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We Stand for Our Prophet (s)!

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

20 January 2010 Lefke, Cyprus

Dastoor yaa Sayyidee, madad yaa RijaalAllah. Laa hawla wa laa quwatta illa billahi ‘l-`Aliyyi ‘l-`Azheem. (Mawlana Shaykh stands.)

Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar la ilaaha illa-Llah, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, wa lillahi ‘l-hamd! Alfu salaat, alfu salaam ala Sayyidi ‘l-awwaleen wa ’l-aakhireen, habeeba Rabbi 'l-`alameen wa man taba`hu mina 'l-mumimeen wa 'l-muwahhideen ila yawmi 'd-deen. Marhaban, marhaban. (Mawlana Shaykh sits.)

A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani ‘r-rajeem. Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem. Madad yaa RijaalAllah, madad yaa Sultan al-Awliya.

We are asking heavenly support for this humble meeting. We must ask always a support. Really, when heavenly support just left a person, falling down, just battery finished. Now we are asking some special support. There is one common support that is supporting the master of this world, qutb. He is responsible for every living one in this world, on this planet. One kind of support is an ordinary support that everyone is granted, even ants, even bacterias, even virus; they must have a support, because impossible for anything to be in this world without any support. They must be supported, then they come in life.

Everything is understanding and knowing Who created them, Who granted them to come into existence, and virus is something that is in existence; it can’t be by itself (existing), that is impossible. Qaim bi-dhaatihi, Who is in Existence Only by Himself is Allah Almighty (swt). (Mawlana Shaykh stands.) Subhaan sen yaa Rabb, Sultaan sen yaa Rabb. (Mawlana Shaykh sits.) He is not in need of any support. If He needs support His supporters must be more powerful than Him; therefore, that stopping there. Everything reaching to that point and no more, no way for them for understanding.

Everything is in limits for knowing their Creator. Everything is His Creation, from pre-Eternal up to Eternal creating, and who is created is knowing Who created them. Only heedless Mankind that they are not thinking on it, therefore their levels now going down, deeper, coming down, coming down. Even a virus is knowing Who bringing them into existence. And a man not knowing. How it can be? Their levels going to be under the level of a virus. And they are knowing about their Creator and giving their most high respects according to their levels, they are granting or asking to grant to their Creator highest glorifying, tasbeeh.

وَإِن مِّن شَيْءٍ إِلاَّ يُسَبِّحُ بِحَمْدَهِ وَلَـكِن لاَّ تَفْقَهُونَ تَسْبِيحَهُمْ

Asta`eenu billah: wa in min shayin illa yusabihoo bihamdih.

there is not a thing but celebrates His praise; And yet ye understand not how they declare His glory! (17:44)

Shayin means “everything”, even most smallest one must know and must give his most high glorifying to that One who bringing them in existence.

But shame or blame on Mankind that they are living on this planet, on Earth, on this world, and they are not coming to grant their most high glorifying to Who is bringing them in existence! Blame, blame, endless blame on those people! We are asking, O our Lord, don’t make ourselves to be such heedless beings! This world created for Man and they are not thinking on it, Who created them on this planet and granting to them countless enjoyment with everything? They may reach and they may taste from everything such an enjoyment, such a pleasure, such a happiness. Everything in nature, they are saying “nature,” everything on this planet and through its nature, everything has just been ordered, “O whole Creation on this planet! You have been ordered to grant to that one who was created and he is symbolizing the Creator!Who he is representing, the Creator of this universe, He is granting to you such an honor that He created everything around yourself, on yourself, under yourself! He is granting to you, and His grants is glory for you and you are dirty ones, not thinking on it to say, ‘You created us and our countless, our endless, our highest glorifying to You.’”

(Mawlana Shaykh stands.) O our Lord, Allahu akbar al-akbar! Yaa Allah , yaa Allah! (Mawlana Shaykh sits.)

It is biggest blame for Mankind they are preventing even to speak His Holy Name, “Allah Almighty”. They are preventing not to be said, not to be used through their languages, not to be used through their teachings, not to be reminded through universities, colleges and academies. That is biggest blame on Mankind whom they are living through 21st century; whole blame on them! O our Lord, don’t make us from those people! We are leaving them and we are so unhappy from them! We never like them, O our Lord! Who they are not giving their highest glorifying to You, we are not accepting!

Even a virus is giving through its capacity, tasbeeh, glorification for its Creator. Everything that created must have a creator; a creature without a creator can’t be. If I am saying this, just here no one making this(no one else is saying). (Mawlana points to camera) people saying, “You are foolish, you must be taken to mental house.” And everything in science that their knowledge is reaching, everything they have a kind of life, everything in existence are living they are living ones. Can’t be a dead one, but they are living ones. Dead ones going to be like Earth, rocks, sands, but other things you can’t say “dead ones.” Even sands and rocks and gigantic mountains and endless Oceans they are knowing that they are creatures, just had been created by the Creator. They are knowing and saying “subhaanAllah, subhaanAllah, subhaanAllah.”

