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To Be Blessed with Heavenly Amber

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim

22 July 2010 Lefke, Cyprus

Dastoor yaa Sayyidee, madad. (Mawlana Shaykh stands) Subhaan Allah. Sultan Allah. Subhaan Allah. Sultan Allah. Subhaan Allah. Sultan Allah. Rabbuna wa rabbu 'l-`Alameen thumma 's-salaatu wa 's-salaamu `alaa Sayyidi 'l-Awwaleen wa ’l-Akhireen, Sayyidina Muhammadi wa `alaa aalihi wa saahbihi wa man tabi`ahum. Rabbana taqabal minna. A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytani 'r-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem. (Mawlana Shaykh sits)

Thumma salaam `ala Qutb az-Zamaan, Saahib az-Zamaan, Qutb al-Mutassarif; we are asking for your holy support to fight against Shaytan and its followers. They are so many but it doesn't matter. We have a saying, "If there are one-hundred crows, as soon as a falcon attacks them, they all disappear quickly."

O Believers! Believe in holy knowledge which is a grant from the Lord of Heavens. You should fear only from your Lord, Allah Almighty (swt). (Mawlana Shaykh stands and sits) Yes, it doesn't matter, maybe Shaytan and its' followers are all over the east and west, from north to south, but if one falcon attacks them, no one will be able to stand before it. Therefore, try to be a falcon, not a crow. Don't say, "All the people are doing this and that, so I should also be one of them!" No! It is not a true mentality, that mentality is wrong.

O People! We must try as it is important to have a good mentality. We must ask, "Where we can reach a true mentality?" Amber incense is very expensive because it may only be used by kings or sultans, yes. One kind of amber is found in great plains or deserts, where some deer have that very special amber. There is also a kind of fish, only some people are able to find it, and take the amber from these fish, but it is very difficult to hunt under the oceans and seas. And people are asking to have such a special thing that gives them extraordinary powers, that awakens them physically and mentally. People spend years and months searching for amber, because it has a speciality. Man is eager to find it, because sultans and kings like it, and they will get a big reward from sultans for that amber.

O our Attenders! Give your attention, don't come here and let your attention wander, or you can't take any benefit. You may take the smallest ikraam, reward, from Allah Almighty, but why you are not asking for more amber? Understand that this amber is so important that even sultans and kings are eager to have it because it has such a special quality that gives benefit to people, what ordinary ones can't reach. Therefore, they are running after it.

O our Attenders! We are sitting here daily and trying to follow the ways of the prophets and the Seal of Prophets (s). In order to follow and imitate them, we are sitting here. The reality that comes through heavenly messengers is of heavenly value. It is a heavenly valuable matter, something that you can find only in the association of the sultans and kings. They are using it, yes. But you are running after such cheap things that are for cheating people; a kidhib, lie. They want to cheat people to take money or some benefit from them. Therefore, there are so many people who are cheats, in east and west, hundreds and thousands of such associations. You may go there, and you are asking to learn something, or to find, or to have that valuable one. But now, real ones have disappeared, they are under heavy protection. That valuable, real amber can only be found in the treasuries of sultans, it is not like tomato paste which you can find everywhere! They are not tomatoes. Amber is not a thing which is easily available. No, it is under the protection of the kings' and sultans' treasure chests, storing it like gold.

O no-mind Attenders! This is a preface because you are not giving your attention. Your attention is only on tomato paste; you are running after tomato paste and not asking for amber paste. Bad tidings for you, because you are wasting your very valuable life running after tomato paste, not interested in heavenly paste or amber. Make yourself so simple ones, bring your high honor and come down. You are not asking about what the prophets brought, heavenly matters. Mashaa-Allah, you are saying, "We are so intelligent!" So intelligent that you should be in a mental house where you can teach foolish people what amber is and what tomato paste is.

O our Attenders! You are so clever! I thought I was clever, but you are much more clever than me, but you are not understanding about this life. So many realities are coming through special and chosen ones, but you are thinking that prophecy is like the philosophers' level. Astaghfirullah, I am asking for forgiveness. Now 21st century people think they are on the level of philosophy, and that there is no other understanding. Philosophers are cheating you, saying, "This is real amber!" but in reality it is tomato paste. If it was not like this you would hear what we are saying, that the whole world's level is ignorant; there is no taste, there is no understanding for them. They think that what we are speaking here can be found in a flea market. Go and take from there! Anbiyaa and the Seal of Prophets (s) brought real amber from Heaven (Mawlana Shaykh stands and sits) Prophets are bringing heavenly amber. But those who are on the level of zoos are thinking it is an ordinary plant. Come and take what the prophets brought!

O Salafi `ulamas! Where are you? Why are you not making clear to people about heavenly amber brought by the prophets? Make people run after prophets' jewels from Heaven. Why are you not making clear what the prophets brought? Make it clear what prophets bring. What are they bringing? You say in your private meetings, "O Your Highness! Your Majesty! I just found such an amber that if you use it, you will never sleep for one week!" That is earthly amber, but if you are saying, "O Your Highness! We have such an extraordinary amber which gives you power physically and spiritually!" why are you not interested? Why are you not saying this, Salafi `ulamas? Leave Wahhabi `ulamas; understanding has been taken away from them. Their level of understanding is of animals; they are happy to be members of animals' world. Now people like to be members of animals' world. You can find perhaps a handful people who are trying to reach the level of real ones, realities, to reach heavenly amber. But common people are asking to reach animals' level and imitated amber.

We are living in the 21st century, but are not understanding that the 21st century's level is equal to the animals' world; there is no difference. Therefore, they are not running after real amber, and our `ulamas are not bringing real amber. "Where did you find that real amber, O Shaykh?" Look in your books at what the prophets are bringing; you can find it there. Run towards that and you can find it. But you are not running after that. Instead you are running after Shaytan's amber, everything from Shaytan's stores. The precious amber that the prophets brought is very important, but Shaytan tells them, "Don’t believe that! Our amber is so good for you."

Yes, tomorrow is going to be Friday, yawm ul-Jumu`ah. Through khutbat ul-Jumu`ah, you must declare, "O People! There are two kinds of amber: one of them is earthly and the other one heavenly. You may find earthly amber everywhere! It is so easy and cheap, but if you are asking for heavenly amber, you must prepare yourself for getting up and going to heavenly stores of real amber. Those who use heavenly amber have such a good smell that you will know he is taking from heavenly amber and your heart will be connected to that one. The Wahabi-level people never understand about amber and its' levels. Their faces are full of hatred.

O People! Run and ask for real amber! Find out who is bringing it, who is selling it, who is using it, and how it is to be used. You must have such education centers to teach people about real amber and its benefits. Do you have such centers in Saudi Arabia, in Baghdad, in Sham or Egypt? Have you heard of such centers?Are you ever looking for such a center that is giving real amber to people, or teaching how they can reach real amber, and from whom?

May Allah forgive us and give us a good understanding. May Allah forgive you and bless you, and grant you to do your best to reach the people of heavenly amber, to be happy! May He send us one who shows us where we can find heavenly amber, to be happy here and Hereafter. Astaghfirullah, tubtoo il-Allah.


(38 minutes) (722 people)

Our attenders are getting clever, mashaa-Allah. Alhamdulillah Rabbee, shukr.

(Mawlana Shaykh prays two raka`ats Salat ash-Shukr)