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O Muslims! Allah swt gave us signs and examples in this dunya and Allah from the beginning said that this dunya is not lasting.

One time is coming and everything is going to be change and people are going to be judged. And He gave us many examples and one of them is death. The biggest example is that you are leaving everything behind and going towards your lord. At that time there is no one who can do anything for you except Allah’s mercy and the shafa`ah of an-Nabi (s).

Allah gave us signs in order to take example. You go to mountain and there is a lot of snow and you see how these snowballs come down the mountain and get bigger and bigger and then they hit, then a lot of homes will be destroyed and a lot of people will die.

And Allah gave us a lot of signs that this snowballs does exist and don’t think that this earth will not be shaken by it.

And that is Surat al-Zalzalah.

إِذَا زُلْزِلَتِ الْأَرْضُ زِلْزَالَهَا وَأَخْرَجَتِ الْأَرْضُ أَثْقَالَهَا

When Earth is shaken with her (final) earthquake And the earth throws up her burdens (from within). 99:1-2.


What is in comes out and what is out goes in. “When what is inside the earth comes out.” What is inside the earth? Volcanoes, oil, yes, fire? Yes.

But there are some others. There are human beings in the earth, inside their graves and they are going to come out. It is going to tell everyone and they are going to tell what they are seeing there. We have to take these signs, when allah says something in Holy Qur'an that is there, it is going to happen. Hellfire is there. Allah is going to send people to hellfire, punishment , or paradise, reward. That is not abstract. Allah says “kun fayakoon - Be! and it is!” We don’t know where is paradise or where is hellfire but we must believe. If you want to be a believer.

So today we see a crisis that is occurring like a snowball. People say we lost all our retirement, all our money that is a sign that "O human beings! What you have saved and you are going to spend it. If you did something wrong it is going to eat from what you have of good. That is what you have of stocks will eat from the profits."

So similarly the bad deeds will eat the good `amal. That means you must not mix them. Then when you will end up in presence of Allah you will be bankrupt.

As the Prophet (s) said, man huwa al-muflis? They said “the one who has no money.” The Prophet (s) said, “No, it is the one who has no `amal, wa in sama wa in salla, even if he prays and fasts.” It means that when he does something bad it will eat what is good. It will eat what he saved.

So we don’t want to be like snowball for akhira. This is sign for us, this economic crisis. This is saying to "be careful." Every day passing is one day less, every moment passing is one moment less.

That is why I am going to mention this hadith of the Prophet (s) related by ibn Habban and al-Bazzar.

وحديث عبد الله بن عمرو “ لا تقوم الساعة حتى يتسافد في الطريق تسافد الحمير “ أخرجه البزار والطبراني وصححه ابن حبان والحاكم

L? taq?m us-s?‘atu hatta yatas?fadu fit-tar?qi tas?fud il-ham?r. Qult inna dh?lika la k?’in? Q?la na‘m layak?nanna.”

“The Hour will not come until there are men and women in the streets having sexual relations with each other like donkeys do.”

What is that? That is the donkeys they are making sex with each other.

On the streets. The donkey doesn’t know it is on street or not on the street. There is no shyness in religion. People will not feel ashamed, they are doing it in the street and in the parks. Don’t you see them there? They are doing it everywhere. The Prophet (s) mentioned 1400 years ago.

Qultu a-inna dhaalika la-ka’in - I said, is that real, (that they will do that like donkeys)? Qala na`m la-yakoonana, he (s) said, ‘yes it will happen.’”

Is it not happening in your home, in these movies on TV. They are doing it front of you on TV, in that box. It is no longer on street only it is in homes, everywhere.

عن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال: “والذي نفسي بيده لا تفنى هذه الأمة حتى يقوم الرجل إلى المرأة فيفترسها في الطريق فيكون خيارهم يومئذ من يقول: لو واريتها وراء هذا الحائط. (مسلم في كتاب الفتن و الهيْثمي في الزّوائد، رواه أبو يعلى ورجاله رجال الصحيح)

And from Abu Hurayrah, another hadith, “Walladh? nafs? bi yadihi la tafn? h?dhihil-ummah hatta yaq?m ur-rajulu ilal-mar’ati fayaftarishuh? fi-tar?q fa yak?nu khiy?r?hum yawma’idhin man yaq?l law ra’aytah? war? h?dha al-h?’it.

