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Jannatul-Muhammadiyyoon -The Muhammadan Paradise

From GrandShaykh ‘Abdullah q.s. Notes


Nawaytul Arba’een Nawaytul I’tikaf Nawaytul Khalwah Nawaytul Uzlah, Nawaytur Riyaadah Nawaytus Suluuk lillaahi ta`ala l-`Adheem fii Hadhal Masjid.



As we said in the previous session, it is a continuation, Sayyidina Muhammad `alayhi afdalus-salaatu was-salaam, if we ask a child a simple question, I think he gives the right answer on that question, “Which is larger or bigger, Shafa`atu ’n-Nabi (S), the intercession of Prophet (S) or the sins of the Ummah?” Which one is more that can contain the other.


Shafa`atu ’n-Nabi (s) has no limits.


Allah swt gave to Prophet (S) shafa`a that encompasses everyone. And that’s why we know it because when Prophet (S) - when the Kuffaar - the unbelievers in Ghazwah Uhud (the Battle of Uhud), when they throw him with stones, what happened? His four teeth in the front broke, and they were falling down. And Prophet (S) with this blood coming down, he raised his hands and said, “Allahumma ihdee qawmee fa-innahum laa ya`lamoon.”

“O Allah guide my people because they don’t know.”


If the Prophet (s) is saying, “O Allah guide them because they don’t know,” it means that address is not only for certain time. The Prophet’s word is for every time until the Judgment Day. It means, “Ya Rabbee, ihdee Qawmee!” Qawmi’n-Nabi, it’s for the whole Ummah, from beginning to end. Saying, “O Allah guide them because they don’t know.” So, how do you judge someone that he doesn’t know. That they don’t know. They cannot differentiate what is right and what is wrong. They are abnormal. Do you judge an abnormal person? Huh? Shaykh Mustafa? Do you judge abnormal person?


No! He’s abnormal. He’s sick. So, what to charge him? So, (towards) Prophet (S), those who believe are normal. Those who don’t believe are abnormal How can you charge them. So they go under Shafa`atu’n-Nabi (S).


All these words of Prophet (S) are coming from the reality of the secrets that Allah swt hided them in His Beautiful Names and Attributes. All these Names and Attributes, every Name or every Attribute no one knows how much of secrets there are there, and how much Allah swt opens for His beloved Prophet (s), how much He swt opens from these secrets .


And Prophet (S) is sending from these secrets some drops to the hearts of Saints. And this is how these words are coming of Grandshaykh, may Allah bless his soul, and Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, May Allah give him long life, and may Allah give us long life. [Aameen]


So what Prophet (S) is telling us through his Ahadith, are from these secrets that they are the greatest good tidings for us.


“Yuhsharul mar-u ma’a man ahabb. Walaw bidoona `amal”


“The person will be resurrected with whom he loves, even without `amal.


If you love someone you will be with that one. You did `amal or you didn’t do `amal. Because he will pull you with him when he goes to Paradise, he pulls you there. What do you think about the Prophet (S)? When Allah created this creation, He swt gave it to the Prophet (S). He swt said, “I created them for you.”


Grandshaykh used to speak about someone in the time of the Prophet (S) that he was someone that was like a criminal, burglar, goes on the street at night, rob people. So everyone in that time in the (area) where he lives, they don’t speak with him. And they say bad things about him and they know him that he is an evil person. Look Allah’s Mercy, how big, these secrets, this knowledge, secrets that Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani is bringing out, it’s not something simple.


One day Prophet (S) was sitting with the Sahaba, and Jibreel came. And he said, “Ya Muhammad! Today one of Allah’s saints died. Go and wash him and bury him”.


The Prophet asked “Who died today?”


 Although he knows. But, in dunya, with all these secrets if you have no permission to bring them out, they have to come in their time. So, Prophet (S) knows to make things according to dunya way. He (S) asked, “who died today?”


They (the Sahaba) said, “that burglar, that robber, that thief”, in the eyes of people.


He said to Sayyidina Abu Bakr and his Sahaba, “Let’s go. I have been ordered by Allah swt to wash him, to put kafan on him, pray on him and bury him”.


 Sahaba were surprised, this is a criminal. He did all harm that can be done.

He said, “ Ya Abu Bakr, I am stunned and you are stunned but this is the order”.


 Where is that person? They look they look, they did not find. Finally they found the children, because they put throw him in the streets no one to pray on him. The children throw him and put him in a well. In a dry well. Prophet ordered some people to bring him out from the well. They took him, washed him, put kafan on him, pray on him, and taking him to the cemetery.


Sahaba were looking, and they were surprised the way that Prophet was walking. He was walking on his toes. Fingers. He was not walking on his full feet. He was walking and moving.


