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Islam is Coming!

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani

24 February 2013 Lefke, Cyprus

(Translated from Turkish)

Are you reciting Yaseen Shareef? Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, wa ‘l-karamu wa ‘l-`afoow min Rabbinaa Jalla wa `Alaa. O our Lord! You Are Subhaan! You are Sultaan! Yaa Rabbanaa! You are our Lord! Even if we stood to glorify You until the Day of Judgement, still it is nothing, O our Beautiful Allah!

Today is the day that celebrations for our Great Prophet's (s) holy birth take place. The Earth and Heavens are decorated. SubhaanAllah! Sultan Allah! Ahlan wa sahlan. Welcome to you, O Beloved, you came with goodness! We may say, “Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem.” Whosoever remembers the Name of Allah in the first place, Allah Dhu ‘l-Jalaal makes everything easy for him. Jalla Jalaaluhu, Jalla Jalaaluhu, Jalla `Azhamatuhu.

Shukr Allah that He (swt) made us wake up from our sleep; sleep is half-death, the soul is taken and held. Then when you open your eyes, the soul comes back to the body. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. SubhaanAllah. Sultan Allah. O our Lord! We are nothing in front of Your Glory and Greatness!

Welcome to you, O listeners! Welcome to you, O who want to hear the word of Allah! O who want to learn the way of Allah, welcome to you! Ahlan wa sahlan. How beautiful: our Lord Almighty sends the angels who will wake us up from sleep. Angels wake us up. He (swt) doesn't give eternal sleep and doesn't give eternal wakefulness; Man sleeps and rests and also wakes up to make service.

How beautiful is the arrangement of our Lord Almighty! The lifestyle that He (swt) teaches us is beyond imagination, it is very precise. You are Subhaan, O Lord! Therefore, when you open your eyes, say, “Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem. O our Lord, labbayk! Here I am, at Your service. O our Lord! You woke us up. Here we are, O Lord. We show high respect for Your order. We put Your order in the highest place. O our Lord! You are Subhaan. You are Sultan. We believe in You. You are the One Who created us. May our day and our lives be beautiful. May we live for You!”

We are not four-legged animals, we are the ashraf al-mahluq, the most honored ones among the Creation of Allah, even more honored than the angels, because He (swt) ordered the angels, “Prostrate before Adam!” What can we say? What is the attribute of today's Man? He doesn't even know how to say the “Bismillah.”

May we remember the name of Allah first. The seal of every action is the “Bismillah.” Seal your life when you wake up and say, “Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem.” But we fell into such a time that (...) The old ones would say like this, “The time has become the end of times, ignorance has covered the whole world.” If you ask them they don't even know the meaning of faith. Man is putting himself into the category of animals but we are the honored Creation. Allah Almighty granted an honor that He didn't grant the angels. It was for the Children of Adam, the Divine honoring. Shukr Allah, Allah (...) Know this! Don't play! What do the people of this time know? Ignorance has covered the world. If asked they won't know the meaning of faith. Cats know what they have to do, they catch mice, dogs bark and scare, donkeys know that they will be ridden, mules know that they will be loaded, and horses know that honorable men will ride them.

Therefore, “O shah of the courageous men, (Shah al-Mardan)! Step into the stirrup of the horse like a man!”

When the sultan came to the mounting stone, the soldiers present there would glorify the sultan, who was going for war, “O Shah al-Mardan! Step into the stirrup of the horse firmly. Step into the stirrup like a man!” and the sultan would jump on it like this and draw his sword. This honor was for us!

Now Shaytan corrupted and dishonored the people, the whole of Mankind. “O Shah al-Mardan, O our sultan who is the greatest of the brave men, step into the stirrup of the horse firmly, like a man!” When they said this, he would jump on it like a lion. The ones now sit in such high seats that if they were to fall on their heads it could kill them. They sit in big seats. Are chairs not enough for them? How can it be? Chairs would not be enough? May it fall on their heads!

