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Audhu billah min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem

Bismillahi 'r-Rahman i'r-Raheem

Nawaytu al-arba`een nawaytu al-`itikaaf nawaytu al-khalwah nawaytu al-riyadah nawaytu al-sulook lillahi ta`ala al-`adheem fee hadha al-masjid

Ati` Allah wa ati` ar-rasula wa uli’l-amri minkum

Allah swt send on this earth His mercy without differentiation. On every human being He made to live alike and give them what they need and He did not prevent anyone from His endless mercy.

And from this we can understand that Allah swt from His attributes is different from His servants. Allah’s Beautiful Names and Attributes describe the reality and describe a little bit about the Essence, which is unknown, that Core, that goes back to Huwa. Huwa is… Huwa in Arabic is Him who is not known. Huwa in English, is asking "who is that who is not known to you?" Allah swt is not known to His servants except through His attributes. And in His attributes, human beings cannot be like Him.

Allah manifested His Attributes on His Prophet and that is why he is the most advanced and the most near to the Divine Presence than anyone else. Anyone else who tries to reach will immediately be burned by these lights. Only the Prophet (s) has been given that power and that level.

Human beings character or level or habits might sometimes be heavy on some and not heavy on others. That is why people become to have those people who like them, they are around them and the other people, whoever likes them they are around them and …

And the Prophet (s) made it so clear that "my Sahaba are like stars," - everyone is a star, everyone took something from the Prophet (s) that the other did not take and all according ot their levels and they all got something. There is a line, a secret that goes from the Prophet to them but to everyone is separate. That is why Imam Muhammad al-Busayri said, "wa kulla min Rasulullah multamisan - everyone is getting from the Prophet something," so everyone according to his level of advancement can take and all of them the Prophet (s) said, “My sahaba are like stars and through whichever of them you come you will be guided.” But you will be guided according to the level. And that is why awliyaullah have assigned people who you get something from them and you will be in the circle of that person who is already attracting some people to him or her and all of them are like a chain that goes back to the one who gave them that authority.

And the one that is more advanced is always the one that has to take over all abuses. Because he is advanced he can take that and carry that. Others cannot carry. That is why you see he takes abuses from this person or that person or this follower or that follower - because his heart is with his shaykh. His heart is not for dunya and that is why Grandshaykh many times, had sometimes has to empty from within him, from within his heart because it is too much coming inside. Because awliyaullah not only those around them they carry, but they carry on themselves the afflictions that are coming from heavens or coming from earth. They carry those affliction in order that His servants will not get hit. Like the asteroids, when they are coming they say, "this one is coming and will hit the earth." How many came and they say "it will hit the earth" and at the end it does not? That is because the awliya are carrying that difficulty and that keeps it from hitting the Ummah.

Those who are carrying that are carrying the most abuse and difficulty. And the Prophet said, “I am the most to be abused and tortured of all the prophets.”

How, and he is the Prophet? Sayyidina Isa , his students betrayed and abused him. Sayyidina Musa with his people. Sayyidina Ibrahim, Sayyidina Nuh, `alayhim us-salaam. If prophets are being abused you think human beings are not. They are, but there are those who are very near, in the inner circle of the shaykh. There is inner and outer; there are some that are that are outer but in reality they are inner, because within one circle you can put thousands of circles inside, as much as you zoom in, you can find heavyweights. Heavyweight means they are the highest in taking responsibility from the shaykh. They are the advanced ones in the inner, inner, inner circle. These are very close representatives to the shaykh and then there are others, and they are still representatives but as much as you go out, go out, their work is less.

So I used to see Grandshaykh, or Mawlana Shaykh, sometimes he bombards with his lectures, other people. And especially sometimes, when I bombard on someone it means I am carrying everything that is... anything from his behavior that awliyaullah don’t like they are cleaning that one and mostly I bombard on those I love and those I respect. Not on those whom I am not so interested, although he bombards them also, but mostly on those who are straightforward with him, because he want to keep polishing, keep taking the surface in order to get to the stone that is inside.

They say “this stone is a diamond.” “Where is the diamond, it is a stone?” “No this is a diamond. In order to get it you have to crack it.”

If you don’t crack it in the right way you might destroy the diamond. So every rock they get in the mine, they get a diamond. But to get that what you have to do? You have to crack it. Then you cut it, and then you polish it.

So he said, “I crack on my beloved students who are so near me and I keep cracking on them. If I don’t love them I don’t open my mouth to crack on them.”

Now cracking might make some people to misunderstand. As much as he cracks on that one and cuts him down as much as he loves him. He doesn’t see anyone he can bombard him, except that one. This one and that one. That is why he bombards him.

That is why siffaatullah you cannot put in scale of people’s behavior or characteristic. There is no balance for that. It is something heavenly, so you cannot balance it with something earthly. Because the movements of people are heavy, their character. Their behaviors, their atwaar, their evolving in different levels, is heavy. They say, “this person, you cannot carry him; he is hard.” He is hard for your benefit. He is hard for you to learn. If he doesn’t love you, he doesn’t care, he leaves you on what you are doing. Like many, they are doing their own thing and he doesn’t bother with them. He only focus on those he loves.

