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Any Action You Do Is Hajj

Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

18 Ramadan 1427/10 October 2006

Fenton Michigan

A`udhoo billahi min ash-shaytaani 'r-rajeem

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem

Nawaytu 'l-arba`een, nawaytu 'l-`itikaaf, nawaytu 'l-khalwah, nawaytu 'r-riyaada, nawaytu 's-salook, nawaytu 'l-`uzlah lillahi ta`ala fee hadha 'l-masjid

Ati`oo 'Lllah wa ati`oo 'r-Rasula wa ooli 'l-amri minkum

We continue that suhbat of Grandshaykh, those notes of 40 years ago. He said, why do human beings go for hajj. He is asking a question, “Why do we go to hajj?” People go to hajj, in order to obey Allah's I order. That is hajj. Those who are going there, their niyyah must be that when they are going this year for hajj, it is to fulfill what Allah (swt) ordered them to do.

So some people go early, some go late, but all go to stand on Sahl `Arafat, that is because "hajj is `Arafat," to stand on the Mount of `Arafat.

Since you are going on hajj you have accepted to obey Allah (swt), if anyone shows even one mithqaala dharattin from dunya material shows any anger, for anything from anger, he will lose his whole hajj. It means he is no longer going for Allah (swt). Allah (swt) said don't get angry, you are in that ocean.

So if you lose the whole dunya there you are coming to me, you are coming to the ocean. You are not guarding your money there, your money or your luggage or someone made you angry. If you became angry you lose

your whole hajj and you will considered from the musrifoon, the ones who excessively waste their time and money. It is as if you have wasted what you went for. You had good intention to go there, but that intention you changed it by getting angry for dunya issue. That means any `amal you do is hajj. Why is it hajj? Because it is in obedience to Allah (swt) as if you are going on a pilgrimage to the Divine Presence.

Any `amal you do, you fast it is a hajj, fast it is a hajj, zakat is a hajj. It is a pilgrimage to do something in the way of Allah (swt).

If in the middle you get upset then that `amal is canceled because you have put something in it besides Allah (swt). You went only for Allah (swt), when you put material thing in between as if you have made shirk.

So your whole `amal is as the ayah:

وَقَالَ الَّذِينَ لَا يَرْجُونَ لِقَاءنَا لَوْلَا أُنزِلَ عَلَيْنَا الْمَلَائِكَةُ أَوْ نَرَى رَبَّنَا لَقَدِ اسْتَكْبَرُوا فِي أَنفُسِهِمْ وَعَتَوْ عُتُوًّا كَبِيرًا

Wa qaala alladheena la yarjoona liqaana law laa unzila `alayna al-malaikatu aw naraa rabbana laqad istakbaroo fee anfusihim wa `ataw`utuwwan kabeeran

But those who do not believe that they are destined to meet Us are wont to say, “Why have no angels been sent down to us?” – or, “Why do we not see our Sustainer?” Indeed, they are far too proud of themselves, having rebelled [against God’s truth] with utter disdain! [25:21]

وَقَدِمْنَا إِلَى مَا عَمِلُوا مِنْ عَمَلٍ فَجَعَلْنَاهُ هَبَاء مَّنثُورًا

Wa qadimna ila ma `amiloo min `amalin faj`alnahu haba’an manthooran.

And We shall turn to whatever deeds they did (in this life), and We shall make such deeds as floating dust scattered about. [25:23]

We know their intentions. We know that they mixed many things together with that journey. They mixed it up. so that is why we come to that amal they did and it is not for us and it has been mixed with different issues, many different trades that they made in between. They trade with Shaytaan; they trade for this, that means they did not come for us. We throw their `amal in their faces. We don’t accept anything that is mixed. Allah (swt) does not like that. It has to be something when you do it; it is very pure for Allah (swt), and that is your intention, and if something happened in between and you tried not to go after that thing that happened, you kept on the way of a good `amal, but if you went and followed the things that went in between and you get angry and begin to dispute and you get angry then you will be considered among those al-mubadhireen min ikhwaan ash-shayaateen. You will be responsible and mahkoom, and under the control of Shaytaan and under his power.

Allah (swt) the expenses you put are gone. He went so fast to say that very high, he said that if you go for hajj and a poor man comes to you and extends his hand and you reject him, and didn’t give him anything your whole hajj is gone it is not accepted. It means if someone comes to you asking help and you throw him out, your hajj is gone.

