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3 Ramadan 1427/25 September 2006

A`udhu billahi min ash-shaytaan ir-rajeem
Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem
Nawaytu'l-arba`een, nawaytu'l-`itikaaf, nawaytu'l-khalwah, nawaytu'l-riyaadah, nawaytu's-salook, nawaytu'l-`uzlah lillahi ta`ala fee hadha'l-masjid

Ati` Allah wa ati` ar-Rasula wa uli 'l-amri minkum

very day there is a different tajalli, manifestation. Allah ? said kullu yawmin Huwa fee shaan. Every day, His manifestations come more and more thru His universes and thru His creation and no one knows what will be the manifestation for the second or even for the third moment. “Every day” means “every moment.” Because every moment in heavenly time is a huge time. A moment might be the whole life of the world to Allah’s ? time.

One time Sayyidina Bilal ? wanted to call for the prayer, Dhuhr or `Asr, I don’t remember, and this is a story from Grandshaykh. And the Prophet ? said, “Wait!” Then one moment later he said, “Call it now!” The Sahaaba were surprised. Between “wait” and then “call it”, was not even one second. And the Prophet ? said, “From the moment I said to him ‘wait’ and the time I said to him ‘call,’ 500,000 heavenly years the universe moved to come to the exact moment of the prayer.”

Today we call the prayer according to the turning of the earth around its axle, and as it turns around its axle the time zone changes. But in heavenly adhaan, is based on how much the universe is moving and the time is changing and the call of the adhaan is stretching forward, like you are stretching a straight line from the beginning of creation, Allah ? ordered Sayyidina Adam ? to pray, from that time forward every prayer is according to the movement of this universe in this vacuum. How much is it moving in this vacuum? They say it is moving at the speed of light. To where? No one knows. That is the heavenly timing, not the turning of earth around the axle and the turning around the sun which is one year. And all the timing of the prayers according to that timing in heaven. Imagine how much we are moving in space and we don’t know it.

That is why kullu yawmin Huwa fee shaan. Every moment He tends to a different matter. It means a different manifestation and what Allah ? creates no one understands except Sayyidina Muhammad ?. That is why awliyaullah are standing helpless. Allah ? made them awliya but if Allah ? doesn’t want nothing will happen.

Sayyidina Muhammad ? was telling the Sahaaba about the Anti-messiah, the Massihi ’d-Dajjal. The Sahaaba were looking behind the trees, they were feeling it so near that he is behind the date palm trees, so near is his coming. The Prophet ? said there is going to be a big struggle in Umuq valley. Umuq valley is in Turkey, by Adana, these areas, and that bloodshed is going to be too much in the ends of the last days, and then Mahdi ? comes. Sahaaba were looking for that. Awliyaullah are saying day and night, “tomorrow, today, tomorrow today.” Every moment they are expecting that is going to happen.

Grandshaykh said, “Since I was seven years of age and the ulama, from the great fitna, ulama were saying it is going to happen this year.” My Grandshaykh’s teacher Shaykh Sharafuddin ? used to say, “Today or tomorrow.” Mawlana Shaykh Nazim ? is saying, “Today or tomorrow.” Most important is not to weigh what awliyaullah say. You cannot understand them. When they say something they are raising you up to that level. Waiting for Mahdi ? they are raising you to that level of worship. So don’t weigh what they say.

Muhammad al-Busayri ? is the one who composed the poem al-Burda and the poem al-Mudarriyya. He said, Inna lana min al-inaayat ruknun ghayra munhadimi, “We have been given glad tidings of a pillar of something we can lean on.”

It means when you lean on something you are standing and you don’t fall. Although there are a lot of cracks around you but by leaning on something that will save you from falling because you are holding it. That is good tidings for us, Ummat an-Nabi ?, Allah ? gave us not something to lean on, but a very strong power to lean. He gave us Sayyidina Muhammad ?. The perfect one to lean on.

To lean on for what? We have a lot of cracks in our lives of our sins. But having that love of Sayyidina Muhammad ? in our heart will make you to be always successful. So he said, ”Don’t be afraid, Ya ummata Muhammad ?.”

As Sayyidina Ali ? saw, that poetry is because Imam al-Busayri ? knew about Sayyidina Ali ?, when Prophet ? called him and told him, “Look at me from the belly and up” and he didn’t see the Prophet’s ? head, as it was going so high near the Throne and he was not able to see his head. Then he said, “Look at me from the belly and down” and he saw the Prophet ? so huge, that his knees were reaching down to seven earths and he was only able to see to his knees and no farther. Then he said, “Look at me all” and he saw the Prophet’s ? appearance filling this universe.

Al-Busayri ? understood that there is no one to be asked, except Sayyidina Muhammad ? on behalf of the Ummah. When Prophet ? is asked and then he answers what is there to be asked after that?

The Prophet ? is to be asked for all of us. Sayyida Fatima ? put us all in her dowry. And the Prophet’s ? shafa`a is going to rise to higher stations in Paradise.