  I swear an oath by the One in Whose Hand is my soul, that this Ummah will not vanish until a man will stand up and have sex with a woman, in the streets.”

Are we seeing that or not? We see them in the park on the benches you see them in street kissing each other. And on movies and TV, even our children are seeing that.

And the best of them the Prophet (s) said, (look he didn’t stop), “the best among you at that time, (they don’t do it, there is some struggle in their hearts), but they say to themselves, if I see that lady behind that wall I will do it also.”

There are two groups of people: one they do it, they don’t care. And there are people passing by and the Prophet (s) said, “fa yak?nu khiy?r?hum yawma’idhin man yaq?l law ra’aytah? war? h?dha al-h?’it - to the others they are righteous. But that one is seeing if I could have seen her behind the wall I would have done it.”

Are we seeing that or not? Yes, we are seeing it, it is a snowball coming quickly.

That means that if the beginning of the last days is seen then it is like snowball its end is near.

So there is no time to trade now - our duty now is to trade and ask forgiveness and repent.

حدثنا عبد الله حدثني أبي حدثنا يزيد أنبأنا بهز عَنِ أبِيهِ عَنِ جَدِّهِ قال: قُلْتُ يا رَسُولَ اللهِ أيْنَ تأمُرُني قال-ها هُنا ونَحا بِيَدِهِ نَحْو الشّام قال إنَّكُمْ مَحْشُورُونَ رِجالاً ركباناً وتجرون علىوجوهكم.‏ (رَواهُ أحْمَدُ في مُسْنَدِهِ)

Innakum mahsh?r?n rij?lun wa rukb?nun. Wa tujar?na ‘al? wuj?hikum h?-hunn?. (Wa awma’a biyaddihi nahwa ash-sh?m).

And the Prophet (s) said, from Ahmad, from Abham bin Hakeem.

You are going to be gathered either riding or walking or men and women, and you are going to be pulled by your faces and the ones riding are the good ones. And he directed his finger towards bilad ash-Sham. That is where Sayyidina `Isa is coming according to the hadith of the Prophet (s), at the white minaret. There is the ard al-mahshar.

الشامُ أرْضُ المَحْشَرِ و المَنْشَرِ

Wa `an Abi’d-Darda. Al-sham ard al-manshar wal manshar – Sham is going to be the land of resurrection and the Day of Judgment.”

Are we far from that or not?

“Wa `an Amr bin al-`As, Layat?yanna ‘al? an-n?si zamanun la yabq? ‘al? al-ardi mu’minun illa l?hiqa bi ash-sh?m. - There will be no mumin left on earth except he will be moving to Sham.”

-قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم عليك بالشام فإنه خيرة الله من أرضه يجتبي إليه خيرته من عباده فإن الله عز وجل قد توكل لي بالشام وأهله. ُ(رواه أبو داود و أحْمد في مسْنده)

`Alayka bi’sh-sham fa innahu kheeratah-Allahi min ardihi yajtabee ilayhi kheeratahu `ibadihi – Keep to Sham for it is the purest of God’s Lands and the most sincere people in creation live in it.”

That day is coming. If that day is coming in our day or it is coming in a later time we don’t know. No one knows. But it might be tomorrow. The signs are there. If you look into Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim and other sihah and look at signs of Last Days, what the Prophet (s) mentioned of signs, it happened already.

Now everywhere there is crisis. They are not speaking about watr any more. They are speaking about economics, they are speaking about money. Money is more dear to them than water even.

Allah said, idha zulzilat al-ardu zilzaalaha wa akhrajit al-ardi athqaalaha. Yawmaydhin tuhadithu akhbaraha.

It might shake now. O Muslims! O believes, keep your heart clean and repent to Allah swt and ask forgives. All of us must do that.

Someone asked, "is hellfire real and is heavens real or is it only a complex understanding of that situation that it is a theory that people have to be good and people have to be better and if there is a punishment it might be punishment where we are living or whatever?"

No, that is not true. As dunya exists and Allah created earth, so too did Allah create heavens and create hellfire. As Allah can say kun fayakoon He can and did create heaven and hellfire. As He made earth to turn around the axle, He created heavens and hellfire. As He made the earth to turn around the sun, He did create heavens and hellfire. May Allah save us.