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Shaykh Muhammad (s) Hisham Kabbani
Oakland Zawiya
A`udhu billahi min ash-shaytaan ir-rajeem
Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem
Nawaytu'l-arba`een, nawaytu'l-`itikaaf, nawaytu'l-khalwah, nawaytu'l-riyaadah, nawaytu's-salook, nawaytu'l-`uzlah lillahi ta`ala fee hadha'l-masjid
Ati` Allah wa ati` ar-Rasula wa uli 'l-amri minkum
Allah swt gave us time before we will be the people the inhabitants of the cemeteries. We are… people are trying to avoid to reach cemeteries by jogging all the day or running to the gym or trying to do all kinds of fitness in order that they avoid reaching the grave.
Although people in dunya try their best to have a very nice house but no one is thinking to have a nice grave. What we understand from a nice grave is a grave that has around it made from cement and some blocks and some dirt on it and that is a nice grave and they pay $5000 or $10000 if they have a good box. Or if they don’t have a box it is cheaper, the box alone might be $5000. But no one is thinking to have a nice grave in the sense that it will be rawdatan min riyadh al-jannah - a garden from the gardens of Paradise, and if we are really asking that and we hope that Allah will grant us that, then we are hoping to have a nice grave in a nice cemetery. What makes the grave nice is to reach a level of knowing what Allah likes and what Allah dislikes.
The Prophet (s) taught us two words that are very simple and he said "they are very light on the tongue and very heavy in the scale: subhanallahwa bi-hamidihi suhanallahi'l-`adheem" and in another hadith he said, "istaghfirullah wa atooboo ilayk" and when he was making du`a he said, "Allahuma arhamna idha sirrna min ashaabil-quboor."
That is a very big reality that is not an assumption. before yesterday we were speaking of assumptions. We can make an assumption that we are going to die. But the reality is that we are we dying. Like in science we make an assumption that we come to a fact. But Allah is saying that is a fact. You are going to be in the grave one day. Ankar wa Nakeer, two angels are going to come and ask us questions and the first question is going to be "do you believe in a creator?" Then, "Who is your creator?" "Allah swt." And the second question is "who is the seal of messengers." "Sayyidina Muhammad (s)." And the third question is, "what is your religion?" "Islam." And the fourth question is, "what is your holy book?" "Qur'an." Do you guarantee that you can answer those questions like that? Or it might be your tongue is frozen. Because many at that moment the Prophet (s) mentioned, in front of that situation it might be our tongue is frozen, and we cannot speak. They will hold it. It depends on the `amal we have done in dunya.
In order that our tongue not be frozen, our spirit must be free. In the grave there are people whose spirit is changed and they cannot answer and if they answer they answer according to what they have done in dunya thru their `amal. That is why it might be they don’t give the right answer. Because who did they worship in dunya. They might say "Allah" but in reality they are worshipping themselves. That ananiyya, the “I”. “I have my opinion, my way of thinking, I am independent, I am proud of myself,” …all kinds of bad characteristics they have taught us in schools I am sorry to say, all these bad characteristics to say that you are something. And at the time you reach 60, 65 they leave you and you are nothing.
Allah doesn’t leave you. As we said in beginning we are running in gyms and fitness centers to increase our lives but we are not going for akhira. I am not saying not to do fitness for the body, but do also for the next life.

Jogging is praying, keep praying up and down, up and down, like praying. Fitness center is dhikrullah. Keep doing dhikrullah you are in fitness center and a gym. Then we are building our akhira. else we are going to be lost and never you are going to be able to say to Allah, "O my Lord! Send me another time, I will do better." Khalas, it is alread finished. We must be worried.

Look. I was surprised from someone one week ago, he was here, and without hesitation, out of love to the  Prophet, he put a down payment for a mosque. He didn’t shake, that "I want to save this money for my children" or "I want to be able to have some savings." He said, "I am putting everything, get the masjid." He didn’t hesitate. Some people you ask them they say, "ok, oh, we have we cannot, now, we, we are sleepy."