Sayyidina Abu Bakr said , “Ya Rasulallah! What’s going on?”


Prophet answered, “Ya Abu Bakr, Don’t ask! I am like you stunned.”

He said, “I cannot find an empty place to put my feet, angels are filling the space. They are moving with that one to his grave. So I cannot find a place to put my step, my feet, I am walking on my fingers, feet fingers.”


They buried him, they came back. Prophet sitting, waiting wahy (Revelation). All Sahaba around him didn’t know what to say. “Yaf’alullahu maa yashaa’ - Allah swt does whatever He likes.”


This story gives us a hint how much Allah swt cares for His servants, and how much He gives His Prophet of shafa`a to intercede for anyone.


Look this one, is a criminal and what kind of respect He ordered His Prophet to give to this man.

Jibreel came to Muhammad (S),” Ya Muhammad! Ask his daughter; (he has a daughter) what your father did something was unusual.”


They called the daughter and she came to the presence of Prophet (S), and Prophet asking, “What was your father doing?”


Wallahi Ya Rasulullah, I don’t know what my father except he did all kinds of evilness, he does every kinds of bad things, but when Rajab comes, he locked himself in a room, he says “this is the month of Allah, Rajabun Shahrullah” and did not come out until the month finished he took with him a du`a that he got from someone he robbed. He robbed with him that du`a. He was happy with that du`a. So everyday from morning to evening in Rajab, he doesn’t talk with everyone he’s taking that du`a, reciting it.”


Allahumma innee istaghfiruka min kulli ma tubtu `anhu ilayk.. …


So he reads that du`a every day. He doesn’t go out until Rajab finish. He (S) said, “Bring that du`a to me!” She brings the du`a and give it to Prophet.


Because of that du`a that he was reciting, [and we have it in the Awraad book] and because he was respecting the month of Rajab for Allah, “Allah gives eleven months of the year for me, one for Allah. I am keeping that month for Allah and not trying to rob anyone. But, eleven months I do whatever I like.”

Because he was respecting this month, because it is the Month of Allah swt, Allah made him a saint.


These are people that other than saints cannot understand them. It needs saints to understand this. Because these are secrets. Saints showing Allah Mercy how big it is, not like limiting everything and making everything so dry that make people don’t do anything.


This man, if he wants to listen to today’s scholar he will not touch any book and will not touch any du`a. Because they are going to tell him “you are going to hellfire.” But, because of his sincerity in that month to Allah swt, Allah saved him.


So Mawlana Shaykh was saying that Shafa`atu’n-Nabi, Allah will not give Shafa`a if the Prophet (s) was not going to use it to save the whole Ummah. As Allah saved that person, the worst person in the time of the Prophet (s), means everyone will be safe.


He said, what comes from these secrets of these knowledge and the realities of this knowledge that these people who are on this journey in the Gnostic journey, they become fani billah, they become annihilated in the knowledge that Allah swt gives to them, makes them to become annihilated in the Divine Presence. They will be given levels in Paradise. They will refuse it. “Ya Rabbee we don’t want Paradise, Paradise is not for us. You want to give us, give us what we like. If You are happy with us, give us what we like!”

Because Allah said, “Ask and I give you.” You don’t say, “Don’t ask!” So these AwliYaullah like to ask, so they take advantage and benefit since Allah said, “Ask and I give you!”


Ok, what you want? If you don’t want Paradise, so what you want?

People are running to get Paradise.


They said, Oh Allah…


[And this is big, it’s not my word, it’s Grandshaykh’s words. If anyone has objection, go to him. He knows better. He is Sultanul AwliYa’. What Prophet gave him, to Grandshaykh, and AwliYaullah you have objection go there]


They say, “Ya Allah, Paradises are for what? “


You see in dunya …Where is the best place to go in dunya? Where is the cleanest place, and the place that you like so much to go where people go always? Huh?


[Park] [Island] [Ocean]


You’re reaching a little bit.


Where people go to make children happy, because you are all children?



It’s so simple, three letters.


[The Zoo]


The zoo! Who said that?


So where do people go? The Zoo! Where people go there and see all these animals. They are happy. It’s the cleanest place. They keep cleaning it. The animals keep making it dirty, the man, human beings, keep cleaning it. Why they are cleaning? They are cleaning everything. Awliyaullah they don’t want the zoo to keep cleaning. They have to be rewarded there. They are cleaning today’s zoo here in this time. We are all zoo for them. Yes, don’t think you have big turban… We are their zoo. And these animals are being washed by the personnel of the zoo, you see them cleaning washing, everything they do, and it’s the nicest place, trees are being grown. Everything nice is there. More than Disneyland. What is Disneyland?


