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Allahuma salli `ala Sayyidina Muhammad


I am a little bit debating where I begin. Every one of Grandshaykh notes is like an ocean.

I am turning pages and I say, "O I speak from this” then the other page has more.


Audhu billah min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem

Nawaytu'l-arba`een, nawaytu'l-`itikaaf, nawaytu'l-khalwah, nawaytu'l-riyaada, nawaytu's-salook, nawaytu'l-`uzlah lillahi ta`ala fee hadha'l-masjid


Ati` Allah wa ati` ar-rasula wa uli 'l-amri minkum


May Allah swt bless Grandshaykh soul, and give long life to our Shaykh, Shaykh Nazim and insha-Allah to give us long life to see Mahdi.

Wherever you open the pages of Sayyidina Grandshaykh. It is like an ocean. It might take on year. If I go from the beginning, this subhat has been given 11 Sha`ban 1391. 38 years ago.

He said, "title of every action or `amal you want to do have to put in front of you, a note in front of your eyes, that you have to be under Ati` Allah wa ati` ar-rasula wa uli 'l-amri minkum. There are 3 issues. To obey Allah, to obey the prophet and to obey those in authority.[4:59]

He said If you want power of this life, the strength of this life and akhira, if you want happiness in dunya, you want happiness in akhira, if you are no t in need of a doctor or you don’t want a guide, then you have to follow these 3 issues: Obey Allah, obey the Prophet (s)  and obey those in authority. [4:59]

If you do that then Allah will give you happiness in dunya and happiness in akhira.

When you say Ati` Allah –Allah that is an ocean we cannot limit it. It means surrender to Allah swt. Ok when we say ati`-Allah what does it mean? Obey Allah. What to obey.

It means in this obedience, in that word, the secret, but not only secrete but everything that is created is under that khitaab address.

So when you obey it means all these what are created it is opened up to you to know about. He said, "all holy books that Allah revealed to his prophet and the Holy Qur'an that Allah revealed to the Prophet, when we obey all the knowledge that is in these holy books and all their secrets will enter their heart. If you are really obedient. What is it to be a wali, to be obedient.

Kullu `uloom al-munazall bi kull haqa’iq all of the knowledge of these books with all their secrets will be given to the wali.

How many letters in Holy Qur'an? Nearly 500,000. how many verses of Holy Qur'an, 6,666. 4 sixes. Multiply 4 x 6 what happened 24. 2 + 4 = 6.

Every verse is made of words and every word is made of letter and every letters awliyaullah must take from each at least 12,000 oceans of knowledge.

Allah opened from 24,000 to 12,000 knowledge up to the level of that wali. And that knowledge is to the levels of al-`arif billah. We have to go into meaning of `arif billah. I started first page. That was from 8th page.

So imagine 500,000 letters and multiplied by 24,000 meanings or knowledges. If you read it one time then read it another time then it is a different set of meanings and knowledge. [yartada ilayk tarfak..]

That enters under what? Under Ati` Allah. We cannot claim that wilayah is so simple. Wilayah is so difficult to reach but not so difficult to give to people if they are in love with Allah and His Prophet. It is so difficult to give if it is based on your work. But if based on love then is it so easy to give.

So then look at ourselves. We are representatives. representatives on what? On eating and drinking not more.

 But on knowledge it is difficult. We are waiting for them to give us.

You are on the truck. Even it is slow.

In past they have trains that run on coal. Later the introduce trains that run on electricity. Today they have turbine train that go like a rocket.

Depends on what track we are using. If we are using coal we go slowly but we reach they be happy with you. Ajalla al-karamaat dawaam at-tawfeeq - The best of miracles is the continuity. Be slow but consistent.

So awliyaullah put them under that dress of ati-Allah. When you obey then you can go inside you be able to open it.

He said, “if you follow that, obedience, we know you cannot reach full obedience, but if you obey on one, then Allah will take away the whole kufr that is in you. Allah will pull it out, if you are on the truck.

What is obedience. What does it mean to obey? We give a small example. For example when you fast you are obeying. You obey when you give charity is it not? You obey if you pray. You obey when you do good. Is It correct? [yessir!}

That is for sure. That is not the obedience they want from you. For sure you have to do that. What is the obedience they want? When you face a sin and you say, "O Allah I faced a sin for you and I dropped it from my desire. You try to stop yourself form a sin, then Allah will reward it to your more than what you are praying to stop yourself from committing a forbidden. That he said is more difficult than praying day or night. Because it will throw all its power to stop you from obedience. It is not simple

So that is the cost of it. Awliyaullah in their lives they stopped their bad desires.

Os everything comes back on these 4 enemies, nafs, dunya, hawa, shaytan.

Then you are on obedience then Allah will take all kufr away from you. He will say "My servant did not follow his desires, I am giving him whatever he wants."

 See the words of awliyaullah you cannot find these in books. I was reading from so many books before but from Grandshaykh's knowledge you cannot find anyone who spoke like that.

He said, that "if a kafir will work from his book for 40 hours, then whole dunya will be under his command." Who said that before? Nobody. Because they have no courage. They have no idea about this knowledge. This knowledge is for someone who obeys Allah.

