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5 Ramadan 1427/27 September 2006
Fajr time after Tahajjud

A`udhu billahi min ash-shaytaan ir-rajeem
Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem
Dastoor Ya sayyidi madad
Nawaytu'l-arba`een, nawaytu'l-`itikaaf, nawaytu'l-khalwah, nawaytu'l-riyaadah, nawaytu's-salook, nawaytu'l-`uzlah lillahi ta`ala fee hadha'l-masjid

Ati` Allah wa ati` ar-Rasula wa uli 'l-amri minkum

e mentioned in the previous session about these 3 trees, Ati` Allah wa ati` ar-Rasula wa uli 'l-amri minkum. And we mentioned the story of Sultan Abdul Hameed and the 3 people who were gambling.

Allah ?, for Him—He wants the benefit for His servants. Allah ?: laa tahdee man ahbabta inna Allah ..

Allah’s ? guidance always runs after everyone. Siffatahu ar-Rahman, one of His Attributes is ar-Rahman ?, ar-Raheem ?. From his mercy he wants everyone to believe and that is why he sent messengers and Allah ? doesn’t want to keep anyone outside that rahmat.

That story showing that Allah ? inspiring Sultan Abdul Hameed to go places people don’t go and to find those 3 that were gambling and to pull them out. And by their intention he guided them out. One said I want to be son-in-law of Sultan Abdul Hameed, the other wants the wealth from Sultan Abdul Hameed, and the 3rd want to be Sultan Abdul Hameed.

Thru these traces in the heart that is left, because most of the light in the heart is gone, from the playing of shaytan, what is left of these traces you can find guidance. Because this light in these rooms, many lights make it very bright. But sometimes you have no light, only a candle. With the traces of the light you can find your way. So these traces o flight in the heart never go away. Thru them Allah ? will pull them like magnets to hidaya.

One who is gambling, from his pure heart made him son-in-law, the 2nd gave him wealth and 3rd showed him reality of how to safeguard your wealth and how to safeguard your country. That is why these 3 trees are important.

When it comes to Allah’s ? guidance to you think Allah ? can take you out? No. When you already came inside and accepting Allah’s ? message and his messenger no one can take it out. It might be shaytan will veil you but he cannot take that guidance from you. That is why you can see everywhere that shaytan comes thru sagha'ir and thru kaba’ir. He comes to deceive us thru something small, sin or thru big sins and this how we have to pen our mind very well and our hearts.

He comes thru kaba’ir, he sees you angry with your life and not happy with your family or with your children or with whatever circumstance Allah ? put you in.

Like he came to Sayyidina Adam ?. Just as Allah ? gave Sayyidina Adam ? everything and then [after listening to shaytan] pulled him out. Fa` asa adama rabbahu fa ghawa …fa-hadda. Adam ? because he listened to Iblees he made the sin and he disobeyed Allah ? and then he fall down. Thru these traces of light Allah ? guided him back dunya.

So you lost your life, you are angry with your life and with your children. You feel how have I been put in these circumstances and it was a mistake to end up like that. Shaytan takes you to be upset and you go where? You go to wilderness. Where to attract you when you are angry about your life and your situation? Then he whispers to you go to coffee shop. There you will forget and he doesn’t tell you to go to mosque or to spiritual gathering. No go to coffee store to think and thinking and getting worse.

Then one time beer, oh no problem then you drink. now shaytan says you are on right to forget what happened that I why people take depressant tablets, to be depressed, instead of alcohol they give tables.

So shaytan says you can drink some wine and you forget more. So drinking wine is from al-kaba’ir. So you take one sip, then 2nd, then the 3rd. Then you see whole dunya change. You become hallucinating, very happy with what is going on. “O Alhamdulillah I found what I have to do.” The next day more, the next day more. That is he pulled your leg. That is one side shaytan comes to make you enter.

If you have more imaan and he cannot pull you from kaba’ir, he goes from small sins.

