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Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani
Masjid al-Iman, Oakland, California
A`udhu billahi min ash-shaytaan ir-rajeem
Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem
Nawaytu'l-arba`een, nawaytu'l-`itikaaf, nawaytu'l-khalwah, nawaytu'l-riyaada, nawaytu's-salook, nawaytu'l-`uzlah lillahi ta`ala fee hadha'l-masjid a
This is a continuation of yesterday, the previous session. First of all we have to say that alhamdulillahi rabbil-`alameen that he guided use to be at the door of his awliya, that he guided us to be at the door of his saints where Allah described them : awliyaee tahta qibaabee la ya`lamahum ghayree.
Awliyaullah very rarely to know them. They might behave very normal that people might, will never think that they are awliyaullah. There are a type of awliyaullah like that. There is another type which is … Allah did not ask them to hide their personality because they are needed in this life to be known for people to follow them. And those who are hiding are hiding themselves because it is their duty; they are under very high responsibility of trying to as much as they can polish the hearts of people through spiritual connections. So they are busy in that and they have been ordered to hide themselves because this is their job. So they are going to be between the Ummah and that is their job to be between the Ummah and you don’t know them and you don’t think they are awliyaullah. And the others who are between the Ummah are allowed to be known, they have a duty to guide the Ummah to their ways. Through their ways. We thank Allah that he guided us to the known ones and hidden ones and that he guided us to be with known ones and with the hidden ones. Not everyone can be with the known ones and hidden ones. Very few are with both.
We are thanking Allah swt that He made us all to be at the threshold of our Shaykh Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani who is connected to our Grandshaykh Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah al-Faiz ad-Daghestani. And everyone of us coming to this way or this order or this teaching is looking for something; looking to find himself or herself. What makes a person to come? Either they are in love with spirituality and they come and be attached to those who are connecting them to their shuyukh. Or they come to find themselves, they feel something is missing in them and they come to find what is missing.
And all the time when we were looking, when we were young I remember we were looking since childhood. Since I was 12 years of age. I was looking to find a wali, to find a saint. To find what I hear people speaking about, awliyaullah, awliyaullah, awliyaullah. To my mind awliya are those who do miracles. Later I find out that awliyaullah are those who can do miracles , those you can see and those which you cannot see. And later in my life I found the miracle best one is the ones that you see later in life, hidden and the ones that are apparent and most important is the miracle of knowledge. The knowledge they were bringing was higher than knowledge of `ulama and in my father’s house many `ulama were coming and we were happy t o mix with them and until we met with Grandshaykh and we met with Mawlana Shaykh.
Then we understood that to be a will is not something easy. You might be, as many people like to be called representatives of Mawlana Shaykh or deputies, they are free to call themselves what they want to call. You can be representative, deputy, shaykh, be! But to be a wali is something that is very difficult.
Don’t think that if you call yourself or someone calls you a representative you are a wali. Wilayah is something different, wilaya is beyond even imagination. A wali is not so cheap to be given. so how to be a wali, since it is difficult we want to know how to be a wali. A wali is that one who left his life completely and his desires. And the one that performed the 500 obligations that we spoke about in the previous session and left the 800 forbiddens that we spoke about yesterday.
A wail is that one who left all these and never asked to be something. He never asked to be a shaykh; he never asked to be someone of fame; he never asked to be someone that people run to him. He wants to be a person normal, humble person, that nothing of this dunya can play with him. So always I used ot hear from Grandshaykh and this is from notes of Grandshaykh, as I said yesterday it was 1393. How many years ago? 30 years ago, more than 30 years ago.
He used to say to me and my brother and those who were listening, “O my son you want this tariqah. I will give you the key for that. But it has the price. “ all of us want to know the price, we would run for it. he said, “to drop anger. You must not be angry from anyone. You msut drop anger from your heart.”
Whey people get angry? People get angry because their ego is so high it cannot accept the other. Prophet said, to Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, “al-ghadabu kufran ya Aba Bakr – Ghadab, anger, is disbelief, O Abu Bakr.”
Ghadab is the tree, the trunk of all badness, of all evilness, of all bad characters. It is the tree of Shaytan that is within us that tries to kill us from within. That is why we said in previous session the most dangerous is the weeds. People go and pull the weeds from around the tree as the weeds when they grow kill the tree. Shariah, Islam is the message that the seal of messengers, the prophet brought to us in order to follow. But what are we doing? We are letting these devils, the effect of Shaytan like weeds, to take over that trunk to take over and kill that tree after.