He said, that is an unbeliever acts on the book that Allah has sent for him and acts with sincerity Allah will make the entire dunya under his control. But he said, at the end, there is no one that can do that.

He said if they can do that, then they can command under their command.

But no one in this time will really follow with sincerity what is in their books. It means before there were. But now where is not. Fee hadhal waqt. If the unbeliever is like that what do you think of the one who believes in Holy Qur'an. What you think about the one who is always on his tongue and dhikr an-Nabi (s). what do you think he will be getting ? to read one letter from one surah it has enough light to guide you and save you in Judgment Day.

That is why Grandshaykh said, "Take your finger, and put it under the letters and move it under the letters and that will purify you, that is light. That will give you enough power to take you to Paradise."

There are people who are reading Qur’an through curiosity. They are interested to know about Islam. For sure those who read that way will be saved in last moment. Except those who are studying for attacking. That is a different issue.

And we skip forward here to Ati` ar-rasul.

He said that there are at least 300,000 to 500,00 hadith. He said, "the meaning of ati` ar-rasul is that if you obey out of these 500,000 hadiths, one hadith for forty days, your heart will be filled with all kinds of wisdom and all kinds of negativity and najasa that are within will be taken out and dumped. And everything from the Beautiful Names and Attributes with the interceding of the Prophet (s) He will send it to your heart. Following one hadith. But halan fa`lan. By mouth and by action. Take one hadith and follow, you will end up what Grandshaykh was saying.

And he said, "that anyone who is doing that will enter the ocean of shafa`t an-Nabi (s) and the Prophet (s) will be monitoring him always, bringing him back to the same track, not to go right or left or to fall in hellfire.

Faman shadda shadda feen-naari abadan. Whoever deviates will fall into the fire."

What does that mean? If you follow the hadith of the Prophet, and you are following that hadith for 40 days, and your ego is pushing you to deviate right or left. If you deviate what will happen? You fall into the fire. That doesn’t mean jahannam here; it means you will feel the pain of not reaching the presence of the Prophet and it will be delayed that you feel the fire of not reaching him.

That one hadith is enough to follow for 40 days that you can reach presence of the Prophet (s).

He said, "the first 3 days after a child is born he can see everything. When a child is born, what does he do? He cries. Why he asked, does he cry. Because he said , they cannot come out. Allah will freeze their tongues. Let them cry. He doesn’t want to come to this dunya. He doesn’t want to come to see this dirtiness in this dunya. Inside he is in seclusions, he is clean. And he said that for 3 days he can see and he can hear and he can praise his Lord and praise the Prophet (s). Imagine that someone no sin on him, praising Allah and praising the Prophet. Someone who is keeping his tongue wet with dhikrullah. What will happen to him? He will go to paradise.

Everyone on earth did praise Allah and praise the Prophet (s). The moment he comes out of the womb of his mother he is praying and crying non-stop for 3 days. What do you think Allah will do for someone who does that for 3 days? That is why Allah said, yulid al-insanu ala al-fitrah.

That is why we say, “children are innocent and no sins are written on him.” What do you think about an innocent person who is doing dhikrullah. He will do it on perfect worship. With `Ishk he will be doing 3 days of worship with true love. And those 3 days, how long Allah will stretch them to become, might be for 20 days, might for 20 years.

He said some children will not be veiled. And he said that "since the age of five or lower, in his city, but not in big cities in the old time, anyone who wants to come and marry, the bride and groom come, or the parents come and ask him, 'what about this marriage?'”

He was five years of ages or less. Most of them come to him asking him which boy the girl has to marry or which girl is good for the boy. He said, "never did Allah close my eyes. Since birth I read the names on the Preserved Tablets. And I tell them this one for that one and this one for that one.”

That is why most of that city was full of sincere people. Not like now you choose without knowing what you are doing. Men or women. at age 5 he was choosing for people , and it will come a good match.

Now they are making a commercial now only to make money. Website for singles. We match you. What you match? You are matching dogs, donkeys with pigs. Dogs with pigs, what are you matching.

You know how to match? Computer knows how to match? No more value, value is lost. And today even Muslims learned from others and they are matching because the parents are giving a lot of troubles to the children. If not the parents the culture and the society are giving a lot of trouble. They are giving very hard time for someone to find someone good. And after a time they come crying that “my son has problem, my daughter has problem.”

If you are going to live like that, go back to the village. It is your responsibility so you decided to come to “civilization “ but don’t come and complain later.

You want everything to be democracy, democracy so pay $700,000,000,000.00.

The rich become richer and the poor become poorer, that is democracy is it not Shaykh taher?

For mu’mins, faman shadhdh shadhdha feen-naari abada. For the mu’min, fire is to be away from his Lord, to be cut from being connected. The Prophet (s) wants you to follow his hadith up to the end in order not to be disconnected.

He said, "Whatever Allah gave to the Prophet, he is ready to give to his Ummah. But come to him. You want to move like an ant you receive like an ant. You want to receive like a cheetah, then you receive more than the others, you will be the first. Don’t be lazy. Don’t look back. You look back you lose. Be consistent."

