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6 Ramadan 1427/28 September 2006
Fajr after Tahajjud

A`udhu billahi min ash-shaytaan ir-rajeem
A`udhu billahi min ash-shaytaan ir-rajeem
A`udhu billahi min ash-shaytaan ir-rajeem
Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem
Nawaytu'l-arba`een, nawaytu'l-`itikaaf, nawaytu'l-khalwah, nawaytu'l-riyaadah, nawaytu's-salook, nawaytu'l-`uzlah lillahi ta`ala fee hadha'l-masjid

Ati` Allah wa ati` ar-Rasula wa uli 'l-amri minkum

llah ?, from everything brings wisdom. Everything has to be always fixed the best. Like just now when they were fixing these cameras, they want to get the best picture, the best shot. So everything has a point, a focal point that will be like, it will satisfy you, that now you are in the best position.

Also Allah ? wants His servant to know that in everything he created there is a focal point that has to be in perfect position, or else everything will be unbalanced. You cannot take a picture with these video cameras pointing them towards the ceiling. You have to point to the one speaking or to whatever is the focus. Allah ? gave to human beings in their hearts in every amal a focal point that makes things the best. And in dunya there is something called the center of gravity that cog if it is balance everything will fall own. If it is balanced nothing will fall down, everything will be in order. Allah ? gave to this universe a focal point, a cog if that is not balance the universe will fall apart.

Sometimes you see eruption of volcanoes around the world because the earth within, the earth you have the elements of fire. If you go down, drilling in the earth you see different layers and some layers are very hot and there are you can find oil there. Who put that oil? Who made that oil to stay under this high pressure under earth? And we know in dunya, above earth in a lab. If we take oil in high pressure it will explode.

And not only oil there is all kinds of burning elements, which when the volcano erupts you see all this lava coming out. And spreading all their lava, these hilam, huge fire that comes from under and destroying everything.

Imagine that Allah ? when He wants, this is what we are seeing in volcanoes, so don’t think that it is too far from a huge eruption on earth. When Allah ? said that this world one day is coming to an end, it is going to blow up. It mean that focal point where all power is concentrated in that point in the earth itself, one day if Allah ? opens that window to that focal point to erupt the whole earth will be on fire.

Yawma tubaddal al-ardu ghayra-al-ard… mujrimeen fil asfaad.

The day that comes when the earth will be changed for another earth. Oh is there another earth we are going to go? Because this earth is going to blow up, go into pieces.

Idha zulzilat al-ardu zilzaalaha.

When the earth shakes and the eruption of this huge fire that comes from under and destroys the earth completely.

They are worried about nuclear war because it destroys everything. And today they say if they throw the nuclear weapons it will take pieces of the earth out or if an asteroid hits the earth it will take a big chunk of the earth out. So what do you think if Allah ? orders the earth to send its fire out? Then it will be unbalanced ad the whole universe are that time will disappear. We have to be awake that this might happen anytime. If it doesn’t happen in our time it will happen a some time.

When Allah ? gave an oath that it will happen it will happen. If you are believer then if not sit on side with disbelievers. If you are believing in Allah’s ? message then you have to believe that day is coming.

Idha as-sama’u anfaturat…
Wa idha al-qubooru bu'thirat…`alimat nafsan..

When the skies blow up. If the skies are going to blow up, what is going to happen to earth? And when the oceans are going to disappear and going to be vapor moving in all directions and when the mountains are going to pieces, dust, becoming powder into pieces. What is left of earth? Nothing.

Be sure that day is coming. But before that day is coming your body is like earth, your system is like earth. Always burning from within. That is why people are not peaceful, relaxed. We have things within ourselves making us burning we want to explode at any moment. When that explodes within you you cannot control any more. Look at that explosion of ourselves, of our ego.

The explosion of earth is going to happen one time but the explosion of our self is happening at every moment. That is why people are not happy with what Allah ? gave them. If they are happy then they are at peace, nafs al-mutma’inna.

Like Sayyidina Ibrahim ?.

Allah ? said. I am making a calipha in earth. The angels said, “Oh, Ya Rabbee what are you going tot make calipha they are going to do bloodshed and corrupt what you created. They are not good people.”

