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Instructions for a Sweet Life

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

4 March 2011 Lefke, Cyprus

(...) There are so many kinds of people, so many kinds of beliefs, so many kinds of botanicals, and so many kinds of animals. SubhaanAllah! SubhaanAllah! Sultan Allah! No other ocean has these kinds of different fish and things that it gives like the Indian Ocean. It is the richest one and I also observed that this ocean is the angriest ocean, it has jalaali, majestic power. It is a terrible ocean, and there is no other ocean like the Indian Ocean, ajaa`ib, full of wonders. When it is calm, its waves are high, then what do you think when (the waves are rushing)? Ooohh, these waves are like towers coming on people, ajaa`ib!

These are among the incredible things of the world, which are in India. You can find every incredible kinds of trees and animals there. Also, so many different races of Mankind are living there. Allahu Akbar! Hindustan. So many tales that our Iranian people are writing, are about India, Hindustan, and second `Ajamistan (Persia). They are such rich ones for imagining and speaking. SubhaanAllahi 'l-`Aliyyu 'l-`Azheem. That is a type of grant from Allah Almighty to them.

Arabs are, mashaa-Allah, bul bul (like nightingales). (Laughter) Hindustan people are speaking more than you but (...) Arabs, don’t ask. If Egyptian Arabs begin to speak, Libyan Arabs run away! If Tunisian people speak, Sudanese people are saying, “Is there no time for us to speak?” “Yes you can speak,” but Egyptian people are beyond you.

We must make our respectable guests happy, to make them happy is a good characteristic. If a guest comes to you, you must make him or her happy and give as much as you can something for eating and drinking, but people also like to hear something that makes them happy and pleased. Therefore, I am now 50-years-old, and you are younger than me by five years. (Laughter) What shall we do? They are saying, “You are getting older,” is 50 years old? No, it is young. I am making them to understand the characteristics of 50-year-old person or younger than him by five years, or older than him by five years. They must be happy.

When Egyptian people are here, they are not leaving any time for me to speak because they are saying, “Blah, blah, blah.” When Egyptian people come, I forget what I am speaking about, they are such special people for speaking. When `Ajam people are speaking, you think that they are quarrelling. (Laughter)

Marhaban, welcome to you! Are you younger than me by five years or four years? Then it is okay. May Allah give you happiness to meet with good people. If your conscience is saying, “That is not a good one,” leave him and run away! When your conscience is content, be friends with him. If your heart is saying, “This one is no good,” run away. So many people now are like Shaytan; therefore, you must use your balance in your heart, and look if the heart is saying, “Leave him, run away,” then don’t be with that one. Even if he is a billionaire or trillionaire, leave that one, because he may hurt you, making your honor on the zero point or making your money from one billion to the zero line. You must keep it. When your conscience is happy, be with him, and if it is unhappy then run away. Don’t say, “This is the chief of a company, chairman of this or that,” no, that is Shaytan.

May Allah protect you and make Your Highness, Prince Muhammad, to be on his real position in Libya, which gives honor to that country. May Allah make his honor up and up and up and help `ibaadAllah, and also give happiness to people. May Allah grant him happiness, satisfaction, and a sweet life. If you are asking for a sweet life, keep such advice and your life is going to be sweet. A sweet life can’t be with money, you can’t buy it, no, it is something coming from above to you. Tawbah, yaa Rabbee. Tawbah, yaa Rabbee.



Always be with good ones, don’t be with bad ones, even if they may be billionaires or trillionaires, it is not good for you. If he is not a good one don’t go to him. That is like a cobra, biting and finishing, and you will go on the same way then. Keep yourself! Thank you for your visiting. I am occupying you with something that perhaps you never heard, but I apologize that I am making you sit and listen. I am speaking about your conscience: if your conscience is okay, welcome, and if it is not good, go and look so that your conscience is satisfied with that one. That is how to have a sweet life.