It means don’t spend your eyes on something not necessary. Unfortunately we are falling into a life where all you spend you life in wasting it.

Before what were they doing? Planting the crops, planting their fields. Getting their crops, fixing their food. Digging wells and drinking. And writing books. And teaching students learning from scholars. Is there more that that? Now everything is completely different.

It means go back to the village. The village is in your heart. The heart always wants to be relaxed. Ala bi-dhikrillah tatma’in al-quloob. We want peacefulness this is what you need to do.

As much as you love your children, you must love the Prophet (s) at least one percent. The Prophet (s) is saying "if you love me one percent I will give you everything."

How much you love your children? You would kill yourself for your children. What will they benefit you? Especially in this culture. They come at the end and give you a hard time. You prepare everything for them and at the end they only want to bury you quickly and never they will visit your grave.

But go back to the village you came from, you will find yourselves day and night at the grave of your parents; mother and father. You say Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem for them. As we said in the previous sessions that man who left his wife pregnant and died. And that man was a criminal and his grave always in snowy times was dry and hot and in the village they used ot hear someone crying, like someone who has a very deep wound, moaning. They used to hear that moaning, crying. When his son became 7 years they took him to the shaykh to teach him Qur’an. He looked at him and said, "your father was the worst criminal and I know you don’t have money to teach you, but I will teach you for Allah’s sake. Say 'Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem'!" and he said, "Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem. That child with them. That night the whole village, with the imam and the child they all saw a dream where Allah said to the one in the grave, "How am I going to punish you when your son is praising Me?" They saw the snow now coming on the grave.

Give one small love to Sayyidina Muhammad (s) as you love your children. And keep in mind that they are going to leave you one day. You feel sad, you give, you give, you give, but they don’t care. They say to you, "I want to move from the home, I want to be independent. I want to live by myself."

Why do you want to live by yourself? What is the excuse. "I want to be away from you." "For what you want to be away?" And they tell you still send us money and cars and money and everything. They want everything from you and they want to be away. And what do we do? We say, “yes ok, no problem.” the Prophet (s) is saying, “I give you what you like, come only one step towards me.”

That is why in the holy hadith of the Prophet (s), “Whoever comes to Me one hand I come one arm and whoever comes to Me walking I come to him running."

One step is enough to get in Presence of the Prophet and the Presence of Allah.So in forty days of sincere striving you will get all these knowledges.

Allahuma salli `ala Sayyidina Muhammad.

All knowledges that Allah gave to Sayyidina Muhammad, the Prophet (s) gave to anbiyaullah although they were before him. He was giving them because his light was in their foreheads. He was reaching them through that light that was in Sayyidina Adam’s forehead and that light was transferring from one nabi to another. And all the knowledge that was given to the prophets was distributed by the Prophet (s), “Ana al-qassim.”

His name is al-qassim.” Ana al-mahiy wa ana al-qassim, wa ana taha wa Yasin - And I am the one who takes the sins away and erases them. And I am the one who takes from Allah and distributes to all creation.”

All knowledge is in his hand. So come to him for one hadith and see what kind of miracles will occur.

We are praising the Prophet (s) and many are praising the Prophet (s) around the world but if really that is coming from the heart, Allah will open for you whatever is in heavens and in earth.

Like that story that I said yesterday.

Someone asked me are you going to do suhbat? I said, "no, you can go home.” Then suhbat came.

As I said yesterday, I was sitting before Maghrib and phone ringing, Ishaq gave me the line. He said, "O someone from Mecca wants to speak with you. I know him. He mentioned his name and I took the phone and he mentioned about Eid. “Eid mubarak. May Allah bless you bless us and bless Mawlana Shaykh.” And then he said, "I saw a dream, strange dream.” I said, "a dream or a vision?” He said, "no a dream.” I know that person, he is Ahl al-Bayt and he always writes qasidas of praise for the Prophet (s).

He said, “I saw a dream where is saw very tall shaykh and I knew him; he was Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. And I saw another shaykh besides him, but shorter. Mawlana Shaykh Nazim is not saying anything but looking and observing.”
Sultans they observe. They leave their doorkeepers to interfere; to bring the prey.

That short one, he said, " look at me” and he said, "did you see Allah?” and “did you hear Allah?” and that one who saw the dream was frightened and was shaking and he said, "no.” he said, "do you want to see?” he said, "my heart was excited” and he wants to see, and he said, "he knew what I want.” He took my shahada finger and put it on my jugular vein. And he begins to hear his heart saying “Allah, Allah, Allah” then he began to hear it louder and louder and then he saw a huge explosion that he had never seen anything like it before and he said, "my heart was rejoicing at what I was seeing. I was no longer able to take it and like you have goosebumps and my whole body was shaking. Then he took his head and disappeared along with Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. Then I woke up and I felt something burning there (on his neck). I looked in the mirror and I saw the print of the finger on my neck.”

That was two days ago.

Awliyaullah reach anyone at any moment. If that one is moving towards the door of the awliyaullah, moving towards the door of the Prophet (s). That one is moving towards door of Mawlana and of course he will receive that sort of treatment. His sins will be taken and replace by all kinds of goodness.

We stop here.