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Michigan Zawiya


Awliyaullah they are only-  we say you live to eat or you eat to live?  Eat to live or live to eat?  Awliyaullah they eat to live but they do not eat dunya life.  Eat to live, that is eat whatever makes them reach akhira to live forever.  The Prophet (s) said,  al `aishu `aish ul-akhira - the life is the real life of akhira.” It is everlasting.  Awliyaullah have reached that level that there concern only is the Hereafter and are approaching Allah through different ways of prayers.  Allah opens for them their visions, Allah opens for them their hearing, their hearts, their speech.  Allah will give them senses that they can sense everything from far away. 

I don't like to give this example but today they have specially trained animals that can smell anything.  If they want to search your car they bring a dog they can smell if their are explosives or drugs or anything against the law.  Allah will give awliyaullah a sense of smell that no one can smell like them from ins or jinn.  Jinn can smell from east to west.  If jinn are in east they can smell west and if they are in west they can smell the east.  Allah gives even more to awliya that they can smell akhira from earth.  All the way through the universe to reach paradise their sense of smell reaches.  They can see anything Allah wants them to see.  Nothing is veiled for them. 

What is veiled for them- what they try to veil is what is the bad characters coming from people.  They don’t want to see it.  You can't sit with wild animals.  Imagine you are between them you try to run away.  Awliyaullah are [sitting] among wild characters so they cover the wild characters of their mureeds.  That's how they are able to sit with them, advise them, eat with them.  Otherwise, if they raise that veil it will be very difficult for them to be in dunya.  And Allah keeps them in dunya for His rahma to reach them first and then distribute it to all humanity. 

So when a wali reaches that level, he is able to smell hear see sense.  Awliyaullah in the past would say to you 'We can see.  We are trying to take you with us but if you don't come along it's your mistake. We can do nothing else  We try to invite you on our wagon, our train, hook you to the locomotive, to the engine; but if you don't want to jump on the train then you stay where you are.'

Until Grandshaykh Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah Daghestani's (may Allah bless him and sanctify his secret) time that changed.  When he was ordered for guidance he said to his Shaykh, Mawlana Shaykh Sharafuddin (may Allah bless him and sanctify his secret), "O Shaykh I don't want that." Mawlana Shaykh Sharafuddin (may Allah bless him and sanctify his secret) was surprised.  Grandshaykh said, "No I don't want any of my mureeds to be left behind.  I want them all to be on my train.  Whether they do or don't do what I advise them, I will carry the responsibility.  I will throw them in - I don’t want them left behind."  

No one can give a confirmation to such a request on his own.   Shaykh Sharafuddin said, "O my son I will report what you want to the main source, to the Prophet (s).

How nice it is that awliyaullah can easily talk to the Prophet (s)  We are suffering to see Prophet (s) in a dream and we cannot see.  Those Awliya, Allah gave them an easy way to see the Prophet because they took the hard way in their lives  They tried to live tough lives and Allah honored them 

How Sahaba used to enter to Prophet (s)?  Grandshaykh said when there were no outsiders the Prophet (s) used to lie down and Sahaba were around him.  Because it is so friendly, it shows familiarity he was not making himself different from his Sahaba,he was trying to show himself one like them, showing humbleness.  Grandshaykh said, "One time the Prophet (s) was lying down among Sahaba and putting his hands under his head.  In front of him were a bunch of grapes and he was eating.  As he was lying down, they told him that there were some outsiders coming.  Immediately he was sitting up and all Sahaba were nicely sitting."

Because before they were talking with a sense of humor.  Don't think the Prophet was always serious or Sahaba would run away.  Don't be too much serious.  If you don't smile ever people will run away.  I'm trying to smile but it doesn't come.  Always they tell me smile - I'm smiling from the inside but the face doesn't show it.  Are you smiling?  

"They were smiling, laughing,and talking.  Immediately a tribal non-Muslim leader and delegation were coming and entered.  The Prophet was holding a bunch of grapes in his hand eating from the top of the bunch. They came in and were looking at Prophet (s), he knows their hearts - it attracted them what he was doing  They said 'Ya Muhammad-'  They didnt say 'Ya Rasulullah'  because they were not yet Muslim.  They said 'Ya Muhammad! If you ask anyone they will say the most tasty grapes are at the bottom of the bunch, where they are ripe.  We are surprised you are taking the sour ones at the top and leaving the sweet ones.'  He said, 'O of course! Because we like to offer them to those who visit us and those who come and respect us; we like to offer them sweet fruit.  We take the sour and we give the sweet.  That's why I eat the sour to leave for you the sweet.' Immediately they said "ashhadu an la ilah illa Allah wa ashihadu anna Muhammadun rasulullah."

