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How the Holy Relics of Prophet (s) are Endowed

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

26 July 2011 Lefke, Cyprus

(Translated from Turkish)

Saahib az-Zamaan is coming very soon. He is not going to take it from the government, but rather he’s going to take it from the hands of the khalifah; neither I nor you can give it to him. He will take his trusts directly and officially from the khalifah, whether he will be sultan or not. That is not important.

The last Abbasid khalifah in Egypt was not in the place of power, he was only a khalifah by name. That’s why, in order to preserve the honor of the station of khilafah and that the trust be given to its sole trustee, he transferred that authority to the most powerful one in the nation, to a sultan, to Sultan Selim I. That last Abbasid khalifah would not have given caliphate to him if not for the Prophet’s permission! Sultan Selim I did not ask for it; he was informed through a dream, and I read this in a book. You should read it also as it covers a lot of information, about how khilafah was transferred in the hands of Sultan Selim I. It was the order of Prophet (s)! Both the Abbasid khalifah and Sultan Selim I was ordered by the Prophet (s) in a dream, telling them, “Take it (caliphate) to Istanbul!”

Back then, during the time of the Mamluks, caliphate existed only by name; real khilafah was in the hands of Sultan Selim I, not the Mamluks. Therefore, the Abbasid khalifah did not give it to them, rather he was inspired to give it to Sultan Selim I. That’s the sole reason why Sultan Selim I set out (on a campaign) to Egypt. The book gives a lot of information; you must read and think on it. Also, look at jurisprudence books where there is mention of caliphate.

Whether it is in the hands of the army or not, the one who will be the khalifah must be somewhere. The parliament removed the caliphate? That is idle talk! Caliphate is still in the hands of the Sons of Uthmaan (the first Ottoman sultan). None of them were able to come up and say, “Khilafah is in my hands.”

This person’s (Sultan Selim IV) grandfather was also named “Selim,” who prepared the way for him to be the khalifah, and it is rightfully his. This is what has been inspired to our hearts. That person in Turkey who is calling himself a shahzade is actually a sultanzade, descendant of the sultan’s daughter. Real khilafah is for the one descended from the sultan’s son, and with Allah’s wisdom that side of the family was kept hidden. Those serpents will do anything because we are in the era of tyrants, but the tyrannical period is coming to an end. If he makes his appearance now or if we accept him as the khalifah, he is the khalifah! (...video cut...)

What should be done?According to Ottoman law, it has to be presented to someone from the sultan’s bloodline, transferred from sultan to sultan. As we said before, the last Abbasid caliph held the caliphate in his hands (until he transferred it to Sultan Selim) and Tumanbay said, “Give the caliphate to me.” The caliph would have immediately put Tumanbay to death if he were to use any force on him whatsoever; that’s why he didn’t insist. The caliph already knew, because the one who is khalifah must see our Prophet (s) in the dream and take orders from him; otherwise, he wouldn’t be a khalifah. All khalifahs see Prophet (s) in their dreams.

Even the weakest Ottoman sultan had the power of seven saints combined, which can shake the whole world! The Prophet (s) gave orders to them through their dreams; hence, during Jumu`ah prayer, the caliph presented it to Sultan Selim I, although he hadn’t asked for it. He received it and took it over by the order of the Prophet (s), “Take the trust, O Selim, for at the end of times when Mahdi (s) comes from my descendants, you will be the one to transfer the trust to him.” Instead of that Selim, another Selim will hand it over.

Time is up now and the khalifah of Islam must make his appearance, he must show himself. It is over! Otherwise, without him, neither Jumu`ah nor `Eid will be perfect. The most important obligation upon the ummah is to have an appointed khalifah, even before the funeral rites of the previous khalifah!

This issue can be likened to wasps in their hives: they sit like this and come out one-by-one, coming and going, but when you put a stick in their hive, they get angry and all of them come flying out. So what we are doing is similar to this; they will all come out. No matter what, the law of Shari`ah will continue moving forward, thanks to Allah (swt). The time has now come!

The last caliph of the Abbasids did not give it to Tumanbay although he was the sultan because it is given only by Prophet’s (s) order, which means time has come and it will begin slowly. The Day of Judgment is close and what will be will be. This world will not be left in the hands of these idiots; that’s why they will also be swept away! The whole world has become uneasy because of those people. Yaa Rabbee, you know better. We put a stick inside the beehive and now all the wasps (are coming out) to start it. SubhaanAllah, SultaanAllah! SubhaanAllah, SultaanAllah!

The sultan said, “I won’t let Muslims kill each other!” What he said was actually an external reason of the issue. In reality, it is: innahu hameedun majeed,“Indeed, He is the Praised, the Glorious.” He knew it was himself being addressed as he is a person with spiritual unveilings (kashif saahibi). Even the weakest of caliphs have the power of seven saints! What does this mean? They can shake seven worlds! They didn’t sit on the throne for their egos; they sat there for Allah (swt)!

When the time came (for Sultan Abdul Hamid to leave), he handed it over and retreated, then everything fell into chaos. But the khalifah and sultan of Islam will return and Mahdi (a) will take the trusts from that sultan in Istanbul, not from me or from you. Astaghfirullah, yaa Rabbee! He will come. May Allah (swt) show us those days. May we see the enemies and the traitors of Islam disappear, inshaaAllah.