So Mawlana Shaykh and Grandshaykh said, “The most important step you want to step in tariqah is to drop ghadab.” And he said that, “He is relating a story that the Prophet one time told his Sahaba and Sayyidina `Umar was there and he was addressing directly to Sayyidina `Umar because Sayyidina `Umar has a very strong personality. He doesn’t accept anything wrong. He gets immediately sharp. Sayyidina `Ali is softer. Sayyidina `Umar is very strong. He said to him and I am quoting Grandshaykh: “Ya `Umar. Anyone of my Ummah my nation in the end of the days, (where the signs of the Last Days appeared which we are in it today; if we go and read Approach of Armageddon we see we are in the Last Days and most of the hadith of the Prophet he predicted came true, not came true but came through. And awliyaullah are expecting any moment a big change. He said, “Ya ``Umar! In the end days that are coming, my nation are going to be rewarded more than people are rewarded now and Allah swt is going to raise their levels when they are going to drop from falling into the desires of Shaytan even for one sin, if they stop doing it for Allah’s sake, if they feel they can do that sin and they are going to do it and they stop for Allah’s love and for Prophet’s love they are going to be rewarded more than people are rewarded in these days.”
That means the tajallis, manifestations, of the name ar-Rahman are so huge that anyone who stops doing a sin will be rewarded with rewards that have never been rewarded before. Not that we will be better. Sahaba no one can attain their rank, sahaba are sahaba, no one can reach their ranks. But the rewards that are opened in the Last Days are much more than what is opened before. Because we are in days that sins are everywhere and when you stop yourself from going into desires of the ego it is as if you are doing the Jihad al-akbar. That is the great jihad the sahaba were giving their lives for it. Today  when you leave one sin you will be rewarded like that.
“Today,” he said, and it was 1392, now we are in 1429. How many years? 36 years. He said “Allah opened a certain private special manifestation that he didn’t open it before, it has been opened now,” he said, “in order that anyone that will try to prohibit himself from falling into the traps of Shaytan will be rewarded as Jihad al-Akbar.”
Sayyidina Adam did one sin, Iblees did one sin, and he was cursed. Sayyidina Adam did one sin and was sent to earth and Iblees did one sin and was cursed. And the prophet said if you avoid doing one sin you will be raised up to heaven. Look at the difference. if you are able , o muslims, o tariqah people from falling into one sin you will be raised to heavens. How many sins are we facing a day? Ask yourself? Count them too many. Every move we are moving we are moving in sin. Hidden sin and not hidden.
That is why it is very difficult to keep our anger down because Shaytan is trying all his time to come through our ears to our mind to deviate you from the track that you are on Sirat al-mustaqeem trying to take you away and seeing how much you move away. And Grandshaykh said, ”If someone tries to protect himself for 40 days haalan fa`lan, which means he tried to stop himself from physically doing something and from spiritually doing something wrong, he will be given like a power to cut completely the tree of anger and the tree of forbiddens from its trunk. But you have to protect yourself 40 days from falling into the trap of Shaytan. That is why the awiyaullah order their followers 40 days of seclusion. In seclusion you are not with people, not with dunya, and you are in your room or cave and doing your seclusion. Today when you do seclusion where you do seclusion? They send you there is a from in this place in Madina or Makkah or in Sham Sharif, you do seclusion.
Before when awiyaullah were ordering their students to do seclusion it was either in caves where you be alone all the time and there jinn come and they will eat your legs at night. You don’t know how much you will be disturbed. You hear the wind coming hooo, and you might hear voices and you have to do seclusion there; no one there. They give you dry bread for 40 days and they give you water; it might be near a river or a mountain near a waterfall and eating bread, dry bread. How many voices you are going to hear there? Some they send their followers in precious times, to graves – dig a grave and then go into the seclusion there between dead people. Can you do that? 40 days. Next day you run away! Not next day. Two minutes. As soon as they drop you and go they see you following them back.
There is a cemetery near Mawlana Shaykh Nazim and there is cemetery near Grandshaykh’s house, in Cyprus near where Mawlana is living. I know one person who doesn’t sleep except in the cemetery. He has a grave and he has a tent and he sleeps there and it is around all the graves. Subhanallah he doesn’t get scared, he doesn’t fear anything, at night with the dead people. One might come from the grave.