He said, who said that to you. I will show you one of my servants. Allah ? is teaching us thru the holy Qur’an, thru his messengers so he sent Jibreel ? and all angels were looking.

Grandshaykh, Allah ? sent Jibreel ? in the picture of a human being and he appeared in front of Sayyidina Ibrahim ?, with his son Isma`eel ? looking after his flocks, sheep, goats, camels cows, all kinds of domestic animals that Allah ? made them Halal for human beings to eat. Sayyidina Ibrahim ? sitting on the top of the hill and this valley is full of flocks. Allah ? ordered angels to look at the conversation between Sayyidina Ibrahim ? and Sayyidina Jibreel ?. So Jibreel ? covered himself in order not to be known. He came to Sayyidina Ibrahim ? and said, “O my brother I am seeing you so rich.”

Look from that time there was richness. Some people rich and some not rich. So you have to accept what Allah ? gave you. If he gave you Alhamdulillah. If he didn’t, Alhamdulillah. That is character of a wali. We try to learn and try as much as we can to accept the face.

So, maa qussim ilayk haasil ilayk. What has been provided to you or given to you, you are going to get it. No one will get it other than you. So no one can eat your food. What is written how many bites you are going to eat from this dish you will eat, no more, no less. If it is written you are going to have this amount of wealth you will get that no more and no less. When we reach that qana`a satisfaction we will reach the peaceful self.

So he said, “O my brother you are so rich, what is this?” Communism takes everything from you. Allah ? also sending Sayyidina Jibreel ? to take from Sayyidina Ibrahim ?.

He said, “What is this, is this all for you?” He said, “Yes, Allah ? gave it to me.” “It is too much.” He said, “Do you want some.” He said, “Yes!” He said then say, “Subuhun qudoos, rabb ul-mala'ikati war-ruh.” “How much will you give me for that?” “Don’t ask; say it and I will give.”

He said, “Subuhun qudoos, rabb ul-mala'ikati war-ruh.” Look for that verse, or praise, how much he gave. Sayyidina Ibrahim ? said, “O my brother, for that I give you one third.” “How do you want to give me one third? You counted them?” He began to also give a hard time even though he had been given the sheep. “I need exact one third.” He said, “Yes, I will count and give you one third or if you want more I will give more.” “Yes, I want more.” He said, “Then say subuhun qudoos, rabb ul-mala'ikati war-ruh.”

And angels looking. And Allah ? was happy, because [before] they were complaining. He said, “Subuhun qudoos, rabb ul-mala'ikati war-ruh.” Praising Allah ?. “O my brother now I am giving you the 2nd third.” “But still you have a lot.” “You want them all?” “Why not.” He said, “Say: subuhun qudoos, rabbuna wa rabb ul-mala’ikati war-ruh.” This time plural. He said “look, all this for you.” He said, “this is all for you. Come my son!” and left. He was Jibreel ?, an angel. What will he do with it? He called Sayyidina Ibrahim ?, “O Sayyidina Ibrahim ?, come here what will I do with this?”

“What you do it is up to you. Are you playing games? These three verses are enough for me. You think I don’t know you are Jibreel ?? Before you came I know you are coming.”

Why [did he know?] Because the eyes of the heart are open. They have balanced the system. There is no fire within, no eruption of the volcano of the self. The self is the peaceful self, when that is reached then you become peaceful.

Allah ? said, “Ya Jibreel ?, leave them, my saints will take care of them.” Then Grandshaykh said that these have all been sent to behind Qaaf Mountain for the time of Mahdi ?. They are reproducing and thus you cannot know the beginning of that flock of Sayyidina Ibrahim ? which is behind Mountain Qaaf .

So Allah ? is showing us someone who doesn’t have any problem with what Allah ? gave him of wealth or no wealth. He gave it fee sabeelillah only to hear three times praising of Allah ?. He said, “Whatever you are, I took my rights, the rights are these three verses.”

Who gives his wealth today for subuhun qudoos, rabbuna wa rabb ul-mala’ikati war-ruh?

