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Audhu billah min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem

Ati` Allah wa ati` ar-rasula wa uli 'l-amri minkum


Allah swt said obey Allah, obey the prophet and obey those who are on authority.

We are happy to be here today for Jumu`ah prayer. Insha-Allah Allah swt will accept from us.

The time is short but whatever we are going to speak, or scholars are speaking or people are speaking or teaching, never teachings end. Never knowledge ends. Every moment Allah inspires people to say something for the benefit of the human race. The Prophet (s) brought that heavenly message that we cannot except to accept it and to listen to what the prophet said and do as much as we can.

Then they have to raise the volume.

Audhu billah min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem

As we said, "knowledge never ends.” Dunya ends but knowledge never ends. Knowledge continues to akhira. Dunya does not continue to akhira. Dunya. One day Allah Is going to change this earth to another earth as Allah said in Holy Qur'an.

يَوْمَ تُبَدَّلُ الأَرْضُ غَيْرَ الأَرْضِ وَالسَّمَاوَاتُ وَبَرَزُواْ للّهِ الْوَاحِدِ الْقَهَّارِ
Yawma tubaddalu alardu ghayra alardi wa’s-samawaatu wa barazoo lillahi al-waahida ’l-qahhari
One day the earth will be changed to a different earth, and so will be the heavens, and (men) will be marshalled forth, before Allah, the One, the Irresistible;
Ibrahim [14:48]          

That dunya is going to end but the ascension of the Prophet (s) never ends. Don’t think the Prophet (s) had only one Mi’raj. If we say the Prophet (s) had only one Mi’raj you are not giving the proper respect to the Prophet (s). One Mi’raj that we know. But in every moment he was in Mi’raj. Every moment he was receiving revelation from Sayyidina Jibreel and it was Mi’raj. His prayer was Mi’raj. Because he is ascending. In that moment which he said, "The best time for me is when we are between the hands of our Lord.” We pray and whose hands are we between? If we follow correctly then of course we know whose hands we will be in between. But if there is a struggle, there is a struggle we cannot say, "no we are perfect.”

فَأَلْهَمَهَا فُجُورَهَا وَتَقْوَاهَا

Fa-alhamaha fujooraha wa taqwaaha - And its enlightenment as to its wrong and its right. Shams 91:8

Allah… the Prophet (s) is being given by Allah and the Prophet (s) is struggling also. He is messenger for humanity and yet he was struggling. Otherwise why didn’t he say “believer” and everyone believe. No it was an example for us to struggle for it you get something. Like in normal life in business if you struggle for it you get something good. So for akhira if you struggle for it you get something good.

So Allah gave to the Prophet (s) that high level, something special to him not for everyone. That is for the prophet only. He gave him ascension with body and with soul. You cannot ascend with body. I am giving him something that I didn’t give anyone. He is different. He is not like us. There is no need to go further in that explanation. But we have to know that what the Prophet (s)  gave us is for our benefit.

قال رسول الله - صلى الله عليه وسلم - :
إنه خلق كل إنسان من بني آدم على ستين و ثلاثمائة مفصل فمن كبر الله و حمد الله و هلل الله و سبح الله و استغفر الله و عزل حجرا عن طريق الناس أو شوكة أو عظما عن طريق الناس و أمر بمعروف أو نهى عن منكر عدد تلك الستين و الثلاثمائة السلامى فإنه يمسي يومئذ و قد زحزح نفسه عن النار . *
( صحيح ) انظر حديث رقم : 2391 في صحيح الجامع .

One hadith the Prophet (s) mentioned narrated by Muslim is that “Allah created us from 360 mifsal, 360 joints in us.” Doctors might know many joints, the might count them, but as the prophet mentioned there are 360. And I was reading in Chinese medicine there are 366 joints or points of acupuncture points. They say there are 360 or 366 acupuncture points that when you touch them they send a message to part of the body to correct that part of the body.

The Prophet (s) said, "there are 360 points that need to be fixed every day.” We might not know them. And he said, “man halala wa kabara wa hamada wa sabahallah wa istighfaarallah wa imatat al-ada min at-tareeq whoever says la ilaha illa-Allah and praised Allah (alhamdulillah) and glorified Allah (Subhanallah) and asked Allah’s forgiveness (istaghfirullah) and removed whatever is injurious from the way, (and whoever called to what is good and prohibited what is wrong), that is considered a sadaqa and that sadaqa touches one point and clears it every day.”

So he is giving us a thing that if you want to clean your body then to make it strong make 360 sadaqa. What is that 360 sadaqa? It means do 360 something you give to Allah. You can do 360 istaghfirullah that is considered 360 different sadaqa. That is why he said if you say Allahu Akbar you are touching a point. If you say alhamdulillah you are toughing a point. If you give a poor person you are touching a point, if you take something from the road that is touching a point.

So any good thing you do you are touching one of these to rejuvenate that point. That is why people might get sick, headache or get any kinds of problems and that is to remind to go back to Allah. When you get sick you remember. You get a headache migraine and say, "O Allah help me.”
So when people ask me, “what is the best profession to do, I tell them to be doctor.” They say, “O that is too much money that profession. But it is not too much money it is that you see sick people too much and it reminds you of akhira.” They are the best people to remember akhira as they see these sick people every day.