O Mankind! Who are living through 21st century, we are saying what are you doing?

ذَلِكَ مَبْلَغُهُم مِّنَ الْعِلْمِ

Dhaalika mablaghahum min al-`ilm.

That is as far as knowledge will reach them. (53:30)

O Salafi `ulamas, why are you not opening your mouths, why are you not tableegh, informing people in such a way to understand whom they are and Who bringing them from nothing to be something?! From death valleys, bringing you to life, full waadis (fertile valleys). Why you are not saying? You knowing only to say as-salaat wa 's-salaam bud`a, “Salawaat is bida`.” Huh!? You know only this, to stand in front of muwaajahatu 'sh-shareefah and to address to Rasoolullahi, Sayyidina Muhammad.

(Mawlana Shaykh stands.) As-salaat wa 's-salaam `alayk yaa Sayyidi ‘l-awwaleen wa’l-aakhireen (s). (Mawlana Shaykh sits.) You are knowing only to say bida`, bida`, haraam. Allah Almighty giving highest respect to that one and you say, when we are saying, As-salaat wa-salaam `alayka, yaa Sayyidi ‘l-awwaleen wa’l-aakhireen. (They say) haadha buda`, where is your (proof)?

هَاتُواْ بُرْهَانَكُمْ

haatoo burhanakum, bring forth your proof. (2:111)

الحلال بين والحرام بين

Al-halaalu bayyin wa 'l-haraamu bayyin, "The Permitted is clear and forbidden is clear.”

Where is your proof? Say! Or a day is coming that your mouths are coming together and you can’t speak until you say, As-salaat wa-salaam yaa Sayyidi ‘l-awwaleen wa’l-aakhireen yaa Sayyidina Muhammad (s)!

Allah Almighty saying for the Seal of Prophets (s), “You are only mundhir, warner.” Yeah, nothing you may warn people, but don’t bring something from tilqaa anfusakaum, haadha halaal wa haadha haraam, haram Allah. Allah preventing that, (so) don’t say if you don’t have more than proof, burhaan, if you don’t have evidence don’t say that is haraam. Why haraam? If haraam, giving trouble to that person or to others, what is haraam. That is main reason that Allah Almighty prevented making it haraam, because it is harming people. Therefore, Allah Almighty saying, “Everything that harms you, just I prevented it.” What harming coming if you are saying as-salaat wa-salaam yaa Sayyidee, yaa Rasulallah. What harm coming?

And Allah Almighty bidh-dhaat, by Himself, He is saying I am giving my respect to Muhammad (s). Mawlana stands...Allah, Allah, Inna Allaha wa mala`ikatahu yusaloona `ala an-nabi. Allah yusalli `ala an-nabi. (...) (Mawlana shaykh sits.) Allah Almighty giving His high respect to say, “Muhammad ....” (Mawlana stands, then sits.) .... and you are saying it is bida` (innovation), it is kufr (unbelief), it is haraam (forbidden)? Haatoo burhanukum, Bring your proofs, and if not, I don’t think you may reach the end of this month or next month! Allah Almighty is getting His divinely anger on those who are not believing in His representative, Sayyidina Muhammad (s) ..... (Mawlana stands.) ... A thousand times I may stand up for the honor of Sayyidina Muhammad (s) ..... (Mawlana Shaykh sits.) ....

Just reported through history of mulook, kings, that Sultan Ahmad that built the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, and he was sultan bahrayn wa 'l-barrayn, hakkan sultan, saying whole barriyah, continents and oceans, Allah granted to them such an honor, such a greatness, that whole non-Muslim world they were trembling from haybat as-salaateen, that greatness dressed them. Now Turkey taking them away from their country, from their lands, no value now. But Ottomans, up to end at the beginning of 20th century, whole world was trembling from their greatness. Now they left it, they sent awya and what happened, you know and they know also. That one Sultan Ahmad, Allah grants him Jannat al-Firdaws, was sitting on `Arsh al-Mamlakaat, his throne, and anyone anytime saying the name of the Seal of the Prophets (s), he was standing up for honor of Sayyidina Muhammad (s).... (Mawlana stands, then sits.) ..... Anyone said holy name of Sayyidina Rasoolullah (s), he was standing up and sitting, even hundred times, he was standing hundred times and sitting.

What they are doing now, Salafi `ulama? At the time of salateen (kings) no `ulama. If it was haraam or bud`a why they are not saying? Their `ulamas just filled hundreds of libraries for their knowledge that they are taking from Holy Qur’an and holy hadith of Rasoolullah (s), why they are not saying, “You are wrong, don’t stand up.” Yaa Salafi `ulamas. If Jalalatul-malik comes you are sitting or standing up? Standing up. Even jalaalat al-malik (His Majesty the King) `AbdAllah, ayyadahullah, bi iqaam sha`air al-islam hunaa wa hunaak (May Allah support him, for his raising up the signs of Islam, here and there) we are happy with him. If jalaalat al-malik yatla` wa yarja`, even if going out and coming back, even ten times or twenty times, you are going to sit here? Never. What about if Sultan Ahmad only stand up for his (s) holy name? For his holy name may be standing up. If making sajdah it is wrong? Above your knowledge, it is haraam sajda li ghayrillah. Do you think that in existence anyone’s existence? Do you think that anywhere there is not the Creator? Who teaching you such a things? Don’t say "This is halaal and this is haraam." That is halaal bayyin, it is so clear.