“How can it be a chair for men like us? We need seats.”

“But your seat is too big.”

“Of course, it has to be a seat according to my title, it can't be a chair.”

Your rank is not with the seat you sit on! It can't be with your seat. The value of the one who considers himself great with his seat is like what comes out from his bottom, he has no value.

Be aware of your honor. “We granted the Children of Adam such an honor that We did not grant to any other creation.” He (swt) says, “I gave Mankind such a rank that no angel, and no other creation received such a rank.” You are Subhaan, O Lord! You are Sultan! Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. It is Your sultanate, O Lord. With what thing does one receive the sultanate You granted in dunya? The sultanate is granted to the one who says, “Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem.” “Step into the stirrup of the horse like a man!” And he would jump on it saying “Bismillah.” When he drew his sword, all the soldiers applauded. He would ride as if flying.

The unbelievers would ask, “Who is the commander of the soldiers coming?”

“This pasha, that pasha..”

“Okay, no harm then. We may go to war. We can fight.”

“Who is coming with the soldiers? Is the sultan with them?”

When they are told that the sultan is with them their strength and power would be gone. Allah Dhu ‘l-Jalaal granted the sultan such majesty. “Step into the stirrup of the horse like a man, like the brave ones! March!” The sultan would ride in the front like the wind.

When it was said, “There is the sultan,” the unbelievers would already be so overwhelmed with fear. For the armies that didn’t have a sultan but only pashas, they would say, “Okay, no harm. We may go to war.” When they heard that the sultan was with them they would say, “It is very difficult for us.” He (swt) dressed majesty on the sultan. President, prime minister, head minister, bottom minister, all of them are invented titles. These have no value.

السلطان ظل الله في الأرض

As-Sultaan Dhillullaahi fi ’l-ard.

The sultan is the Shadow of Allah on earth. (ibn Abi `Asim in his as-Sunnah)

When they said, “Sultan,” Allah Almighty dressed on him such a majesty that the whole world would tremble.

What can we do? This time (...) ignorance has covered the world. If you ask, they won't know the meaning of faith, they say, “What is faith?” Donkeys like you, who say, “This can't know what faith is!” You became a donkey, animals to Shaytan and on top of it you ask, “What is imaan?” Go and ask who made you a donkey! All of them are imitated titles. The real title is the title of “Sultan”. Sultan. Sultan. Allah Almighty granted him from His Holy Name. Allah Almighty did not say for Himself, “The President,” but said, “Sultan, The Absolute Sultan.” Allah Almighty grants sultanate as well as dominions for whoever He likes. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar! Our army is always victorious.

“Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem.” When he drew his sword and marched, the seven unbelieving

nations of Europe trembled and the people said, “The Ottomans are coming!” They asked, “Is the sultan with them?” When they heard the sultan was with them, they were afraid and said, “It will be very difficult.” If they heard, “No, the sadrazam or another pasha comes on behalf of the sultan,” they said, “We can meet them,” but when it was said, “The sultan is coming with his soldiers,” they were filled with fear!

Look at the majesty of the sultanate, yet we were ignorant and kicked out our sultan who ruled the whole world out of their own state, which they conquered with their own swords! What authority did we have? We fell into this situation, we fell into this situation. May Allah send us a sultan. He (swt) says, “I will send, for the honor of My Beloved, I will.”

O Beloved of Allah! Shukr that your name is remembered! The whole Islamic world takes pride in your Mawlid ash-Shareef, and throughout the whole world also, whoever knows him is proud! What a sultanate this is, that an orphan child carries three-billion men in the world behind him. Think on this! But there is no one who thinks. Whoever thinks is a man and whoever doesn't think is an animal.

