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Alhamdulillah nast`eenuhu was nastahdee wa nu'minoo bihi wa natawakkalu `alayh wa na`udhu billahi min shuroori anfusina wa min sayyiaati `amaalina man yahdillah fa-huwa al-muhtadi wa man yudlill fa la haadiya lah.

Wa ashadu an la ilaha ill-Allah  

`Adheemi sultaanih…

Wa nashadu anna Sayyidina Muhammad un abduhu wa habib hu wa rasuluh…

Wa wuzara’ihi… wa `ali dhilqadri al-jalee…ridwanullahi tala alayhim ajma``een

Inna Allah ma alladheena at-taqaw


O believers, Allah loves those who tell the truth and Allah has given everyone something special, to him and to her.  The Prophet (saws) is the Seal of Messengers and the perfect creation and the perfect human being.  What Allah gave him no one knows because what Allah gives is private.  However, the message He gave to the Prophet (saws) to be shared with everyone is the message of Islam and Allah ordered him to tell people.

That is why he said, “Inna ad-deena `inda-Allah i al-Islam.”  The Prophet (saws) was expressing the religion that is Islam and teaching it.

Allah gave him something special that only he knows and no one else knows; and what he gave his sahaba is something special as well.  That is why he said, “If there was to be another Prophet (saws) after me, Umar would be the one.”  He said this to emphasize the importance of the sahaba - the importance that the Prophet (saws) gave to the khulafa ar-raashideen Sayyidina Abu Bakr, Sayyidina Umar, Sayyidina Uthman and Sayyidina `Ali.

Allah gave them something special.  Allah also gave something special to those who know today, and those who don’t know cannot say it isn’t true...But they don’t know about it.

Today they say a human being is a perfect creature.  Before they come to that they refer to “when he was found.”  That’s how they put it - they don’t say “when he was created.”  When he came or was found on earth he was not able to speak.  There was no language; he didn’t know how to speak - it was something unknown.  So first, humans began talking with movements.  Then they began to pick up the voice of animals and begin to communicate.

Masha-Allah how clever they are!  If animals had voices and began to communicate with each other, and human beings are perfect, would it not mean that humans would have language to communicate?  They take you today to Sea World and show you how dolphins and whales can communicate with whistles.

Who taught the ants to speak with each other?  Who taught the whales?  Who taught the ants to speak?  There was no one to teach Sayyidina Adam when he came to earth, when he was created.

Allah said, “`allamahu 'l-quran wa 'l-bayan”.  When Allah taught the Qur’an, he taught also eloquence ‘al-bayan’.  That is why Sayyidina Adam was speaking Arabic.  He was coming from Paradise and the language of Paradise is Arabic.  What was he speaking there?  - Arabic.  So when Allah sent him to dunya how will he speak with his wife?  -  With movements or in Arabic?  Did he forget all that he had learned in Paradise?

Allah said, “Wa alamahu 'l-asma kullaha”.  Was he not learning all the names?  And might that include language as well?  So he was learning in a language and that language is Arabic.

“…alladhee `allama bil-qalam”.  “Read in name of Allah that taught by the Pen.”  He taught everyone by the pen.  He first taught people by the pen.  It means that Allah perfected human beings.

Today, when you want to build a building or a computer, in order for it to be perfect, you have to make the plans.  They say a specialist does this.  They don’t give it to you if you are not a specialist.  Like a doctor; there is a general practitioner and an internist.  But when someone has to address a special problem they need a specialist to examine the problem deeper.  As when they build a building they need specialists in order to make the art and architecture the best.

So, they go to the best specialist.  They don’t go to animals and see how to do it.  If they did, they could try and try and try.  “Trial and error,” they say.  Maybe they’d try 3 million times and error, error, and then finally at the end something would change a little.  This is not perfection.  Perfection is to know what you are doing.

Trial and error… create a fish and then create mammals and from mammals make a monkey and then, with trial and error, make it a human being.

That is a creator?  “We have created the human being in the best form.”  No need for trial and error.  Trial and error, as they are saying today, the evolutionists, and Darwinists.  Oh, and it takes millions and billions of years to make a monkey to become a human.

We are believers.  We believe in a creator.  They want to diminish his capacity of creating.  They want to say that everything came from a fish or from bacteria and then, that trial and error thing to make a human being.

You cannot go to a specialist with what they teach in kindergarten on a chart: this is the head and the hands and the legs and the stomach.  But a high-level specialist doesn’t say that; he gives you every detail of the human body.  The creator, Allah , gives the best directly.  “We have created him in the best form; manner.”  And all these forms and organs are so connected.  If one is messed up the whole body is messed up.  Who made all these work together?

