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Alhamdulillah, Allah is the One who favors everyone. Allah did not create creation to leave them living with no rewards; and to reward someone you have to check what they did. In school they will reward someone at the end of the year if he did well. You cannot reward someone without checking on them.

Allah will check on us to inform us. He knows what we did or didn't do but He wants us to be aware of what we did or did not do. Out of His love he wants everyone to be good and He wants to tell us that, “if you did good I will reward you”.

To summarize, it means there is a day in which Allah will change everything on Earth in order to call you to His presence

He cannot continue a creation that is living on Earth and then say “Ok, I will judge this group now and later I will judge the other group, and then after that, the other group.”

He says, “to whom is the kingdom this day? - liman al-mulk al-yawm, lillah al-wahid al-qahaar to Allah, the One, the Irrestible.” After Allah orders Sayyidina Israfil to blow the trumpet, (we don’t have any other word in English for what Allah orders him to blow in), which will last for one second, don’t say, “O, it is a long time”.

Yesterday it might be that those who were living in this area felt an earthquake. It did not ask your permission…did anyone ask your permission to have an earthquake? When Allah's order comes, it happens suddenly. I heard from my teacher's teacher 50 years ago when I was young that Allah has angels that are holding this universe; this is how he said it, and you might understand it that way. They are holding this universe with ropes; it means they are holding it with something. When Allah orders them to, they shake that rope end. That gives us an idea that when Allah wants to shake a place he will shake it. As when you shake a rope, what you create is like a wave.

So today they discovered the string theory. While 50 years ago when Grand Shaykh said it we were thinking about it scientifically also, so that gives us an idea that Allah will given an order to His angels to shake that place. That Allah will give the order for this is Islamic belief, whether you want to believe it or not. As when Sayyidina Jibreel came to the Prophet (saws) and asked, “What is Islam?” he gave him the five pillars of Islam.

Then when he asked him, “What is iman?” He gave him the six pillars of iman and that includes ‘wa bil yawm il akhira wa bil qadr khayrihi wa sharrihi’

So you are coming against what Allah ordered us to believe. I don’t want to use that word kufr but when you don’t believe in the last day, that is kufr.

They are speaking of global warming now.

Even if a hadith is weak, if considered for fadail al-`amaal, it may be considered. That we have to take it is not correct. If it is for us to make more `ibadah we will do it. There is hadith that tells of when the last days approach, with a description of the Last Days and you can read about it.  Most of what is mentioned about last days is in Bukhari and Muslim and one of the signs not mentioned in Bukhari or Muslim but in other hadith,  says there will come a change on earth; that what is cold becomes warm and what is warm becomes cold. And today they speak of global warming and the Prophet (saws) predicted that 1400 years ago.

So global warming is one of signs of the Last Days, but we believe what scientists say and we don’t believe what the Prophet (saws) said.

And what are we doing for the Last Days? Insha’allah we are not having that sickness, and we ask that no one has that sickness, but if you have a cancer and 3 months to live what do you do?

If you never prayed you pray. If you never fast then you fast. You give all your money away.

So why, if we know this, are we not trying to do more, since we are seeing the signs of last days?

The simplest thing we can do is something everyone speaks about it but I don’t believe it is there. It might be among some people.

Perfection is for Allah . ‘alkamaal al-haqiqi’ is for Allah . Complete obedience is to Allah . Complete love is to Allah . And who was the one that perfected that, the complete love to Allah , the complete obedience to Allah ? It was Sayyidina Muhammad (saws). No one can do that, but you can progress and that mahabbat creates obedience. That love creates obedience

Sayyidina al-Hasan said that in the time of the Prophet (saws) many groups came to the Prophet (saws), ‘aqwaamun min an-nas, aqwam an-nas’, heads of tribes or different people. These people said, “We love Allah ”. The Prophet (saws) didn’t answer because he is of best character.

He waited for the way. The way came with Surat Ali Imran 34, which says what to do if you really want to love Allah .

They came and said, “We love Allah .” “Ok, if you love Allah , then there is a condition; a simple condition.

in kuntum tuhiboonallah fa’tabi`oonee. yuhbibkumullah.  If you love Allah , follow my way follow me, Allah will love you. It means “follow my predictions. There is a day coming when Allah wants to reward you: that is Judgment Day.”

That day is before us. As the Prophet (saws) told the Bedouin when he said, “When is the Last Day?” and the Prophet (saws) said, “What have you done to prepare for that day?”

He said, “Your love.” He said, “It is enough.”

Allah is telling people that if you want to love Allah you must love Muhammad (saws) - there is no other way.

The Prophet (saws) said, “If someone loves his father what will he do? He will imitate his father. If she loves her mother she imitates her mother.”