It means any `amal you do, that is a pilgrimage and someone comes asking an advice, that is like someone coming and raising his level. He is coming to give you more reward on the hajj.

This tariqah is a pilgrimage, you are following the way of awliyaullah and zuhaad and ittiba` an-Nabi (s). If someone comes to give you advice and you throw him out it means you are lost. Who sent that person to you? Allah (swt) sent that person to you to give you and advice. Listen to that advice and check it. If that advice coincides with Shari`ah, go with it.

People will begin to argue, especially on the internet. Don’t argue with anyone. If it is to Shari`ah ok, if not then don’t reply else it will create fitna. That is if we want akhira.

Poor people in hajj it is their land, they are living there. The time of hajj is their crops, like when in spring you plant something and later in summer you harvest. So they wait to harvest in hajj time. So they wait until that time to harvest in hajj time. You will see 1000s of people there coming to harvest. Help them in harvest and Allah (swt) will help you in your harvest on Judgment Day.

Allah (swt) checking in Judgment Day, whatever you planted in dunya you will reach in akhira. So Judgment Day is the harvest. And hajj is harvest. If you didn’t put fertilizer you will not find any harvest. So on the way of hajj give, give, give. Accept what people say of advice, if according to Shariah, but don’t create problems, then you will be able to reach what Allah (swt) wants you to reach. Then it is not written for you as waste but will be written for you are worshipness.

He said if anything takes you for hajj, or any `amal which we consider to be a pilgrimage, don’t let anything disrupt it.

قُلْ إِنَّمَا أَنَا بَشَرٌ مِّثْلُكُمْ يُوحَى إِلَيَّ أَنَّمَا إِلَهُكُمْ إِلَهٌ وَاحِدٌ فَمَن كَانَ يَرْجُو لِقَاء رَبِّهِ فَلْيَعْمَلْ عَمَلًا صَالِحًا وَلَا يُشْرِكْ بِعِبَادَةِ رَبِّهِ أَحَدًا

Qul innama ana basharun mithlukum yoohaa ilayya annamaa ilaahukum ilahun wahidun faman kaana yarjoo liqaa rabbihi fal-ya`mal `amalan saalihan wa laa yushrik bi `ibadati rabbihi ahadaa

Say [O Prophet]: "I am but a mortal man like all of you. It has been revealed unto me that your God is the One and Only God. Hence, whoever looks forward [with hope and awe] to meeting his Sustainer [on Judgment Day], let him do righteous deeds, and let him not ascribe unto anyone or anything a share in the worship due to his Sustainer!" (Surat al-Kahf, 18:110)

Anyone wants to go on pilgrimage to Allah (swt), who wants to do any amal, he must not associate anyone with Allah (swt). Don’t associate your ego there by rejecting any poor person or rejecting anyone on the way. He is teaching us via adab, and we know his heart open since ten years of age.

He said "I went ten times for hajj." The real hajj the way you know it is accepted is that you give salaam to Ka`bah it will answer you back. He said, "I went 10 times for hajj and ten times gave salaam to Ka`bah and one time Ka`bah gave me back salaam."

When you say as-salaam `alayk Yaa Baytullah and the Ka`bah replies wa `alayka as-salaam ya abdAllah at that time you know what tariqah means, you know what shaykhs mean, you know what guides mean, you know the meaning of Sahaba and you understand what is the meaning of the Prophet (s). So until that time we don’t hear that salaam the one who is blind in this life is blind in the next life, akhira. He doesn’t understand the meaning. When Ka`bah gives back the salaam that is BaytAllah has given salaam. That means your name is written in that house, you are given salaam back now you are welcome into that house. You are at the rank to enter that house. Not like those who enter it today to clean it, they are only seeing four walls.

When you receive that then you will not see four walls, it will be a paradise, like akhira. Everything that you cannot imagine in paradise, you will find there. It is described in Holy Qur'an but it cannot be described by words. Those who receive the salaam of Ka`bah will understand ma`rifatullah. He said, “I went 10 times and one time Ka`bah gave me salaam.

How many of us went for hajj, did we hear salaam. Allah (swt) of these people who go 2, 3 million did they hear salaam. And He said if you didn’t hear the salaam, your hajj is rejected. But rejected from the seeing of ma`rifatullah. Not rejected from the point of view of your obligation you will be written as one who completed the 5th pillar of Islam.