O People! O muda`ee, claimers that you now everything and others not knowing, you are on wrong way. Fourteen centuries whole Islamic world giving their most high respect, most respected creature that the Lord of Heavens created. Why you are not giving respect?

Hadith you are reading, but not understanding. (Is it) not from Sunnah, Ta`dheem dhi 'l-shaybah (the esteem of the elder[1])? (If it is for) dhi 'l-shaybah, is it ok. Rajul kabeer fi 's-sin (an elderly man), to stand up, it is your good adab. And say another hadith "kabbir, kabbir" or "kabbir, kubbar!"[2] You know the hadith? They must know "kabbir!" As much as you are giving a greatness to someone, you should be granted a greatness also. And O Salafi `ulamas, what is your opinion if we are going to say, Man just representing the Lord of Heavens? It is wrong? If it is wrong, we are saying that you never understanding anything! If everyone representing their Creator, what about the Seal of Prophets (s)? By himself he was representing himself? Can’t be! Can’t be! How a person representing himself? Must represent someone else. And who representing Allah Almighty? That one that you are saying, don’t say as-salaatu wa 's-salaamu `alayk. What is that jahaalat, ignorance from you? Makes something and speak to people on the level that they are understanding. They are not such a person to reach up a little bit from the level of `amata 'n-naas. What you are saying only for `amata 'n-naas, for common people, but you are claiming that you are representing highest level of people. Please fahimhum, make them to understand.

Therefore, may Allah forgive us. That is important, coming to speak to you. I don’t know, but they are preparing and my tongue speaking to you. I am not sitting whole day and writing, no. Waaridaat. You know the meaning of waaridaat, heavenly inspirations, heavenly transmission, irtibaat, heavenly connection. I don’t know if you are believing in heavenly connection. If you are saying “no” that means you are going to deny wahiy, revelation. Because wahiy from heavens coming. If it is true for one, maybe for others, but not same, because everyone they have special level, according to their levels, that revelation coming from heavens, coming to that one. Therefore the Seal of Prophets (s) always in connection with heavenly ones or he is in connection with the Creator of whole Creation.

May Allah forgives us. O People! Try to understand some meanings through Holy Qur’an and holy hadith. This you are in need because we are in need to be enlightened, and enlightedness coming from heavens. If you are not accepting, you are cutting the way for heavenly lights to come to you and you are always going to be through darkness of this material world, and you are going to enjoy yourselves through some material aspects. It is all of them useless for heavens! Try to reach something that makes you to be more closer from Divinely Presence.

May Allah forgives us. O People! We are tiring, but we are asking. Perhaps such a talks or teachings may be sometimes for people who do not understand something, but we must try. A small one can’t understand what is the first “alif”, and second “ba” and third “ceh” (alphabet), but he may learn; his teacher may teach him. And so many may learn through someones that they are knowing that secret power, or whom they have that secret power to reach to people’s good understanding. If you are blocking your hearts, even Prophet (s) can’t do. Because Jewish people were saying, quloobuna ghulf, “Our hearts are blocked.” What it means is an ocean and we are leaving that, but Jewish people were saying to Prophet (s), “Our hearts just blocked, as much as you are saying we are not listening and if listening no accepting or listening and can’t understanding; blocked.”

So many people their hearts just locked. I am asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty (for) my heart not to be closed down, locked down.

Istaghfirullah tubtu wa raja`tu ill-Allah. Anta Rabbee, Anta Hasbee, yaa Jaleel. Yaa Allah arzuqna `ilman nafi`an, anta `aliman bi jaahi man anzalta `alayhi Surat al-Fatihah.

(45 minutes)

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[1]dhi 'l-shaybah, lit. the one possessed of grey hair. Reference to the hadith:

وكان الحبيب المعلّم صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول منبهاً إلى إكرام الكبير " إن من إجلال الله تعالى إكرام ذي الشيبة المسلم And the Prophet said, "Truly it is reverence of Allah to honor the elderly Muslim."

[2]أمر رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم عبد الرحمن بن سهل أخا عبد الله بن سهل المقتول بخيبر بالسكوت وهو أخو المقتول وقال له كبر كبر وروى الكبر الكبر فسكت عبد الرحمن وتكلم محيصة

The Prophet (s) ordered `Abdu'r-Rahmaan ibn Sahl, the brother of `AbdAllah ibn Sahl, , who was killed at Kheebar, to keep quiet, and he (s) told him, "kabbir, kabbir, give esteem to the elder" and `Abdu'r-Rahmaan kept quiet and Muhaysah (elder cousin of the killed) spoke.