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If the World is in Danger, Be in Safety

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

3 December 2011 Lefke, Cyprus

This month, Muharramu ’l-Haaram, is a very important month. Allah Almighty knows the dangerous situation we are going towards. We are coming to the end of life of Man on his planet and Qiyamah, the Last Day, is coming nearer.

Whoever is going to be with Allah Jalla wa`Ala, is going to be in safety, here and Hereafter, and those who are running away from servanthood of Allah Almighty are in danger. We are asking Allah Almighty to send us Mahdi (a), to bring everything back to its real position. People are leaving servanthood to become servants and slaves of Shaytan. Therefore, inshaa-Allah Mahdi (a) will come to all people, and it will be a good future for Mankind on this planet.

Whoever accepts the servanthood of Allah Almighty is going to be safe. If they don’t accept and they run after Shaytan, there is no hope for them. Yaa Rabbee! Yaa Allah! Yaa Rabbee! Yaa Allah! (Du`a)


We are in danger and so they may say “RabbunAllah, hasbunAllah” 100 times daily and also recite Salaatu Tunjeena [aka Salatu Munajiyyah]. Keep yourself safe and [women] do not go out at night except for a need, then your men or a worker may bring it. Keep your doors closed at night time and don’t leave the lights on. Don’t leave home without a man. Understand? May Allah protect you.