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Meeting with Chilean Miners

Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

5 February 2011 Santiago, Chile


May God accept from all of us this small remembrance of His Beauty and Majesty. We always remember Him now with His miracles on Earth. No one thought these miners would come out alive but saints knew they would come out alive, and that is why they were praying for them in their place, especially this one (miner). He is like me (Mawlana places his turban on the miner, audience applauds).

Miner: We were very tired after the trip but the first thing we went to do was in Orlando. We were invited to Miami to assist in an event run by a company called Casino, which organizes different charity events for those who become disabled after working in mines or who have cancer. Something very strange happened because in the beginning 15 people were supposed to go there and because of things that happen in this life we were only 13 who ended up going to that meeting. We realized that everything that was happening to us was related to the great work of Allah.

We are very tired, but very honored to be here, especially for being invited to be with such a nice audience and to a meeting that is made around the remembrance of God, and for that reason we are honored to be here.

For the next time since you gave such a precious gift (Mawlana’s turban), I will give you a hat from a traditional Chilean cowboy. (laughter)

We are honored to be in your presence and thankful to God for rescuing us and for all your prayers that were with us and our families. (Audience shouts, “Alhamdulillah!”)

Mawlana: God bless you. I have some gifts from our teacher. This is a small remembrance from our teacher in Cyprus, Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani. (Mawlana distributes gifts.)