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Give the Possibility That What We Believe is True

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

23 June 2011 Lefke, Cyprus

Once there was a learned person who was also a good servant for his Lord. A group of youngsters came to him and said, "O Shaykh! Why are you doing this? It is a heavy burden on you. Leave yourself for eating, drinking and every enjoyment. Why are you saying that, 'After death there is going to be another world and there should be Paradise or the Fire there'? We do not believe in such things."

That is what people were saying to that old person and believer and he said, "O my sons! Look, I am asking you one question: what is your opinion if, for example, you are invited to my home and we are preparing milk for you and when it is prepared, a person is quickly running and saying, 'O Youngsters! Beware of drinking from this milk because I just saw that a very poisonous snake came and put its poison in it, drank from it and running away!' What is your opinion, are you happy to drink from this or not?"

They said, "We can't drink from it!"

(The shaykh said,) "So many heavenly people came and said, 'There is Paradise and there is the Fire," and I am asking you, why [is it that] you are not giving the possibility that perhaps that person [warning about the snake] is saying a lie, but [rather] you are taking precaution, saying, 'No! Whether he is a liar or not, it is better that we do not drink!'

Look, my sons, so many heavenly people came and said, 'O People! After this life is another life that is forever, Eternal life.' Why are you not taking even one care to say, 'Perhaps what they are saying may be a truth thing. Why are we losing our chance to be in an Eternal life? Why are we losing are chance?' Why are you not thinking on it? You are thinking about what that person is saying, 'Don't drink because a snake just drank from it,' but how are you not saying that from one hundred possibilities, one (heavenly person) may be (right)? You are on the wrong way!"

Those people then came and kissed his hand, saying, "You are true! We must take precaution."

Why are you not saying this? Perhaps it should be. What are we losing or what are we gaining if we believe? Now all people are running to be atheists, why? What is their proof? From the beginning of the world up to today people are worshiping, worshiping, worshiping, feeling that there is Someone, saying, "We cannot be in existence by ourselves, Someone is bringing us in existence." Why? From one hundred impossibilities, give one possibility, bring one "possible."

That is why people are in a very difficult position now. There is no peace. They are doing every badness and evil, and it is not an honor for Mankind to do bad things, we are not beasts! Look what is happening throughout the east and west--killing, killing, killing! Why? What is the honor for Mankind to kill? That is the real reason that is making people to be enemies to each other and we must believe that there are some people who are devils against Mankind, but people are never hearing, they are only running after their material aspects. No, you must think about something, but people are finished, they are never thinking. May Allah forgive us.

Allah is the Creator, not anyone else, but Shaytan is making hundreds of trips to catch them in traps. Thank you for listening to an old person. Thank you, thank you. You are like my sons or grandsons. I am happy. I know that our Lord is sending you to be my guests for one or two days, it doesn't matter. Pray for me. I am a weak servant now. I am looking for the heavenly order to come to take my soul, nothing else. What are we going to think about? What are we waiting for? All people are waiting for their last moment to leave this life and to go away. Thank you.