They say, “Ya Rabbee we don’t want the zoo, where everyone goes inside.” To them, the first levels of Paradise are like zoo. Everyone go. They want to be with Prophet (S). There, there is no zoo. There, more `ibadah, more into sajda showing Allah swt their respect and their servanthood. He (Grandshaykh) says beautifully. But, he said more, I cannot say it. Later I say it.


He said, normal people, common people, awwaam are like animals in the zoo, so they go to paradise. And they don’t want paradise. They want to be with Prophet (S).

In this is where he says that… those who prays…


Yaquulu Mawlana Shaykh,

Those believers who prays, pray the salawat, they fast, they go into that journey of Gnosticism they are in the tariqah, as Allah swt has no partnership in dunya and no partnership in akhira and Prophet (S) has no partnership in dunya and no partnership in akhira, those people in the Day of Judgment they will not have partnership in their group. Means common people will not share in what Allah is going to give them. What Allah is going to give them maa laa `aynun ra’at walaa udhunun sami`at wa laa khatara `ala qalbi bashar - what is never seen by any eyes, never heard before by any ears, and never passed to any human’s hearts before.”


All what is described in the hadith of Prophet (S), all what is described in the Holy Quran, it would be given to the common people, to Ummatun Nabi (S). Those group who are following this path, spiritual path together with their 5 pillars of Islam, together with Maqamul Ihsan and Maqamul Imaan, there will be no partners in that group. Allah swt will give them a special Heaven, that Allah swt will appear to them. They will see Him with the eyes of their head. And Allah swt will manifest His Beautiful Names, 99 Names on them and He sends them to the common, to the Heavens that have the common Ummah, the rest of the Ummah, with these manifestations on them, that people will think that Allah is appearing to them in Paradise! But it is not Allah swt. Paradise cannot carry the Light, cannot carry the Presence of Allah swt in Paradise.


Because according to a hadith of Prophet (S), that people are going to see Allah is going to manifest Himself on Paradises, and on Paradises they will see Him. That’s an authentic Hadith. People will be seeing Allah swt. But, in reality (it is) in that Heaven of that group, (that they) will be seeing Allah swt, and Allah will dress them, and they become like khalifah, representative, when they move. He swt moves them to appear in the other levels of paradises, the other lower levels paradises. In these (lower) levels, they will think that Allah swt appears to them, but in reality are this group of people.

This is… There are more here, but I cannot go more, because Shaykh Mustafa might object.


He (Grandshaykh) said, “Ma’l Ma`n al-`Arif Billah?”

“What is the meaning of al-`Arif billah?”


 What’s that in English? Knower? What is the meaning of Knower of Allah swt. We say many people `Arif Billah. That one is a Knower. He knows. Above every knower there is a knower. Not a good translation. You see many people call themselves, before their names, al-‘Aarif Billah, many of them. They call themselves pirs. Lots of them here, in Western countries. They come from some country in the East, they become here huge Arif Billah. They are dressing themselves with that name although that name doesn’t belong to them.


He said, al-`Arif Billah, Allah will open to him from the reality of the Oneness of His Ismullah al-Wahid. Al-Wahid Al-Ahad. From His Beautiful Name Al-Wahid and from His Beautiful Name Al-Ahad. Al-Wahid it shows oneness of Allah swt, Al-Ahad, it shows oneness and uniqueness of Allah swt. He said Al-‘Aarif Billah is the one that Allah dresses him from these two Beautiful Names where Paradises cannot carry him. If he goes into a paradise other than the company of the prophets, if he goes lower than that and he is ‘Arif, these Paradises will collapse, they cannot carry his power. Like a huge energy, source of electricity, you cannot take it, you have to have a transformer in order to make light into the house. You cannot bring Al-‘Aarif Billah to Paradise. The Paradises collapse. He has to be with Prophet (s). That in the paradise what is called Jannatul Muhammadiyyun, Paradise of the Muhammadan, which we were saying previously.


So this is the meaning of Al-‘Aarif Billah!


Forget about Earth! The earth will shatter, if that secret open. That secret open in the heart, if it opens in the tongue, dunya cannot carry that person when he opens that secrets. That’s why AwliYa’ullah are very few that they carry the power of Al-‘Aarif Billah. There are five of them. Like there are five big prophets, there are five big AwliYa that they carry that. They never open their mouth to speak from that realities.

Mawlana Grandshaykh said it is not allowed to speak, until Sayyidina Mahdi `alayhi ’s-salaam appears. When Sayyidina Mahdi `alayhi ’s-salaam appears, that secrets will be given permission to speak. At that time the dunya can carry because permission comes from Heaven. Or else there is no way to speak about it.


We stop here, insha Allah we continue next time.

Wa min Allah at-Tawfiq bihurmatil Faatihah!