قال رسول الله " داووا مرضاكم بالصدقة"

So the Prophet (s) has mentioned this a lot and the Prophet (s) said, "cure your patients with sadaqa.”[1]

People understand that sadaqa is giving a donation. No it is only one, but sadaqa can be many types of things. Smiling in face is sadaqa. Seeing a patient is sadaqa. Inviting someone for teach is sadaqa. Taking an obstacle from the street is sadaqa, struggle vs. yourself is sadaqa. Anything you do for Allah is sadaqa as if you are giving charity to heavens. Allah doesn’t need it. It is something to be rewarded that is why he called is sadaqa.

Look this is so great what the Prophet (s) said:

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: "اتقوا النار ولو بشق تمرة، ولو بكلمةٍ طيبة".

Ittaqullah wa law bi shiqqi thamarah - Beware to be punished or beware to be scolded or beware to be ashamed on Judgment Day, if only by the piece of a date, or even a slice of a date you give to someone who is in need.”

That means anything you give. What is slice of a date? It is nothing. But Allah likes that. Allah will reward with that. Save yourself from punishment even by slice of a data.

So anything you do for someone even by slice of a date you save yourself from punishment in this life or in the next life.

How many people are taking care of people, realities or not, even if they take money but this is the best of professions that you are taking care of Allah’s servants. This body is made of what? It is skin. You don’t see anything do you? It is all the same. Open that skin you will see millions and millions of cells, trillions of cells that the body is made form. Trillions of these cells that are within the body. Organs, all kinds of organs Allah gave to you and all of them are working together. You cannot have one working that is not synchronizing with another organ. Look the engine of car, simple example. You look the outside of the engine which is not working. Why is it not working? There is nothing wrong from outside. The mechanic will look and see – “O that is broken!” Allah gave to doctors to see what is wrong with the body’s engine.

So our bodies are like these angels. If a mixture of oil and water comes together what happens? The engine is gone.

So doctors say take the water away. Then it will be ok. Why the engine goes bad? Because we don’t take care of our engine.

قال رسول الله " داووا مرضاكم بالصدقة"

The Prophet (s) said, "cure your patients with sadaqa.”[2]

That can be anything not necessarily money. He didn’t say cure your body with something else. He sad, whatever sickness Allah created a remedy for it.

And there is an illness out of every kind of food, only rice. You eat it no sickness comes from it. What is that secret in rice? Allah knows, prophet knows. So our body always has to be checked. You checked the oil, you check the transmission, you check the sparklers. Why today we don’t check anything with that trust.

And the Prophet (s) showed us the way.

روى الإمام أحمد في صحيحه عن أم المؤمنين السيدة عائشة رضي الله تعالى عنها أن رسول الله قال : "إنه خلق كل إنسان من بني آدم على ستين وثلاثمائة مفصل فمن كبر الله وحمد الله وسبح الله واستغفر الله وعزل حجراً من طريق الناس أو شوكة أو عظماً عن طريق الناس وأمر بالمعروف ونهى عن منكر عدد تلك الستين والثلاثمائة سلامي فإنه يمشي يومئذ وقد زحزح عن النار"مسلم

'A'isha reported Allah's Messenger (s) as saying, “Every one of the children of Adam has been created with three hundred and sixty joints; so he who declares the Glory of Allah, praises Allah, declares Allah to be One, Glorifies Allah, and seeks forgiveness from Allah, and removes stone, or thorn, or bone from people's path, and enjoins what is good and forbids from evil, to the number of those three hundred and sixty, will walk that day having removed himself from Hell.”[3]

He said there are 360 points in the body that one must touch on every day by saying takbir, tahlil, by saying alhamdulillah, there are different angels that come and touch on different points when you are doing dhikrullah.

And I will end with that hadith.

جاء رجل إلى رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم و قال يا رسول الله إن شرائع الإسلام قد كثرت علىّ فدلني على عمل أتشبث به قال لا يزال لسانك رطباً بذكر الله

The Prophet (s) was sitting with Sahaba and a man came and said, “it is becoming difficult on us the Shariah of Islam.”

People today say that, don’t they? “Give us something that is simple to do.” Do you think it is simple to be with the Prophet (s)? No. But that man, Bedouin came to the Prophet (s) and asked that question. That is good for us. Islam is the religion of Allah; the religion of Paradise. And the Prophet (s) has to give us a way out.

What did he say? “Ija`al lisanak ratban bi dhikrullah -  Keep your tongue wet with dhikrullah.” That doesn’t mean you don’t pray, it has nothing to do with your obligations.

But that is something extra in order to be with alladheena an`am’Allahu `alayhim min an-nabiyyeen was-siddiqeen wash-shuhada’i was-saliheen wa hasuna ula’ika rafeeqa.

So the Prophet (s) said, "Keep your tongue wet with dhikrullah.”

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