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Allah Will Decorate Those Who Love Muhammad (s)

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

20 September 2018 Burton, Michigan

Asr Suhbah at As-Siddiq Institute & Mosque (ASIM)

[Mawlana Shaykh Hisham spoke in Arabic. Ali Elsayed and Dr. Nour Kabbani translated to English.]

As-salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Every meeting has an end, and every human being has an end. May Allah accept from all of us His love that He adorned us with. He created us to feel happy with His Name! Qooloo laa ilaaha illa-Llaah Muhammad Rasoolullah, wa jawwab an-Nabi "wa `alayka ‘s-salam ya `abdillah!" Alhamdulillah `alaa ni`mahi zhaahiran wa baatinan min al-khawaaif alladhee...kulli yawm laa tuqadimoo ila ad-dunya jami`yyan. sa`atayn jalasna fee as-suhba fi ‘l-maktab wa nanwee an natakallam akthar wa akthar fee hadhihi al-mawdu`ah.

The first two hours we sat in suhbah. [Ali Elsayed: Mawlana Shaykh Hisham gave a suhbah before he came in here and he said now he intends to continue]. This is a suhbah for which ins (human beings) and jinn have gathered, as for everything relating to Prophet (s) they must be present and make salawaat on him. There are so many proofs of what we are saying. Whenever the name of the Prophet (s) is mentioned, the servants must venerate him and say, “Allahumma salli `alaa Muhammadin wa `alaa aali Muhammadin.” And whenever you mention the name of the Prophet (s), his respect will never be cut.

Someone died and his neighbor saw him in a dream and asked him, “What happened to you?”

He said, “Rasoolullah (s) took me very close to him.”

The neighbor asked, “With what?”

The man said, “He is the one whom, with his shafa`ah, took me very close to him and honored me and gave me everything that I needed and wanted. He is al-Habeeb, whose intercession is sought. He is al-Habeeb, the Beloved who took me so close to him.”

That is true, but this Hadith is a little bit different. The one we are speaking about is the following: [low audio] Yaa Sayyidee, yaa Rasoolullah!

The man said, “I mentioned the name of Muhammad (s) once and that was enough for me, and from it Allah rewarded me for multiple mentions in this dunya, and the malaa'ikah have given endless prayers, as well.”

Imam ash-Shafi`ee (r), the founder of a great madhhab in Islam, was asked, “With what did Allah reward and honor you?”

He replied, “In every book, I wrote the name of Sayyidina Muhammad (s) and I praised him until his spirituality departed (from where I was witnessing).”

Whoever among us wants to follow the Prophet (s), he is the door and the window to the Presence of Allah (swt)! Unknown to the mureed, the Six Powers will be opened to the servant (Haqiqat al-Jazbah, power to attract people; Haqiqat al-Fayd, caring of Allah; Haqiqat at-Tawassul, power of intercession; Haqiqat at-Tawajjuh, power to focus on someone and grab him; Haqiqat at-Tayy, with ‘bismillah’ you have the power to move East and West; Haqiqat al-Irshaad, the power to guide). These powers were opened to the hearts of all those present here, but is held in the hand of the shaykh until they are ready to carry that big burden that is heavier and greater than the power of the mountains.

The evidence we are on the Right Way is the love we have for Rasoolullah (s), and the love he has for us. So don't say, “This one is a liar, this one is a cheater, this one is such-and-such.” Keep respect for all human beings. If we keep respect we will be elevated, but if we lose respect we will fall down. Don't lose it. Why did we come here today, is there anything special? I don't see anything special, but yes, there is something special: the name of Muhammad (s), which is enough! Do you see anything here? Yes, Awliyaullah can see mahabbat an-Nabi (s): the love of Rasoolullah will take form and will be dressed on everyone, and they will look beautiful for Allah (swt).

Each station has its ocean, like poetry. When you write poetry, you come to a hidden place called Bahru 'l-Mahfoozaat, the Ocean of Trusts, and everyone will get that. It is an ocean of aja`ib, wonders. The Awliyaullah are going around in that ocean to be granted their power. When they pass through it their power is taken, and when they get out of it their power is restored to be distributed to their brothers. That level we are speaking of now has meaning, but if you go one level higher you cannot understand what we are saying, which is why Awliyaullah hide the power of this spiritual station from their mureeds.