O Glorious Prophet! Forgive us. We couldn't keep the respect and glory for you as we should. We couldn't show the necessary love and respect. What we showed is not even a speck. Your glory is remembered in the seven Heavens, your name is remembered as habeebu Rabbi ’l-`Alameen, “The Beloved of the Lord of the World,” of whom He (swt) says, “If it wasn't for you, I would not create this universe.” The Prophet (s) came with such a glory. He didn't sit in a seat. He didn't sit in a seat and say, “I am this, I am that.” Who made the wild Mankind tamed and disciplined, who taught adab for the ones that are beyond adab, who collected and ordered those that ran away from servanthood and prefer to be animals to Shaytan and make them prostrate in the Presence of Al-Bari is the Great Prophet (s). May it be mubarak!

O Glorious Prophet! Make us to be forgiven. Send us a sultan. We are left without a sultan and we are left without faith. We are left without a sultan and we are left without any strength and turned into empty sheaths. There are no full sheaths now, all straw. All straw, it has no grain. Straw is for animals, grain is for men. They leave the grain and run after straw. They call it, “The 21st century.” Allah Almighty knows which century it is. Their fight is this: “You versus me.”

“Get off and I will get on.”

"You get off and I get on.”

Shaytan ridiculed Mankind with this, “You versus me, fight!”

We threw off the sultanate rank that He dressed on us and for that dirty, cheap dress, not even a showy dress, that Shaytan dresses with, the whole world rushes to take it and put it on. This is the claim of Russia, of the US, of the Turks, of the Arabs, of the Americans, and of the British. They have no other thing to worry about. “We should wear this lousy dress.” And once they wear it, they get itchy, and they always want to itch. On top of this, the flies rush on them. They have no brush to repel them but they have tails, and they do like this with their tails.

Shaytan dishonored and humiliated Mankind like this. Allah Almighty glorified us with the rank of glorification. The great angels said, “Why did You not grant this to us instead, O our Lord? You created Adam and granted him the caliphate.”

“I am Your Lord Who does as He likes, as He wishes. Don't ask Me this but ask Adam.”

There is no one who teaches or make the people believe in these things; neither our hojas nor our hajjis know this. Shame on us! Our schools are not makhtabs anymore but they are mental houses that train donkeys, meaning this high education. “We studied,” and then? The people become crazy ones in the mental houses. What is it that we call the crazy ones in the mental house? “I will be number one, I will be on the top...” He can't be anything. A person who doesn't know his Lord cannot be anything and cannot have any value. Therefore, they will be thrown into fire. “You didn't know Your Lord. You ate from His provisions then you disrespected the blessing. You didn't once say, ‘Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem.’”

O our Lord Who created us! We are Your servants. We are at Your door. May You have mercy on us. You are the One Who grants our provision and You are The One Who orders. May we be as You want. O Lord! May You send us Your servants who will train us.

He (swt) sent, not only to this world, but even if it was seventy worlds like this, the beloved (s) can train them. They say, “His birth is celebrated.” The owner of the Mawlid ash-Shareef is our Prophet (s). He has the power, the majesty, and the greatness to train not only this world but seventy worlds. He has honor in the sight of Allah. Whoever follows him is honored. There is no honor for the one who doesn't follow him, they will fight each other. They don't say, “Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem.” They say “nature,” and all different imitated words. May they be destroyed with their “nature!” They can't say, “Allah created,” but hey say, “Nature created us.” Therefore, they don't find any goodness. What will save us from this ignorance? O Lord! Your Divine Grants are for Your Beloved. May You send us an atom from the adab, knowledge and hilm (softness) oceans of Your Beloved that we may appreciate him. We should appreciate the one who informs us about You, we can't know You without knowing him.

Then let us say, “Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem.” The Bismillah is a sword. If it strikes, they can have no missile or museum. O our Lord! Shukr to You. May You forgive us, O Allah. We are weak, O Lord. Qawwi dha'fana fi ridaak. May You make our weakness go away with this, O Lord. Send us a sultan that he may teach us. We are left in the hands of shaytans. We have no sultan. Send us a sultan, O Malik al-Mulook! Our Lord Who is the Absolute Master of the earths, Heavens, Mulk and Malakoot, send us a sultan. And we defeat the Shaytan, save those who follow him. You dressed the dress of honor and glory on the Children of Adam. May we keep that honor of servanthood. Yaa Rabbana! You know. We are helpless, O Lord. We are helpless, O Lord. We are helpless, O Lord.