He who perfected that creation cannot give them a language to speak with the angels?  He said, “innee ja`ilun fil ardi khalipha.”  ‘Calipha’: what does it mean?  It means ‘someone to represent human beings on earth and to take care of their needs’.  He is telling the angels that He is putting calipha up to a level to represent human beings.  He didn’t say, “I am making calipha in the jungle for animals.”  That is why, in the jungle, you see that existence is for the strong.  They fight with each other and end up with the strong one in control.

But Allah said, “I am making calipha on earth; someone whose intelligence is high.”  Does he put a dumb one to be in charge - one who has to learn to speak from animals?  He learns from cows and donkeys and other animals?

“Wa nuqaddisu lak.”…  “They are going to make bloodshed.”

How did they know that they are going to make bloodshed?  How did they know their job is to make dhikr and tasbih?

Before Allah created human beings there were jinn living on earth and they were fighting with each other.  They asked, “Are you now going to put someone on earth who will keep fighting?”  He said, “I know what you do not know.”

So that calipha knows how to speak and has a language.  He knows how to talk.

O Muslims, be careful.  Don’t be affected by this Darwin’s theory; especially young ones going to school.  They are now finding that issue is incorrect and false.

The Prophet (saws) taught us many things and from the perfection that Allah gave him he knew best what to say and what not to say because Allah taught him the secret of languages.  Iqra Bismi-rabbika alladhee khalaq.”  “Read to the children in the womb of the mother”; understand that the language of creation is what Allah is teaching his Prophet (saws) and the Prophet (saws) made sure to teach his ummah of the best, in other words, for their lives.

I will quote something necessary for our safety if we learn and memorize them.  What has the Prophet (saws) taught us in order to be safe?

Rawa Muslim, in Sahih Muslim, narrated by Abu Hurayra, said that the Prophet (saws) said: “man qaala heena yusbih wa heena yumsee”: “Whoever says, SubhanAllah  wa bi-hamdihi 100 times, whenever he wakes up and prays Fajr, and sits either before or after, and in the evening says SubhanAllah  wa bi-hamdihi 100 times between Maghrib and Isha:,” “lam yaati ahadan bi afdala mimma ja'a bihi illa man qaala ahsan mimma qaala.”

He must not think for the blink of an eye that anyone on Judgment Day will come who is better than him or her and there is no one who can reach that high level.  He will be resurrected with the best of people - the ones whom Allah favored from prophets and martyrs and saints and pious ones, as this is the best thing to be said.  SubhanAllah…

Prophet (saws) is teaching what we need to learn in order that when the angel comes to take our souls we will be in safety.  Prophet (saws) said to Abdullah bin Habib, “Qul!”  - “Say!”  And he said, “Ma aqool?”  What do I have to say, teach me, ya Rasululah?”  He said, “Qaala: ’qul hu wAllah u ahad.’  Wal-mu`awwaditayn heena tumsee wa heena tusbih.”  Recite: “Qul huwa Allah u ahad and the two chapters of refuge (Surat al-Falaq and Surat an-Nass), when you go to sleep or when you wake up.”  “Takfeeka min kulli shay” – “It will keep you safe from everything.”

When you say this three times in the morning and in the evening and then blow on yourself it will cover you completely.  It will make like a shield around you to protect you from anything during that day.  (Tirmidhi)

It is mentioned by Abi ad-Darda that the Prophet (saws) said, “Man qaala kulla yawmin heena yumsee wa heena yusbih hasbiy-Allah u la ilaha ill-Huwa `alayhi tawakkaltu wa Huwa rabb ul-`arshil-`adheem.”  It means that no one can take my right but Allah ; it means that everything is in His hands - there is no god but Him, “`alayhi tawakkaltu wa huwa rabbu 'l-`arshi al-`adheem” 7 times, “kafaahullah min hamm ad-dunya wa 'l-akhira.”  Allah will safeguard him from the hamm: worry of dunya and akhira.

We are always worried about our lives and we are worried about our akhira so whoever recites that when he wakes and when he sleeps 7 times Allah will protect him and tell him not to worry for anything in dunya or anything in akhira.

These are only some narrations; I picked them up from many in order to show how much Allah cares for humanity and gives ways out for everyone through the Prophet (saws).  Allah didn’t create creation, abath, for nothing, but created it for wisdom.

May Allah forgive us…