O you have problem with family with wife. Better go have some fun somewhere. Go to coffee shop, you go see a nice pretty woman. No problem sitting, she is looking at you looking at here, smiling at her, smiling at you. Then give here a date, she comes for dinner, then shaytan comes and pulls you to kaba’ir. That does not mean Allah ? said don’t come to Me back. No, He said, “My door is always open, come back.”

That is why Grandshaykh said, any `amal you do, go and send immediately to deposit in your account. Everyone has an account with the Prophet ?. Every one from ummat an-Nabi ? has an account with the Prophet ?. That is why the hadith is wrapping your amal with salawat. Saying, “Ya Sayyidee, Ya Rasulullah ?, I am putting that `amal in your trust.” Shaytan cannot take it out. That is there, it is like a safety deposit box like bodyguard there. If you put your shahada and prayer and du`a and reciting Qur’an. Wad`atahu `indak Ya sayyidee Ya Rasulullah ?, I have put these two shahada in your trust you account then shaytan cannot take it. That Mawlana said is very important in order that shaytan and 4 enemies cannot pull that `amal out.

We are in need of Allah ? and his Prophet ?. They are not in need of us.

“Prepare of power,” Allah ? said in Qur’an. If you want to overcome a situation that is bad, prepare whatever power you can. When you see the 4 enemies coming to take you away. How to prepare by raising level of imaan. When you do a sin know your level of imaan went down. When the level of imaan is not balanced and goes down to level of no imaan in heart then you being to listen to whisper of shaytan. Whisper comes. When whisper comes then know that level of imaan is not dropping. When no whisper know that level of imaan is dominating factor.

Like you put a half spoon of salt in gallon of water, 4 liters or 5. If you drink the water taste doesn’t change. If you increase the amount of salt then you taste the salt not the water. When whispering of shaytan increase the nice pure water decreases. Faith is falling down. That is why awliyaullah wore woolen cloaks, in previous times until today. They wore suf, wool. That is what tasawwuf came from—from wool. They wore wool clothes. Why wool? They can wear cotton, there was cotton at that time. Why they were wearing wool. Why insisting on wearing wool?

Because at that time `ulama didn’t understand why they are wearing wool they said it was an innovation to wear wool. You can two or 3 layers of cotton and it becomes like wool. They want to tell their egos and their selves to remind that you are carrying wool, from skin of animals, to remind you of that wild animality character that is inside you. You are wearing that woolen cloak to remind you of your bad characteristics—that animal characteristics. It is in yourself. Still it is in you, have to get ride of it. That is why they wear that woolen skin, we are like that, and if we give any chance to our ego it will go back to animality. No restrictions on animal behavior, they kill each other and jump on each other and they do anything that is not restricted, because animals no takleef. On us there is takleef, Allah ? made us to know we have been asked to leave forbidden and do good `amal. Animals they cannot. So awliya want to remind themselves, “Don’t be like animals.” So they keep that always with them.

Our job or what we need to do is to be always like children. Always you see children busy dong something you cannot see a child busy not doing anything. Either they are running or writing or painting. But when you grow up you see many of us sitting and not doing anything. Wasting their time.

Mawlana said be like children always have that every coming and going. When children have that energy too much they say, hyper. Better to be hyper in the way of Allah ?. Be hyper; don't be calm in the way of Allah ?. Then you will be able to succeed. Till Judgment Day he is saying, when he was giving that association, that Suhbat, that this majlis, this association that you are in and every association that you are in, don’t think that if you die it will stop from being rewarded. You will not be disconnected from such association.

If you die and these associations are continuously carried on one angel will be representing you at this meeting and the benefit, that angel will represent you and replace you and the rewards will be sent to you to the grave.

And if an angel replaces you, you will be rewarded by the level of purity of that angel. Angels are ma`sum. Not like us meeting here, or in the presence of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim ?. We still have whispering in the ears and ma`siyya still comes. But if an angel on your behalf then it will be more pure. So such association we are in under name of Grandshaykh and Mawlana Shaykh, you will be rewarded until judgment day. Anywhere in world, any association made in Grandshaykh’s name or Mawlana Shaykh Nazim’s ? name, you will be rewarded and it will be always, even they die, they will be represented there by an angel.