Mankind trembles in fear because of an unseen virus but does not take care for Allah Dhu ‘l-Jalal. Ignorance has covered the universe.The whole world is ignorant. They don't know Who created them and don't want to know either. If you ask them, they won't know the meaning of faith.

They say, “What faith?”

“Astonishing, have you not heard of faith before?”

“No, I haven't.”

Your shaytan bridled you alright and got on your neck. Your shaytan made you reject your humanity. May Allah make us far away from following our egos.

O Glorious Prophet! May you send us a sultan from our Lord. That our sword (...) your sword, O Sayyid al- Awwaleen wa ‘l-Akhireen, O Beloved, your sword can reach from east to west. Fireworks in the sky has no value, they disappear immediately. We want the stable stars and suns, we want the universe, we want to make our service in the Dominions of our Lord. O our Lord! Tubna wa raja`na `alayk. Mubarak for the Mawlid ash-Shareef of the Great Prophet (s).

Inshaa-Allah, starting from today, men who will give strength for Islam will appear. Starting from today, the manifestation will change. Starting from today, people’s hearts will turn to Islam, will turn to the servanthood of Allah. Shaytan will be defeated! Shaytan and his supporters can't be victorious. Say, “Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem.” Draw the sword of Haqq and have no fear. Think! A 7-year-old respectable one, a child in the middle of the deserts who was an orphan, who lost both his mother and father, appeared and is now ruling on Earth, but whoever runs away without accepting his rule will fall into troubles. This world will see it, they will return to the way of Allah's Beloved, to whom He granted His sultanate. They will leave Shaytan's doings. Whoever won't leave will be wiped out. Dunya will be cleaned. Watch out, starting from today everything will turn to the way of that Prophet of the End of Times (s)! It will be enforced; otherwise, they will be whipped.

Tawbah, yaa Rabbee! Tawbah, yaa Rabbee. Tawbah, astaghfirullah. Shukr, yaa Rabbee. Shukr, yaa Rabbee. Shukr, alhamdulillah!

I am old, but I want from our Lord to keep the way of His Beloved, drawing the sword! I want to be with those who gird themselves with swords from the Heavens. I want to move away from Shaytan and the dirtiness he made; move away and you come close to Haqq. If you move away from Haqq, you come close to Shaytan. Then let us say, “A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytani 'r-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem. O Lord! May You protect us from the evil of Shaytan. Send us a sultan,” and He will. Look now, starting from today, the power of Islam will cut their heads like a sledgehammer and the sultan will come and do this.

Mark today's date and start counting. May Allah also show you those happy days and grant you honor by making service in those days. O those who listen to these words! O Mankind! Yaa Rabbee, tawbah. Yaa Rabbee, tawbah. Yaa Rabbee, tawbah, astaghfirullah. Shukr, yaa Rabbee. Shukr, yaa Rabbee. Shukr, alhamdulillah. If You want, You can make the world upside-down instantly! You can make the oceans overflow! You can open the Heavens and with snows, with floods! You can sweep the world!You are al-Qadir! We are helpless, O Lord. Irham d`afana irham dhullana, for the honor of Your Beloved and for the honor of al-Fatihah. Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem.

May He (swt) show us the good days, may He show us Sayyidina Mahdi (a). May you see Hazrat ‘Isa (a) also and may you find honor in their service and honoring. My children, my grandchildren, the young ones of the Nation of Muhammad (s) will, inshaa-Allah, ride horses under the flag of Islam. We don't want any cannons or planes. The majestic voice of our takbeer will shake the world! It is coming, Islam is coming! Shaytan's sultanate will be destroyed and the sultan that Ar-Rahmaan appointed will rule this world. We believe and we hope that we can be with them too.



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