You see how much we are very far from reality.

We cannot give except when our faith is strong. At that time you give everything. When your faith reached a high level, whatever you own, you don’t control your hand and it will be shaking and giving out everything you get in the way of Allah ?. But when shaytan comes and begins to whisper in your ear, “You have this and you have that, why are you giving?” You begin to hold your hand back. When you begin to hold your hand back then know that your faith is going down. And this is everywhere.

Don’t …most important that you have to keep like they put today earrings in their ears, men. You put earrings. The earring you have to put in your ear and in your nose and these they put in their mouth, these pierces that you put is the biggest problem is when you begin to create a doubt in your heart of the actions of your shaykh.

Shaykhhood is not that a title you give to yourself or someone give to you. It has to be given by order of Prophet ?, that title. And only the authorized Grandshaykh or Shaykh can give that title. When that title has been given no one can take it. So you cannot, like you cannot give him a title of my calipha, my shaykh. Who are you? You need to have it coming from that line of Prophet ? to awliyaullah and then it has a meaning.

So when that person is given that title, when he does things, don’t object. Because you cannot balance it in your balance. Your balance is already fire, erupted from within. Shaytan is whispering. Say, “I don’t know. I must not put any doubt there.” When you begin to put doubt in your teacher, “If he is doing this I have to do this,” then you are in problem.

And always these titles are given in the wills, the shaykh when he is passing he puts in his will these titles. Until the other comes and puts more then it is, in his will, or else those who have been assigned, assigned. So we have to be very careful, if we have not been given that title thru the will of a shaykh then it is dangerous to observe what these people who have been assigned for and doubt what they are doing and want to do the same. Then we are in problems.

Sayyidina Ibrahim ? didn’t look. Allah ? sent Jibreel ? to make test to Sayyidina Ibrahim ?. Sayyidina Ibrahim ? is a prophet and Allah ? sent Jibreel ? to tell angels look this is the one I like. No more fire in the system. Our system is full of these volcanoes and if they erupt—be careful. There is a volcano erupting at any moment and throwing lava into the heart and make us to fall down without being aware. May Allah ? protect us from the lava of shaytan and make us always following the footsteps of the Prophet ?.

Sayyidina Ibrahim ? said, “Don’t worry about these flocks; I have put them in trust for Makkah, Madina and Sham.”

Grandshaykh said that whenever there is a shortage of domestic animals on earth Allah ? orders ta'ifa min al-jinn to takes some of these from behind Jabal Qaaf to keep these animals reproducing. Look now, we have 6 billion, and everyone eating meat, from where are these flocks coming?

If 6 billion, and 3 billion eating meat and 2-3 billion are not eating. 3 billion are eating every week, say one sheep is eaten by 3 people. It means you have to have one billion sheep every month. Where are they? They should be more than human beings. From where they are coming? Is it not so? And rarely you see them, in this farm 100, in this farm 1000. Look on the way to Southern California you pass on highway 5 and you see these cows here—20,000 cows. “This is a huge farm,” they say, “What huge flocks!” 6 billion people will eat them in one day. So Grandshaykh is saying that Allah ? ordering from these flocks to come, jinn they send them and when they send them the baraka quickly comes up. So till today this earth is full of sheep, goats, cows and chicken, because of that secret coming from there.

So when Allah ? want to make his servant calipha, from the baraka of that servant, look people are eating today, up to time of Mahdi ?.

So what you think of baraka of Prophet ?, he is not just giving us meat, he is giving us spiritual meat that will give us health to keep our body and soul living forever. Wa min Allah at-tawfiq, bi-hurmatil Fatiha.

See—two lines.

Mawlana Shaykh spoke two lines and from this the whole Suhbat coming.

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim ? was able to write the whole Suhbat from memory. One time Grandshaykh made du`a for him that he not forget anything. So after Salaat al-`Isha, when Mawlana Shaykh Nazim ? went home, he would sit and write from memory, the whole day’s talks. He would not miss one word, from memory. Even the full stop he would put correctly.

Guru Pak died. When he died he gave me his inheritance. He gave me picture of you with him and he gave me his robe.