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There is a special day in each week. The Prophet (saws) said there is one hour on that day in which whatever anyone asks for, for sure Allah will grant his request. Awliya say that that hour is the last hour before Maghrib prayer, between `Asr prayer and Maghrib prayer - it is the hour before Maghrib. And that is when it is the best time. At that time, we used to do dhikrullah and…suhbat with Grandshaykh Abdullah al-Faiz ad-Daghestani. At that time is dhikrullah.


A`udhu billahi min ash-shaytaan ir-rajeem

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem

Ati` Allah wa ati` ar-Rasula wa uli 'l-amri minkum


“Obey Allah , obey the Prophet (saws) and obey those in authority.” [an-Nisa, 4:59]

It is said, “sharaf al-maqam bi ’l-muqeem.” – “The honor of the place is by the one occupying the place.” That means that when are sitting in a gathering, then that gathering is honored by the presence of that person that Allah is blessing. Allah blesses everyone but one of them is the highest that is blessed, as Allah said in the Holy Qur’an وَفَوْقَ كُلِّ ذِي عِلْمٍ عَلِيمٌ wa fawqa kulli dhi ilmin `aleem.” –“And above every knower there is a higher one.”

Not all people are on the same level. Someone might be working hard: he finished high school, he finished college, and he finished university … there are levels. Also in spirituality there are levels. The best among us brings honor to everyone. That is why the presence of saints, people who are sincere and pious in a gathering, will bring the gathering higher. And he said [may Allah bless his soul], “As much as you are honored to be near that saint, or that blessed person or that sincere person, you will be blessed and honored more because the reflection of that positive energy coming from that sincere person will reach you and affect you by turning you into a better person.”

From that person all this good energy, these good emanations that come from that person will reach you and turn you into a pious, sincere individual. When you are seeing how that person is acting then you begin to act the same. They are curing people today by laser. They didn’t have that technology before. You have a sickness and they send a laser to dissolve that problem. What do you think about a laser light that will be sent out from the heart of that sincere person to those who are sitting in front of that sincere person? Of course it is going to change. As laser light heals sick people, laser light that comes from the heart of a sincere person will heal the others. That is why interaction of good people together will bring more and more energy and it will become like an atomic reaction; it is like a nuclear reaction that one affects the other, one atom affects one, and that doubles and triples and makes a chain reaction, fission, fusion. It will increase as much as sincere people come together. This energy will come together and fuse to each other and become bigger and bigger. That is why it is necessary to sit in such associations because it is important. As Grandshaykh said [may Allah bless his soul], “These associations are necessary for every individual in order to increase his ability and capacity of absorbing all these heavenly manifestations.”

You are only producing negative energy because when we are outside working in our daily lives there is too much negative energy around us. You will not be able to absorb these manifestations because of the energy that surrounds you. But when you are coming to meetings of dhikrullah [remembrance of Allah ] it will change us completely as receiving that energy will change that chain or reaction to become a fusion to help you receive these manifestations.

He said “Make these associations at least once a week.”

In every meeting, in the name of the Prophet (saws), coming for the love of Sayyidina Muhammad (saws), coming for love inheritors of the Prophet (saws), coming for love of awliya, we will be honored. And every time the honor is different. You don’t get the same thing twice. It is impossible; that would mean that Allah is poor. Haasha. One of His names is al-Ghani. We are fuqara il-Allah, the poor before Allah , but Allah is rich: Huwa al-Ghani. Everything is under His command, under His orders. He created this, so He is al-Ghani: the rich.

A rich person doesn’t give you the same thing twice. Today he gives you something, but tomorrow he cannot repeat the same; he gives you something different. That is for a rich person - think about Allah . Every moment He gives something different. And what He gives is not from higher to lower - it must be from lower to higher. So if He gives us today this much rahmat tomorrow it must be this much and the day after must be more and it is increasing, never decreasing; and every time it is a different “color” and different manifestation of a Name.

It is not like us; we wear the same suit. Let us say we have 7 suits. We wear one for every day of the week. Then the next week we repeat.

Allah is al-Ghani. He cannot repeat twice. There must be something new every day. You cannot wear the same thing twice. Allah does not reward something twice. He is always giving more, more. Imagine you are meeting every week and making dhikrullah every week: you will be dressed in a different dress than the week before.

If you begin to sit in these association from when you are fifteen until when you are mature, until you die, then Allah gives and doesn’t take. Because He is al-Kareem - the Generous: when He gives you something, He is the Generous. If the normal human being is generous, he will not give something and ask to take it back tomorrow. What do you think of the one who created generosity? When he gives, He doesn’t give in a small portion. It is not yaleeq: it is not befitting of His Greatness; His Magnanimity. It cannot fit His greatness, when He gives with no account. You cannot count what Allah gives: His generosity.

He is always ma`ta - He is always giving - Only asking you to take. So when you take, and when you commit a sin, He doesn’t take back what He gave you. What He gave, He gave. You committed a sin - that is something else. That is considered a bad mark on your file. If you repent, it is erased immediately.

When someone commits a sin, Allah ordered the angels, “Don’t write it until 24 hours pass; then if he didn’t repent write it.”

And Allah ordered the angels on the right, “If someone does something good, write it immediately. If someone does something wrong, don’t write it; it might be that that person repents after 24 hours.”

So what do we have to do? It is very simple. Allah gave us a mind. If you do something wrong, then repent. Say: “I am a weak servant.” Say: “Tubtu il-Allah.”

Many people fight with each other. When anger comes, it doesn’t know child from mother, mother from father, wife from husband, brother from sister. When anger comes, Shaytan is there. How do you know if Shaytan is there? If anger is there, then Satan is riding you. He is very nicely riding you now without even a bridle. He rides you without one. You don’t need one.