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[Shaykh Senad mentioned that Sultan al-`Arifeen, Bayazid al-Bistami, asked Sayyidina Khidr about the two nations before Adam and Eve]

Grandshaykh said that awliyaullah take their knowledge from the Prophet (s)  and their knowledge is less than a drop of the ocean of the Prophet (s).

One time Sayyidina Khidr asked Jibreel , “when was Adam created?”

“Which Adam are you asking about?” Jibreel .

And Sayyidina Khidr was stuck, he didn’t know what to say. Then he said, "Is there more than one Adam?”

He said, "Yes, that Adam you are with is the last Adam. The one with the Day of Resurrection. Before that came 124,000 Adams with the number of 124,000 prophets and for all of them Sayyidina Muhammad (s) is the Seal of Messengers.said

And he said:

"One time Allah ordered me to open all my 600 wings, whereas with only two I come to dunya, and he ordered me to move with all my power, (with a speed that cannot be understood). And with that huge speed I was flying 70,000 years until I got tired. And all while I was flying I saw a huge desert or ocean of white crystal sand and in the middle of that desert there is a tree and on top of the tree is a green bird and that bird, he goes down from the tree, takes one grain of sand in his beak, and eats it and then goes back up.

"And I asked, ‘Ya Rabbee! Who is that bird?’ and Allah replied, ‘That is my beloved Muhammad (s) and each grain of sand is a universe that I gave it to him. Each time he eats one grain of sand, and,’ Allah said to Jibreel, ‘all these grains of sand are universes that I gave it to him. And he is the seal of messengers for each of these universes.’”

So which Adam are you speaking of? There are 124,000 and already their umam have been judged and sent to Paradise or Hell and this is last Adam.

So depending on the level of the wali, Sayyidina Bayazid could mention two names but Grandshaykh could mention 124,000.

That is because awliyaullah are moving up. They are in ascensions. And their knowledge is going up and up.

So I asked Mawlana Shaykh one time, “Why in the 1970’s the talks were at different levels than now?” He said, "You cannot throw pearls before swine.” That is why when I make lectures from the notes of Grandshaykh, those who don’t know awliyaullah will be confused completely they cannot understand it.

So knowledge of awliyaullah is far above common knowledge.

So what Bayazid said is correct there are two and more of Adams before Sayyidina Adam .