If you appear here in this association here in America an there is another association taking place before 2 hours or in 2 hours or in China, there is an angel taking represent you there. At same time they are doing an association in Cape Town in South Africa, there is an angel representing you there. Think how many associations are being held daily. That is baraka of awliyaullah that is spreading.

The evidence of that is when the Prophet ? migrated from Makkah to Madina and Sayyidina Ali ? stayed in the Prophet's ? bed. For what to stay in the bed? They could have put a pillow and make like someone staying there. But we said it before that is the bed of knowledge that is the bed where Jibreel ? used to come to proponent, in his place that is his niche that is his bed so he put Sayyidina `Ali ? to receive that knowledge. Ana Madinatul-`ilmi wa `Aliyyun baabuha. “I am the city of knowledge and `Ali ? is its gate.”

So Sayyidina Ali ? received there and Sayyidina Abu Bakr ? received in the cave and the story you know, Prophet ? order that all prophets and awliyaullah there should bring, all of them, and bring Abdul Khaliq al-Ghujdawani ? the khatm al-Khwajagan came after his name. He called them and Sayyidina Abdul Khaliq ? called all the dharraat, the atoms of all the ones in tariqah. Now it is called Naqshbandiyya, but before, in his time it was called Ghujdwaniyya and before that it was called Tayfuriyya, before… depends on the wali it wa under at the time.

We were there under talqeen of Sayyidina Muhammad ? and Sayyidina Abu Bakr ?. And it was put on the tongues of the people doing dhikr, Allahu Allahu Allahu haqq. That is evidence of the reward that you will be in every association taking place under Naqshbandi Sufi order. It is called Naqshbandi, but after Grandshaykh it is called Naqshbandi Haqqaniyya, that lineage from Grandshaykh [going back] to Abu Bakr as-Siddiq ?, to Prophet ?. That lineage, all the Grandshaykhs were there and all their followers were there and Shaykh Abdul Khaliq al-Ghujdawani ? led the Khatm al-Khawajagan, under that tajallis and under that reward. From that time they were under that talqeen, to put on your tongue what they are saying. If they say Allahu, they put on your tongue, imitating the way they are doing, but they are putting not in imitation, but in true teachings that your tongue begin to make it and recite it. From that time, that reward is moving until Judgment Day, on every one of us. On every Naqshbandi.

Because Allah ? doesn’t reject anyone who is asking. And the Prophet ? was asking Allah ? with all these awliya, and Allah ? has sent that teaching to Prophet ? and Prophet ? to say. Abdul Khaliq al-Ghujdawani ? to teach the followers of that chain.

That is the baraka of awliyaullah how they do that and we cannot see it but he traces of the light that is in our heart is always puling us to the best. So when the level of imaan is going less and the level of shaytan is increasing comes from our actions what is not acceptable. Then when level of imaan increasing then you realize have to repent and ask repentance and then as along as you keep your imaan stringing it will increase your amal.

As the Prophet ? said, “Between two prayers there is forgiveness of sins.” So I pray Dhuhr and make sins and then go pray `Asr, so Allah ? will take the sins away. But I am still on the same level. If I pray Dhuhr and don’t make sins, my level is increasing. If I reach to Maghrib, at that level will get more reward. I will get rewarded according to the level of imaan I am in. We don’t want to bring the level of our imaan down, as between prayer to prayer is kaffaarat adh-dhunoob. But if you are not making sins, then when you are praying you being to have kashf, ilham, all kinds of good things come to the heart.

We will stop here for this association Insha-allah we will continue later. Bi-hurmatil-Fatiha.

How is it? [now we can rest, all these blessing coming form each association.]

Ha, now shaytan caught you. No, we don’t want to rest, we want to be active. Otherwise the thief will come and steal the house.