They were ready.  Also in our lives the Prophet gave the sweetness and carries the sourness.  He is carrying that sour taste - those sour actions we are doing-- and he is giving the sweetness from himself. 

That's why Awliyaullah like Grandshaykh said, "I don't want that guidance except on the condition that anyone who follows me will be with me in dunya and ahira. Even if they do or don't do I will do."  This request cannot be confirmed except by Prophet (s). 

Awliyaullah have easy access, they have been authorized to enter.  When you go to a conference or the United Nations they give you a badge and say keep it on your neck (like a donkey carrying something).  Of course, we are carrying on our shoulders the sourness of this dunya we are doing all kinds of things, but awliyaullah carry from us and give us sweetness.  Awliyaullah have different badges with different colors.  They look at the colors and go through.  They go in with angels opening different ways for them.  Every wali has a color and cannot go beyond that color.  They know them from colors.  Their bodies are no longer forms, they are subtle, they can see through them. 

As the Prophet (s) mentioned in the hadith that in akhira in Paradise you can see through heavenly creation.  From their beauty they are transparent. They are not thick and dense.  There, there is nothing with a veil. You can see through them and see different colors.  These colors cannot be compared with a rainbow.  Compared to them a rainbow is trash, it is not fancy compared to Paradise's heavenly rainbow. Here in dunya people see a rainbow is fancy.  So awliyaullah have different colors,  which means different bridges or tunnels that reach to Prophet (s). 

So depending on your tunnel or color you have a seat there in the Presence of the Prophet (s).  That seat is also made transparent from the same color you are so you cannot sit on a different color seat.  It is not "first come first seated." Everyone's seat is reserved for him.  Awliyaullah they know discipline.  But when they access [Prophet (s)] here it is not through their forms.  If the Prophet (s) is there with his form they access with their form, but the Prophet (s) is in a situation of a heavenly dress that he is dressing so they have to carry and dress what Allah gave of heavenly dress and enter.  

So Mawlana Shaykh Sharafuddin entered and said, “Ya Sayyidee Ya Rasulullah!" - although Grandshaykh Abdullah was sitting there in that presence he could not speak because his shaykh, Shaykh Sharafuddin  was there.  If his shaykh was not there he could speak.  He said, “My son is asking everyone to be in his level.”  The Prophet said, “I'm happy with that."  That's why it changed.  Previous awliyaullah were not able to put you in their level, they could only advise you to come along. But for Grandshaykh Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah Daghestani (may Allah bless him and sanctify his secret) and afterwards with Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (may Allah give him long life) he was granted that anyone who comes to him will be in his level.   So he doesn’t leave his students to his decision, whether to come along or not.  No, he takes him and puts him with him.  It's a big difference.

So here in Fath Rabbani we see the wali says, "O ghulam! O Child!” Or “O servant!”

“If you enter to my presence try to leave yourself outside and come in." 

Who can leave himself out and come in? That is a difficult order for today.  Awliyaullah Grandshaykh Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah Daghestani (may Allah bless him and sanctify his secret) and afterwards Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (may Allah give him long life) he doesn’t say “leave yourself and come.”  He says, 'Come with whom you like, the door is not closed.  I will take you in. Our doors of tawba are open from east to west.  If you don't come we take you in. As long as you sit 5 minutes in our association you will be with us dunya and akhira.”

Allah opened that for Grandshaykh Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah Daghestani (may Allah bless him and sanctify his secret) and he passed it to  Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (may Allah give him long life).  5 minutes is enough because it is hadith of Prophet (s)

Allah has angels roaming the roads seeking the people of His Remembrance (dhikr),  and when they find a group of people reciting dhikr, they call each other and encompass them in layers until the first heaven …. And someone not from them, but who came only for a certain issue, sits with them. God said, “no regrets will come to whoever sits with them?la yashqa jal?sahum. Sah?h Bukh?r? and Sah?h Muslim.]

Allah has angels that go along monitoring people what they are doing making dhikr until the end of hadith- so I forgive them all. O there is one there who is not from them, he stayed 5 minutes (only).  It is enough and he is (also) forgiven.  So from Grandshaykh's time that tajalli is opened from “no regrets will come to whoever sits with them - la yashqa jaleesahum.” That anyone sitting 5 minutes they too are with them.  So how is it possible to leave ourselves while we are still youngsters in tariqa.  It is very difficult- they had that before but now anyone comes in no problem.