Sayyida Nafisa at-Tahira one of the grandchildren of the Prophet, buried in Egypt. Imam Shafi`i used to come and study with her and learn from here. She digged her grave in her room. Every day she used to go in her grave and recite Qur'an so that the baraka of Qur’an will be in the grave so when she Is buried and find it. Did any one of us dig his grave and go there every day recite Qur'an there?
Remember this dunya is not going to last. Worms are going to eat you. They are as they are moving and eating, every cell they eat from your body, they are going to ask you where you wasted that cell. What that cell did, how many sins it made. We are asking Allah to protect us. We are sinful servants. We ask Allah to accept us as servants. But we are sinful servants.
So he said that “To leave for 40 days to completely drop off from your life, all kinds of bad desires and only for 40 days doing your prayers and worship to Allah, the tree of anger, the tree of forbiddens will be cut completely and you will be rewarded as Jihad al-akbar and Jihad al-asghar, you will be rewarded like that if you leave it for 40 days.”
He said that “awliyaullah before they need to do too many seclusions in order to reach that level of purity, eliminating from themselves the 800 forbiddens, the akhlaq adh-dhamima the worst of characters to eliminate from that person.” He said that “In this time Allah opened a special rahmat that in order to reach the highest level of moral excellence as if we have done a lot of seclusion , although we didn’t do any seclusion, and if you don’t do any seclusion today there is a special mercy that anyone, if before they had to do many seclusion to reach moral excellence, as if you had done hundreds of seclusions, what you have to do? Allah’s mercy is like that. Allah’s blessing and tajalli is like that. What is required from us? If you guarantee you will be granted the maqam al-ihsan an ta`budallah ka-anaka taraah, maqam al-ihsan third level of Islam. What do you have to do? Drop anger from yourself. Don’t get angry. Don’t try to evaluate people and make for them accounts. First evaluate yourself, are you good or are you bad? Don’t look at others. When you look at others Allah doesn’t like that.“ Grandshaykh said and I will quote that. Man yarda `an ahwaalina Allah yarda `anhu. Wa alladhee…w yuhaasibahum wa yatruk al-`ibaad and the one who doesn’t run after people and try to see their mistakes and doesn’t try to… Allah will send that person to Paradise without account. Leave the people alone. What is your concern? They are giving you a cheap package. Before you had to do a lot of worship …la rahata fee ad-deen. It is very difficult “no relaxation in religion.” They know we are lazy today they know we are sinful today. They say do this and you get everything. That means “what do you want better than that?” That means don’t look what he is doing, don’t look what she is doing. Look at oneself, am I good or am I bad. Everyone looks at himself good. That is garbage.
Allah said in Holy Qur'an “wa la toozakoo anfusikum - Don’t try to uplift yourself or don’t try to raise yourself.” Don’t say, “I am good.” What did the Prophet do? Allah made him the moon and made him the sun, made him everything. Subhanallah what a big difference between what Allah gave to the Prophet and he is seal of messengers and what he said, “Allahuma la takilnee ila nafsee tarfata `ayn - O Allah don’t let me to myself for the blink of an eye.”  Look from this how much the self is bad, although the Prophet has every goodness in him. For one second. That means for one nanosecond. Don’t say to yourself, “I am good.” Don’t listen to what your self gossips in your ear. What time do gossips come? When we are praying. To see how much valuable prayer is to Allah swt, see how much Shaytan comes to destroy it. When you say “Allahu Akbar,” Allah! Everything comes there. Whey doesn’t it come when you are sitting? Why it doesn’t come now?  No, only when you say “Allahu Akbar.” It is the magic word, Shaytan gets upset.
Then say bismillahi alhamdulillah rabbil-`alameen. Because when you are outside the prayer you are in dunya already you are falling into sins. But when you are in prayer, is when you are away from sins and so that shows how much prayers important to Allah and how much Shaytan doesn’t like them.
And so what is needed? To do seclusion. And to show how much it is rewarded then Allah says leave them alone, even your children, even your wives. Allah will ask them. We are not going to ask them and they will not listen to you. Your children think that they know more than you; they want to go womanizing and making drugs and doing everything now. And if you tell them “no” they call police on you.
Because Shaytan is penetrating through them from top to bottom, because of anger. Go and speak with a child see how much he is anger. What we call in Arabic an-nafs at-tifl al-madhmoum. He develops that anger from childhood. People are angry with each other. May Allah save us from that and protect us. May Allah open to us the best of his beauty and love for the sake of Sayyidina Muhammad (s) and for sake of our shuyukh especially for sake of Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani and Grandshaykh.