You may think someone transgressed their limits and did something that was not up to them, but in Tariqah, everyone is in limits and they cannot transgress them: they all remain within the limits of perfection and completeness. That’s why perhaps among you there is one written in Paradise as Waliullah. They must carry what they have done and what has been done to them. We are all waiting for that time when meanings come out and other meanings will remain hidden.

When a famous one dies, Allah sends angels to ask him in the grave, “What have you done? Who is your Lord? Who is your prophet? What is your religion?” and so forth.

He says, “O my Lord! I told them about you, I have spread the knowledge about you.”

Allah says via an angel of mercy, “You are a liar. You spoke and gave khutbah only to be known, for people to say, ‘Mashaa-Allah, you are a big `alim.’ But you are not a Knower, or you would have sacrificed this state. O angels, take him to Jahannam!”

He is an `alim, but in Allah’s view real knowledge is about love, and about raising good people who do good deeds. Those sitting here are being showered with mercy, especially those gathered for the remembrance of `Ashura. The Heavens and saints have cried for `Ashura.

O servants of Allah! This dunya will not benefit you; this dunya is shining, but in Reality it is rotten. Don’t be with the rotten ones, because you will become rotten. Rather, ask for Akhirah, the Hereafter. We are asking Allah to show us our Akhirah with perfect health, perfect power, and freedom from all sins.

[Continuing] Allah said, “What did you do for Me?”

He said, “O my Lord! I taught the elderly and the youth.”

Allah says, “You did this all for yourself, but what did you do for Me?”

He said, "Yaa Rabb, `alminanee, O my Lord, teach me!” And this is a correct Hadith of Rasoolullah (s).

Allah orders the angels, “Take him to the Hellfire!”

There, the spiritual Reality of Rasoolullah (s) reached him, which is the great channel for everything: saints, prophets, everyone. Their work will not be correct except through the channel of Rasoolullah (s). [Mawlana weeps.]

Teach your children to be good and beautiful ones. Allah will forgive your sins, even if they are as much as all Heaven and Earth. We ask Allah to forgive all of us, yaa Rabb.

Good actions: be good to yourself and to others. Whoever praises the Prophet (s) with beautiful salawaat, Saahib al-Maqaam will pray day and night for them to reach the maqaam of Qaaba Qawsayni aw Adnaa, the station for Rasoolullah (s), but due to his love, he gives us from the fruits of that station, as well.

Wa min Allahi 't-tawfeeq, bi hurmati 'l-Fatihah.

[...] Sayyidina Muhammad, Sayyidina al-Husayn, Sayyidina al-Hasan, Sayyida Fatimah az-Zahra, and Sayyidina `Ali (r), the five of them carry this dunya and the Akhirah. Whoever gets closer to them and loves them will be under their protection, under their wing, wherever they may be, so send so many salawaat wa salaam on Rasoolullah and on them.

This consists of a small gathering on the name of Sayyidina al-Hasan and Sayyidina al-Husayn (radiAllahu `anhum). We are witnessing and taking knowledge from Awliyaullah about the martyrdom of Sayyidina al-Husayn (r), who do not open the doors to these oceans as we will drown, but they give us what we need about Sayyidina al-Husayn (r) and his martyrdom. Awliyaullah don’t open these doors except for what we need, and we need everything! Ask for the many, leave the little amount. Your coming here is honor for us and honor for Tariqah, as well.

The Prophet (s) said:

أنا مدينة العلم وعلي بابها

I am the City of Knowledge and `Ali is its Door (or Gate). (al-Haakim, Tirmidhi)

The reality that [the light of] an-Nabi (s) is present in everything appears. Every building that you have built will fall, but Awliyaullah knew that and ajjal al-karamaat dawaam at-tawfeeq, the greatest of miracles is to be constant in success (meaning worship), Allah gave them what He did not give anyone and made them Awliyaullah in this life and the Next. We say, “O our Lord, give us the much and the many, and give us the few, as well.”