All of us are like that. "Ok, insha-Allah, ah, ok, I am sick."
The difference is how much sincerity is in the heart of servants, how much they give their life for the sake of Sayyidina Muhammad (s) and for the sake of Allah. That is how we have to look at ourselves: between someone who has nothing and gives whatever is in his bank account and someone who has something and he is shaking.
This is a problem. People are after what they like but remember in the grave there is a problem. If you want to build your akhira as you are building your dunya then don’t forget your akhira. Don’t say, "O I have, there is one word in English, I have duties I have to fulfill so I cannot give." Why don’t you think about akhira duties you have to fulfill? Which is better? Think about it. If akhira is better think about it. Sincerity doesn’t come free. Sincerity has a price. The price is how much you are open to give.
The Prophet (s), he said, la yu’minu ahadakum hatta akoon ahabbu ilayhi min waladihi wa waalidih wa'n-naasu ajma`een… don’t consider yourself a believer until you love me more than your parents your sisters, your … even yourself and your money.
So choose, which one you want. you believe in what I am saying is correct then why don’t we act on it. if you think I am wrong say to me in my face that you are wrong.
Sahib, is what I am saying wrong? [sadaqta Ya sayyidee]
it is correct, but you don’t have anything to give. If I ask someone who has he might not answer. that applies on everyone, not just on those who are listening. it’s the light. if we enter this room and there are not lights it is in darkness. ali put off these lights and.
imagine you are going to be in the grave. 60 cm and 30 cm. no father, no mother no wife, nothing and the two angels are coming. Nothing on, no clothes.
The Prophet  (s) said that when someone dies, and as soon as the people leave him in the gave and they go Allah sends back part of his soul and he sits up and hits his head on the stone. He cannot sit up. At that time he is going to regret everything, but no chance now it is gone.
That is our problem today. Sincerity is gone. Sincerity used to be more than today. Piety is going, less and less, sincerity is going less and less.
I didn’t want to speak on this subject but when he made that du`a it was like a signal from Mawlana to us to speak on this.
I am worried, when the Prophet said, "O Allah don’t leave me to my ego for the blink of any eye." Sayyidina Abu Bakr (r) left and went to the Ka`ba. One day he was gone, second day. And then Prophet went to the Ka`ba and he found him there crying.
He said, "Wwhy are you crying? Allah made you Siddiq and He made you my companion in the cave." He said, "You, O Prophet, are Seal of the messengers and you are of the best character. If you are saying 'don't leave me to my ego for the blink of an eye,' then what will happen to me? Who can stand and change the decision when I stand before Allah and He says 'Go to hellfire!' Who can change the decisions there?" Then the Prophet (s) was crying as well, and Abu Bakr was crying. Who can change then? So on what basis do we have a guarantee that we are not going to be punished? No. So why then are we so, I don't like to use the word, stupid or dumb, that we are not trying to do our best.
Jibreel came and said, "Enough! Allah is saying salaams to you. You stop. Allah is saying to you and to Abu Bakr that Allah will never change for you and for your Prophet."
And that is good tidings for us because if Allah is never going to change for His Prophet and he is always saying, "my Ummah, my Ummah." Since Allah gave him the Ummah that is good tidings. But we have to show something of piety and sincerity else we are under difficulties. The Prophet (s) said, "I was the most person who was abused in my life," and he is the Seal of the messengers. The most tortured by his tribes and carried the most difficulties
People today come with their difficulties. What is your difficulty compared to the Prophet (s) and Sahaaba? You are living in a very high standard and you are not sleeping from hunger. Prophet Muhammad (s) was tying his stomach with a stone from hunger.
Ask them anyone did any one tie a stone from hunger. Dr. Munir, Husammuddin? No one. no.
Say Alhamdulillah, you have to be shaakir. Look those who are in Africa they are dying from hunger. Allah gave you the best of His favors. That is why we have to be thankful and the sign of thanking is the sign of don’t tell me I am thanking Allah swt, because I am praying my prayers. People say "I am praying." You have to pray, it is an obligation. You have to fast, that is an obligation. Sincerity is not fasting and praying. You do it or you go to hellfire you there you do it on the cover of hellfire between Hell and Paradise. Those who thru shafa`a of the Prophet go to heaven, but they missed their prayers must pray on the lid of hellfire, and their hands and feet and face will be burned. There is no excuse. Some people you ask them they say "yes, I pray two times." Then you are going to pray them, not in the grave, but in hellfire. Imagine how many prayers you missed from your childhood or from the time you converted to Islam, how many prayers you missed you are going to pray on the lid of hellfire. yawma tuqa jibahuhum wa... - the day that their face and their sides will be ironed," they will be ironed burning.
What we have to save ourselves from that?
Allah gave us through His Prophet ways. So to those who did not pray they have to pray now. If they missed their prayers there is a chance to pray it now, although qada, delayed, out of its time, you have to pray it. And the best is to make the intention, "Ya Rabbee give me life and give me time" and every prayer he prays one prayer from what he missed. If he is more pious he prays 2. If more pious, 3, 4, 5, 10. according to the intention that you give. but leave it completely that you are going to pray there.
And don’t say, “O …” the problem is that people don’t feel it. If I bring a candle and put it under Husamuddin’s finger what will he feel? He will feel the pain. We are not feeling the pain. But if you feel the pain you will not be able to carry it. Still here you can do it the pain here if you consider it too much but let it not be in hellfire, let it not be on Judgment Day.

O Muslims! I am saying this to myself and to you and I was going to speak something else today, but when he made that du`a it came as sign from Mawlana to speak something else. Like a person thirsty they give them water. They are giving it to us to drink. Save yourself from poison on Judgment Day. You are going to drink poison there. In Jahannam the water they give you to drink is going to be pus. That is the drink of Hellfire people. All this hot iron that is melting, that will go inside, then even the bones will disappear and then Allah rejuvenates you and then burns you again and then rejuvenates you and then non-stopping .

May Allah forgive us and save us from hellfire and accept from us our weaknesses and change to piety and sincerity because we are weak servants. we are helpless. Ya Rabbee you know better. you created us as weak servants. For the sake of the Prophet and Grandshaykh and Mawlana Shaykh, may Allah change us and forgive us our sins and write for us as if we are saying every moment Subhanallah wa bi-hamdihi istaghfirullah. Subhanallah wa bi-hamdihi istaghfirullah.