So if we love our Prophet (saws), what do we do? ‘man ahya sunnatee faqad ahabanee.’ -  “The one who revives my Sunnah loves me.”

Are we reviving the Sunnah of the Prophet (saws)? I don’t want to say things - people get upset with me…There are many, many things that don’t show as signs of Islam on us. It doesn’t look right. If I see someone who is dressed in western clothes and I don’t see signs of Islam on him how do I give salaam to him? It is Sunnah to quickly give salaam to a brother on the street. How do we know if someone is Muslim or not?

If we really love the Prophet (saws), we revive the Sunnah. “And anyone who loves me, by reviving my Sunnah, is with me in Paradise.”

So what do we need more than to be with Prophet (saws) in Paradise? Then Allah will make our dunya Paradise and our akhira Paradise.

For awliyaullah, people who are content with what Allah (saws) gave them, their life is Paradise. You can see it in homeless persons. I was passing in San Francisco yesterday and I saw people who put cloth over two different cars and sit there. And that person is very happy. If people are content with what Allah gave them, they are in Heaven.

Bishr al-Hafir was teacher of Sayyidina Imam ash-Shafii and a big wali. He said, “I saw the Prophet (saws) in a dream. He said, “O Bishr, do you know with what Allah has raised you from between your people…he did raise you more than he raised the others.” He said, “No, I don’t know, can you tell me?”

He said, “By your khidmah to the saliheen, those mentioned in Qur’an. ‘ala awliyaullah la khawfan alayhim’, and your advice to your friends.”

People today don’t advise anyone: they don’t care. What are we giving advice in today except politics?…this is happening, that is happening.

Our masjids are becoming places for politics. They are not places for learning anymore. Very few are. But no one is teaching tassawwuf there. I was in Egypt and meeting with the grand mufti of Egypt, Ali Gomah. I asked, “What about the course of Tasawwuf in al-Azhar?” He said, “We used to have over 1000 students studying Tasawwuf in al-Azhar. That is gone - only 20 students today. That is gone… that sincerity, that piety, that taste of Islam is gone now.” He is complaining about the trend that is there; they only speak of spirituality but no one is giving that taste. You can find it in Indonesia, in Africa, in the Middle East, in some other countries - but the rest is completely gone - this knowledge.

So he said, “Bishr al-Hafir, your advice to your friends and your love to your companions and the people of the Sunnah, and because you are following my Sunnah.

As in the hadith of the Prophet (saws), “Whoever revived my Sunnah in the last days when people leave the Sunnah, even one Sunnah, you will get the benefit of 100 martyrs or 80 martyrs.”

“Whoever revived my Sunnah ‘inda fasaada ummattee’ will get the benefit of 70 martyrs, or 100 martyrs.”

What is Sunnah? This is Sunnah (shows siwak). If you use siwak before prayers those prayers become 28 prayers.

If you enter your home with your right foot first you get the reward of 70 shaheed or if you go out with left foot, that is Sunnah of Prophet (saws).

Removal of something harmful from the road, that is Sunnah of the Prophet (saws). If you pray four raka`ts after Dhuhr, that is Sunnah, even if you pray two rakats.

If you pray the Sunnah of Asr, you are rewarded like 70 martyrs. If you pray Asr without Sunnah you are completing the obligations. But if you do it you will get the reward of 70 martyrs.

Anyone leaving his beard will get that reward. I don’t want to stress too much on this or I will be beaten up. (Smiling)

He said, “All my Ummah will enter Paradise [shafa`tee li ahl-il kabaair min ummatee] except those who refuse.”

“Who are those who refuse?” they asked. “Who obeyed me entered Paradise and whoever disobeyed me, then he is refusing.”

When we obey the Prophet (saws) it is a sign of our love to the Prophet (saws).

The Prophet (saws) said, “Any a`mal which doesn’t follow my Sunnah is ma`asiyyah”. And Allah said in the Holy Qur’an, “Whoever obeys the Prophet (saws) obeys Allah .”

This is long but I will end with this: ‘qaala sahl alaamat hubullah hub al-quran. - The sign of loving Allah is loving the Holy Qur’an and the sign of loving the Qur’an is loving the Prophet (saws) and the sign of loving the Prophet (saws) is love of his Sunnah and the sign of loving the Sunnah is to love akhira and the sign of loving akhira is to hate dunya and the sign of hating dunya is to take the least you can - not to run after it, getting all the pleasures of dunya. So don’t be greedy, What Allah gave to you he gave to you.

If someone is in a coma they will not feel anything from love of dunya. Our problem is we are in a coma from love of akhira.

May Allah forgive us.