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem.

كلمتان خفيفتان على اللسان ثقيلتان فى الميزان حبيبتان إلى الرحمن سبحان الله و بحمده سبحان الله العظيم

There are two words that are very easy to say, yet very heavy on the Scale, most beloved to The Merciful, “SubhaanAllah wa bi-hamdihi subhaanAllahi ’l-`Azheem.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

Some orders are heard and some are not. Those whose orders are heard are lucky, and those whose orders are not heard are not lucky but they go under the shafa`ah of the Prophet (s). I have just been given an order that before they sleep, everyone here must read 100 salawaat and present them to Prophet (s). That order dresses the servant with true respect and honor from the Prophet (s), and Prophet (s) will present them to the Divine Presence and to presences we don’t know. The veils will be removed and meanings will be opened and the Realities will become nearer. Don't be afraid and don't be sad, rather be happy.

سَمِعْنَا وَأَطَعْنَا

We hear and we obey. (Surat al-Baqara, 2:285)

All Tariqahs have given their Tariqah to Saahib az-Zamaan Imam Mahdi (a); all of it was given to him and he has taken it in front of him.

This is a great favor: anyone who can recite one salawaat on the Prophet (s) can get one hundred salawaat on him! We don't increase the number, because when we increase it is actually a deficiency. Do as much as you can; depending on your power you can make salawaat and benefit, and you will also benefit from the baya` to mashayikh.

I arranged a conference in London for [Mawlana Shaykh Nazim], which he asked for, with Prince Charles. The time came for Mawlana to speak, and the most important person in London was sitting in front of me.

I told Mawlana, “It is your time,” and he said, “Time for what?”

I said, “It is time to give a speech.”

He said, “These speeches and conferences are nothing for us. You want people to know us, but that is nothing for us. We stay in our zawiya. Until the time comes for my soul to be taken, I want nothing in politics.”

That was a big lesson for me. Look how when the ball comes into their hands they don't look at it; even if it is gold they throw it away as the pleasure of dunya is so small. When dunya comes to them they leave it. Whoever wants his station should not ask for it, leave stations behind and move forward. If you want to pull the station with you it is heavy, then you cannot reach anywhere. Take everything easy and you will win.

Sayyidina al-Husayn (r) left all of dunya, he sacrificed everything for the pleasure of Allah, and his people asked, “Why are you doing this?” He told them he has submitted to Allah, that it is not him who is doing, Allah is doing: “The order of Allah is fixed. Whatever He wants He wants.”

How could Muslim leaders kill the grandson of Rasoolullah (s), Sayyidina al-Husayn (r)? It is unimaginable that they could murder him in such a barbaric way! In a car, if by accident you hit an animal you will run to save it. They didn't even give Sayyidina al-Husayn (r) a chance. They taunted him with a cup of water and did not give it to him to drink.

According to Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (q), Sayyidina al-Husayn (r) carried the burden and pain of the whole Ummah, the whole world, on his shoulders. What more can we say after that? If an ill child is in hospital, how much your heart go out to him, and you will continuously want to comfort him! That is the shafaqa, compassion, Allah has for his servants that He dressed on Sayyidina al-Husayn (r). Afdaa nafsahu `an al-jami`yya. The affairs of whole Ummah were given to him, which is why he sacrificed for the whole Ummah. He offered himself as sacrifice so mercy will come on the whole Ummah.

Some of the Ahadith we mentioned have a worldly meaning and some have a spiritual meaning. What has been said today needs a great deal of study to understand it. One must attend many seclusions and the understanding will then open. We will leave things here. Inshaa-Allah we will gather again, three or four times and more, and we ask Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (q) for shafa`ah, to intercede in our illness.

If you see anything wrong from me, forgive me.

Inshaa-Allah we will have ziyaarah of the Holy Hair of the Prophet (s) and we ask people to make it very quick, so pass by and continue, no kissing, or kissing hands. It is not good adab to kiss hands in front of Haqiqat an-Nabi (s).


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