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For All Things There is a Climax, then Descent

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

29 June 2011 Lefke, Cyprus

(Suhbah in progress)

Economical crisis, what is that? We are wasting time because the whole world is becoming like a person entering the sea not knowing how to swim. He will drown, falling down, down, and down until his feet are touching the deepest bottom of the sea with no chance to get up. (...)

You must know that everything is passing and nothing in existence is stable; change comes in every moment. Today you are not like you were yesterday and tomorrow you will not be like you are today. Everything is changing or changeable, so therefore, don’t be cheated of this life, no. The example for a man’s life is like the sun, rising, rising, rising and getting to one point where the sun stops, no more rising. From that point it becomes less, less, less, reaching to the sunset position. You must not be cheated for your purpose in life and the reason for your existence, by your ideas or imaginings from yourself, thinking, “I was in such a way,” or, “I am here.” Do you hear the sun saying, “I am sun and I am here.” It never goes on rising, there is going to be a stopping point, its peak. Don’t think the sun is always ascending; it reaches a last rising point and comes down, and no one can stop it from descending from its highest point.

People are cheated now. Schools, universities and academies cheat youngsters by teaching them wrong things, saying “Don’t fear anyone else because you are rising upward.” That can’t be, but youngsters think they will continue forever. Are you understanding? They are teaching you such things and it is necessary for Mankind to learn about his journey. Otherwise he will think he will always be on stairs (climbing up), never expecting that after the last stair he will fall down, finished.

That person is finished. What did he learn about himself and Mankind? What did you learn about our station on Earth? To where is the Earth running? How is it turning in orbit? Is the sun or Earth the commander? They don’t explain such things. We may say that is from ‘philosophers of life,’ but they are on the wrong way, not teaching reality to students. Therefore, students are saying “We are always going up.” No, you go up only to one point, then you will always come down.

An example is a plane: it has fuel but can’t reach to unlimited distances, no. When the fuel is finished the plane will come down. wafaatu ’l-hayaat. We are not accepting philosophy because it is against heavenly knowledge. Philosophers have no hikmah because they say something in the morning and in the evening they deny it, or at night they think something, and in the morning time when the sun is rising they change their thinking.

Reality never changes, it is thaabitun, fixed knowledge, it has hikmah. Philosopher’s understandings are changeable, but hikmah, wisdom is fixed and unchangeable. Now you can’t find such knowledge through east and west in academies or universities. Scholars of truth have a special understanding and a special way for teaching, but most of university professors build their knowledge on emptiness. May Allah forgive us.

I am sorry to say that everywhere there are the same ideas, targets and objectives. Therefore, Mankind has reached a point after that limit, and now they cannot know, learn or understand. A car does not drive itself. A car driver steps on the pedals and the more he presses the car goes faster, for example from zero to 200 kph, but that is not the last point.

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