Don’t think that sins can prevent you from entering Paradise. The Prophet ? was given shafa`a to erase the sins. But we most not do the sins. We must repent. Whenever we do something we need to repent. Because imaan is different levels. You cannot say you don’t have imaan, for no, you believe in Allah ? and His Prophet ?. But one time the level of imaan drops and you act wrongly and do a sin. Immediately you have to repent to bring back the status of your level as it was before. Instead of letting imaan to go lower try to make it go higher.

How many verse of holy Qur’an are there about those who make their imaan more stronger, more stronger. Ya ayyuhalladheena aamanoo aaminoo. O ye who believe! You already believe, so now go higher in belief. Go to `ayn al-yaqeen, ilm al-yaqeen, haqq al-yaqeen. Certainty of knowledge, haqq al-yaqeen. The reality of certainty. That imaan going up higher and higher.

That is why we say that every day is a different manifestation. This Ramadan is different from last Ramadan. It is a different manifestation. This Ramadan coming and this year is carrying a lot of heavy load. There is too much going to happen in this year. I don’t understand—as soon as time comes like 4 pm in the afternoon I begin to have no power. Completely; my power goes completely away. What awliyaullah are working on we don’t look, they don’t let you to know. But by Maghrib time I cannot raise my head. I cannot stand. It is impossible. That happened Saturday, first. And it happened Sunday. Saturday I managed, Friday was difficult, but yesterday completely. No more power that you can stand. That is a sign of heavy load in this year.

Awliyaullah Grandshaykh, may Allah ? bless his soul, used to say when Shaykh Sharafuddin ? needs power he used to take power from him. So when Grandshaykh needed more power he said, “I take from Shaykh Nazim’s ? power.” We are not that level but we feel that something is going on. That this year from Ramadan to Ramadan is going to be full of events that might narrow the way for Sayyidina Mahdi ? to come that he doesn’t need weapons. Sayyidina Mahdi ? doesn’t need dunya power to appear. Allah ? gives him heavenly power. When people look at him they believe. He doesn’t come with sword or machine gun; he comes with love. He doesn’t fight. He stops the war, he makes peace. He prepares for Sayyidina Isa ? to come.

If we want to be in that time or we want to be written from those who are going to be in that time our duty is to obey what the Prophet ? brought. Obedience to Prophet ? is obedience to Allah ?, man ata` ar-Rasool faqad ata` Allah. Whoever is obeying Prophet ? is obeying Allah ?.

15th of Sha`ban this year, Prophet ? ordered all awliya to be in his presence to give them responsibilities for the coming three years. These responsibilities that are like a plan, three year plan, what they are going to face and how they are going to solve. Many awliyaullah were asking Prophet ? out of love to humanity, because Mahdi ? comes between difficulties to delay these difficulties, in order that people will be happy in these 3 years.

But when order comes it comes. They cannot stop anything. Awliyaullah are already been informed that they have to be ready to take care of the human race in order that when times comes they are going to be all of them knowing what they have to pray and to recite thru the inspiration to their hearts.

Awliyaullah like Sayyidina Mahdi ? inheriting from him, they don’t come with power or force. He comes with love. They inspire their followers what to recite and what to do. So when inspiration comes to you to pray 2 rakaats do it quickly. When it comes to you to do istighfaar do it quickly don’t delay.

When it comes to pray on Prophet ?, do it. Making du`a always asking Allah ? protection from what difficulties that are coming. These are inspirations coming to heart from awliya. To prevent you from traps of shaytan. So whatever comes do it immediately, don’t delay. If it comes to heart to open the Qur’an and read, do it. Because (normally) ego will not let you do it. It will make all kinds of excuses not to say prayers or reading Qur’an and tahlil, takbir, tahmid. Especially in these 3 years that are coming.

That is why I am feeling that losing this power means there is something. It did not happen last year. It happened this year. We ask Allah ? to give us power to fast his month and to bring happiness to people on earth.

Obeying Prophet ? is to do as much as we can; what we do is not like what awliyaullah do. They do by ilm al-yaqeen…haqq al-yaqeen. We don’t by not knowing anything or seeing anything, by imitation. Tashabbuh, Imitation. Try to make as they are making. Like what they are making. In order that we will be accepted in their presence and they will take us to presence of the Prophet ?.

wwwAllah ? gave us three trees. Three huge trees and on every tree a lot of leaves and a lot of branches. And Allah ? gave that in dunya, for people to be saved under these trees. If we keep these trees, keep watering them, the leaves will not fall and will be always green. They will be always like spring. Because you are watering them. Don’t change the climate on them if you change the climate on them they become dry leaves and yellow and fall. Then no shadow on you. You need the shadow, the leaves and branches covering each other. And they have to be together they cannot be far apart, making shade under them. That shade will save you from burning sun.

The first tree is Ati` Allah, the second is wa ati` ar-Rasula and the third tree is wa uli’l amri minkum. The first tree is “obey Allah ?” and “obey the Prophet ? is 2nd tree” and “obey those in authority is 3rd tree.”

We explain that next session Insha-Allah. Bi hurmatil Fatiha.