(from Fath Rabbani) “O my student you want my companionship; you want to get benefit from me; if you want that you have to know that I am not going to give you dunya, I'm going to give you akhira.  My guidance is for akhira not how to build up your dunya.  So don't ask me questions of dunya.”

They came to Prophet (s) and asked advice on planting trees. They planted but the trees died so they asked him why they died.  He said, “I didn't come for your dunya, I came for your akhira.”

[It means:] “If you ask for dunya it's your dunya.  Don't ask me. Go ask those who are interested in dunya, they know dunya.  I came for akhira for you to be living forever in paradise.”

So awliyaullah don't like people who ask dunya, dunya, dunya.  If they give you an answer because you insist on it - sometimes they give you a good answer and sometimes they test and give you another kind of answer and you complain  coming to the shaykh.  [Rather only] say, “Pray for me.” Don't give choices and ask him to pick - he is not a munajjim – psychic - to look at your hands and read it.  They know how to do it but it is maa laa yaanee   of no concern, irrelevant, meaningless, waste of time.  The Prophet (s) said, “kadhdhab al-munajimoon wa law sadaqoo - Even if the psychic says something correct they are still lying." So the shaykh doesn't want to open that door.

“O if you want my company come. I will give you akhira not dunya.  Whoever accompanies me and has good belief in me with no doubts"  Because the most difficult situation for the mureed is when he doubts about what the shaykh is doing.  Don't try to have doubts with whatever you see - don't go there.  If you can't [then] cover your eyes - in his presence you must be "blind."  Don't look into the small things there what is going on because in his presence all the people there are sick.  Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (may Allah give him long life) said many times, “I have a mental house.  All the people have problems so don't pick on them. What I tell them might give you doubts so don't look too closely.”  “If you want to come you must have good belief with no doubts. Then I will take you in and show you things you never imagined.”

Allah raised His Prophets through His Words.  He sent His Words to them.  He spoke to them he sent them his kalamullah il-qadeem - His Ancient Word.  That's why He talked to Musa .   He sent him a voice to hear and to Sayyidina Muhammad (s) He spoke to him through the Holy Quran. He gave His Quran, His Words, that everything is in the Holy Quran “wa la ratbin wa la yabisin ill fi kitabin mubeen everything dry or moist is in Holy Quran.” 

From the day of creation and whatever went along with it and forever onward, there is no end to Holy Quran.  You can get secrets of Quran out, even in Paradise.  It is ever-living because it is Allah's Ancient Words which are ever-living.  The Quran is not created.  It is from the Creator with the Creator. Forever the Quran is going to be Quran and everything inside it no one can change it.  Awliyaullah look at the letters.  In computers they say there is a message that has encryption in it.  They say no one can understand the message because it is encrypted. How many layers of encryption there are in Holy Quran that no one can get out except awliya.  You have to know how they are the engineers of hearts.  Allah opened for them.  Anbiyaullah Allah spoke to them; awliyaullah Allah inspired.  Anbiyaullah Allah revealed to them; awliyaullah Allah inspired them.

So when they take you in their wagon they take you to a state of inspiration you will be inspired.  You can read encryption and decode it when you are in the wagon.  Before Grandshaykh Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah Daghestani's (may Allah bless him and sanctify his secret) time, they only give to those who were able to jump in and leave dunya.  To give them inspiration and bring them to a level of inspiration is very rare only for 2, 3 or 4 mureeds.  Today awliyaullah throw you in and immediately throw it in your heart but they don’t open it.  They keep the key for you.  They raise you from one level to another and they will give you key as soon as they get permission from Prophet.  They get you in but don’t give you the key until you leave yourself. 

Before awliyaullah would not get you in until you leave yourself.  Today they take you in.  If you want the key you take it, but you have to follow their ways.  May Allah open our eyes and hearts to be able to read the encryption and get the key.  You are there; you are there. They are presenting you to Prophet (s), which means you are clean.  They cannot bring you in the presence of the Prophet (s) every night without being clean. You are clean in that presence, so every night you are given a key, a key, a key, another level. 

If you don’t get it in dunya, at the last 7 breaths you are giving out, Allah will stretch that time to 137 years. These 7 seconds that your soul is going out- it appears as 7 seconds to those around you- but to the one dying it will stretch to 137 years and he will be in complete worship as if he lived 137 years in complete worship.  That opened to saints for the Last Days.  May Allah give us the key in dunya. That's why we are sitting at their threshold asking them to bring us in and present us to Prophet (s). Wa min Allah tawfiq bi hurmat al fatiha.  Yallah...