He said, “How will you hear the Ka`bah sending salaam to you when you are deeply inside ghadabu—anger?” When you are engulfed in anger, when you are engulfed immaterial life and engulfed in bad whispering of Shaytaan, how are you going to hear the heavenly voice that Ka`bah brings to you? It is impossible; it is blocked.

فَمَن يَعْمَلْ مِثْقَالَ ذَرَّةٍ خَيْرًا يَرَهُ

Faman ya`mal mithaqaala dharratin khayran yaraah.

Whoever does one atom of goodness will see it. (Surat al-Zalzalah, 99:7)

One atom of good work in the way of Allah (swt) is pilgrimage, it will open the salaam of Ka`bah. That means not even one atom of good we are doing that it is not blended with hidden shirk. That is the thing Prophet (s) feared most for his Ummah. That is disrupting our journey. Allah (swt) said faman y`amal mithqaala dharratin khayran yaraah. Why are we not seeing good? Because we are not able to achieve even one atom. How you want to become wali then. People consider themselves wali or big shaykh. And yet one atom we cannot achieve.

So he said, `ala mithqala dharratin.. for an atom of goodness Allah (swt) will reward you. He said that angels are under big responsibility to be sure that you will be rewarded for that atom. That means that when angels are responsible, angels cannot do mistakes. We are not seeing that not feeling that. When we do an atom it will open and we will feel and see. That is who awliya are reaching.

So what is resolution when we are doing works with hidden shirk, then Allah yubadillah sayiatihim hasanaat – “Allah (swt) will change his or her evil deeds into rewards.” Every atom, every good `amal has its nearness to the Divine Presence. Every good action has engraved in it a Divine Presence according to that atom of goodness. According to that atom there is a light, might be a very small one, but there must be a Divine Presence that opens from that `amal. So slowly one after one, they increase and that will open to awliyaullah.

The stingy one has no hajj. It is not considered. It is considered form the meaning of obligation but from the real meaning of hajj and ziyarah.

Al-bakheel laa hajj wa laa ziyarah maqbool wa laa salaat, wa laa sadaqa.

We go back to the first verse we mentioned, "We come to what they have done of deeds and throw them in their faces as if it they did not do it."

He said, “What is the best siffat that is accepted to Allah (swt)? It is to be sakhee. To be generous. Even if you are poor to be generous. And what is the meaning of al-faqeer. We are all the poor to Allah (swt), always in the classical way, in the manuscripts, they write not ad-daktowr, today when they sign they sign “professor”, “doctor”. What they used to write before? Al-faqeer il-Alllah, “The poor before Allah (swt) so-and-so,” even if he [is someone who] has money. It is not considered. So everyone is poor.

And even if you are poor you have to be generous. Generosity is what opens the door for everything. Some people with their generosity Allah (swt) opened for them but because of their ego they stopped there. You have to be very careful. If something opened because of your generosity and your love don’t let ego play a game there. Or else it will be wasted and you have been blocked in the Way to Allah (swt). Even if you are a poor person now, and you gave everything, Allah (swt) opens to you and you opened to people. Don’t close it saying, “I won't teach if you don’t give me.” Knowledge cannot be stopped. We are not and we must not learn tricks of Shaytaan. Tricks of Shaytaan today are for knowledge of Islam or knowledge of spirituality Shaytaan is teaching the way of universities, how they do. They put a speaker’s bureau. When the university invites you to speak, they ask for their fees. That is how they handle it today, the PhD and speaker, they ask something in return. You must not take anything in return. You cannot sell Allah’s (swt) Knowledge. Sayyidina Muhammad (s) didn’t take for the knowledge; he gave. If they give [from their own selves] that is ok.

Look how Sayyidina Salman (r) sold himself to become a slave in order to reach the Prophet (s). The last monk whom he served told him signs of the last Prophet (s), one being that he doesn’t take sadaqa; he only accepts gift. When he presented to him a sadaqa he didn’t take it, but rather he gave it to the Sahaba, but when he gave him something as a gift then he ate from it.

That is why it is very unacceptable in Shariah even, to sell Allah’s I word or on teaching or on adhaan. If they give you take but if not then don’t ask. Then we will be safe. So we continue next time…

wa min Allah at-tawfiq al-Fatiha.


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