will fall. They will apologize and say, "Sorry," and hug you. You are liars; you are only doing it to show people that you are okay, but you are not! You are not sorry. Don't make jokes of your words. Keep them simple, not saying one thing one day and changing the next. You have to be on haqq. Salafis are on baatil. Our shuyookh have raised us to be against baatil and to support haqq.

Sayyidina `Ali (r) said that Prophet (s) said, hatta yamillu ... "You have to worship as much as you can." After you leave fitna behind, direct yourself to your Prophet (s) and your shaykh. These are the ones responsible for you. And our shaykh is the door to Prophet (s), who said, "Worship as much as you can." Allah (swt) will not get fed up with you; however much you praise Him, He will give you more. Allah will not get fed up with you before you get fed up with Him!

Prophet (s) said, "You have to glorify Him every moment of your life." That is not gheeba and nameema, not cursing and putting blogs on the Internet, attacking right and left! Your duty is not to waste your time, but to make tasbeeh, glorify and praise Allah (swt)! Say, "Yaa Rabbee, You are my Lord, subhaanahu wa ta`ala, Allahu Akbar!"

(Continuing the hadith) And count on your fingers, because they are going to testify for you on the Day of Judgement. If you write something wrong on the Internet. your fingers are going to testify against you, and if you humiliate and attack someone, your fingers will testify to that on the Day of Judgement, and the pen with which you wrote will testify. Count on your fingers; they are going to testify, especially your forefinger, as it holds your unique code. Allah gave to everyone a different code; it is your identity. And it is the finger of shahada. But better than that, your fingers will testify, so make tasbeeh, holding with your fingers. Fingers are going to be responsible, they are going to speak up. "They are going to tell what My 'abdee has done with them." Allah (swt) is going to ask, "Did he pray and count on you?" They will say, "What you have done with your fingers?" Don't be heedless, don't forget to be merciful, or Allah (swt) will stop His Mercy on you.

O Muslims! Allah (swt) will accept repentance. Attackers, Allah (swt) will forgive. And as Prophet (s) said, in a hadith of Bukhari and Tirmidhi, ...Anas ibn Malik zina wa tashabul khamru wa la kil rijaloo... He said, "I am going to tell you a hadith that no one will tell you after me. I heard from Prophet (s) of the Signs of the Last Day. That knowledge will be lifted up and be no more. The scholars will die, shuyookh will die and only ignorant people will be there, who think they are shuyookh. They will want to lead the ummah and will think they are going to protect the ummah and will want to change Islam." Like the Salafis, they think they are the voice of Islam. May Allah, subhaanahu wa ta`ala, change them to come back to sunnah!

(Continuing the hadeeth) And Prophet (s) said, "Ignorance will fill up the world. People will attack each other, fathers will attack children and children will attack parents." There will be too much fitna. We see it on the Internet everyone is against everyone. And there will be too much adultery, wherever you go around the world, and too much drinking (intoxication). Say, "O Allah! Make it easy for me!"

O Muslims! Repent! (Continuing the hadeeth) Too many men will be killed and too many women will be left; there will be less men, qayyimun wahid. To every man there will be 50 women (not for marriage, that is the ratio of men to women).

O Mu'mins! Sayyidina `Ali (r) gave us a very important message: to be silent, to listen, and to observe before acting. The strong Muslims are following that message. Sayyidina Jabir (r) said of Sayyidina `Ali (r), `Aliyun imaamun bararata mansoora. "Sayyidina `Ali is the imaam of pure people, and the killer of the corrupt." This means that secret is being carried by the shuyookh of tariqah. Our shuyookh are carrying that power, they can stop the corruption that keeps us from entering Paradise. Especially the Naqshbandi, through Jafar as-Siddiq (q), and with both Sayyidina `Ali (r) and Sayyidina Abu Bakr (r); they are the leaders and imaams of that way to Paradise. Mansooran man nasara, "Victorious are those who support them." Those who put them down, put Allah (swt) will put them down and they will be brought down. Anas (r) said, as Prophet (s) said to him, `Aliyyun zahar Jannatee. "In Paradise, `Ali will be like a flower," and he will grow more and more and more and fill Paradise with a scented breeze.He will appear to people in dunya as a bright star on a dark night. He will be like a star in every Paradise.

May Allah (swt) forgive us and give our shaykh long life, bless him, and keep us in his company. Astaghfirullah.