Allah doesn’t hate, He loves. And the Prophet (s) doesn’t hate, he loves. And awliyaullah don’t hate, they love. If their words come out sounding like hate it doesn’t mean they are hating that one’s soul or character but they are hating the behavior and they want to crack it in order to bring out that stone in order to stand by itself. Then you don’t need anyone to mount it; it is already a diamond.

The rock - you don’t do anything. The one that has nothing, you throw it. The one with a diamond inside, you need to crack it and then it mounts itself. Then it is shining. Then people say, “O that is beautiful!” Those who are bombarded through Mawlana’s lectures they are the advanced ones and Allah gave that secret to the Prophet (s) and the Prophet (s) to awliya. So when Grandshaykh said, “I want to polish my students, I bombard on two, either Shaykh Nazim and Shaykh Husayn.”

And today you cannot bombard on everyone. You have to pick some who don’t get upset. You shout at them. They are the vehicles. If you don’t have vehicle then the mureed never changes.

Sayyidina Abdul Khaliq Ghujdawani when he sent his student to the cemetery and he saw the grave of the `alim, 60, 70, 80 years of age and there was someone telling him "that one is still a child and doesn’t know how to walk."

Then when he came back to his shaykh and his shaykh was bombarding him. He said, “you are worst of my students! You are this and that!” But the mureed is not caring. He is so happy to be in presence of his shaykh. That happiness makes him so happy that he doesn’t hear what the shaykh is saying about him. Then Sayyidina Khidr was the one in cemetery, and both of them were cracking on him and finally the spirituality of the Prophet (s) appeared and said, “Enough. You are not going to move his love one millimeter. One even millionth of a millimeter. His love is love, it is not changing. His heart is to you, give him his trust.”

But before they give him his trust, what do they do? They crack him. Jawz, walnut, to open it you crack it and then get the inside.

Fruits, you don’t need to crack them, you cut them. But there are walnuts that the shell is saving the inside. So what is needed is what is inside. So you crack it, you get the inside. The almond - you crack it you get the inside. The other fruits are sweet. So there are other mureeds that they are hiding but from outside you see them sweet. They don’t have a shell hiding the fruit in it. The more important fruit is the one inside the shell. They can be saved for years and years. Fruit, if you don’t eat quickly it goes bad. It means those students on lower level, you sit with them a few hours and they cannot give you more. But the one with the shell, is protecting the fruit, and you can have it at any time. And awliya have mureeds that they have a shell and they can keep cracking on them then when the fruit is ready one big hit on the walnut and the fruit comes out.

This is a good tiding that awliyaullah are doing. In order to make sure these advanced ones are safe from Shaytan. Shaytan is so happy when you are cracking on them because he can produce fitna to say, “O look this one that he is cracking on, he is the worst one.” But the representative must not care as he is not doing for Shaytan or for people but he is straight forward to his shaykh. He knows he is going to be carrying his trust.

Sayyidina Bayazid said, O my Lord! How do I come to you?" He said, “Leave your ego and come to Me.” So the shaykh wants to make sure his senior representative has no ego. He said, “How do I have to leave my ego?” He said, “Be a dump area for My servants.” That means carry all the difficulties of My servants. And you know the story of what he did and the children of the village stoned him and they thought he died and they threw him in the dump. So what were they saying? "Bayazid has become a heretic.!" Not a hypocrite. He knows the reality of that so he makes sure to be thrown as a dump. And then he was given more than he wants. So that is, and his love never changed. They were throwing him stones and he said, “O my Lord, if I die, recreate me back and I will take the affliction from them, and all they did bad to me, I will give to them from my hasanaat.”

So awliyaullah when they go on someone they know he is so advanced in order that they want to put that person on the right track. And that is why I sometimes crack on some people. I am not the one who is doing it, but it is coming from Mawlana Shaykh. As in Grandshaykh's time, Grandshaykh used to bombard on Mawlana Shaykh and Shaykh Husayn. And sometimes he bombards on someone else and he said, “You must be happy because I am carrying the sins that you made in your life. It might be that you are going to go out of house today and a car will hit you there are many wisdoms and you don’t know how these wisdoms work they know that is going of problems that you are going to face.”

They eliminate it from you through their words. That is wisdom of how they are speaking to you and to their followers.

Mawlana Shaykh is saying "Rahmatullah wasi`at. Allah's Mercy is vast." If not for His mercy no one would live on earth, neither solid nor vegetable nor animal nor human. If not for His mercy not one human being will be born. They are born from Allah’s mercy on you.

Many people come to me. They say “O shaykh please pray for me.” “O what?” “15 years I didnt have a child.” “Why you want a child, too much burden.” But out of love you want children.

Awliyaullah they want followers they love them and they want reps to represent them with followers.

So some of them Allah gives a child after being patient. Like one lady in New Jersey came to me and after we gave her what to read and Grandshaykh and Mawlana Shaykh and after a few months, two or three months, she called Ishaq and said, “I am pregnant.” Because Allah’s mercy will give. But Allah also makes tests to see how much faith people have. So Allah, as He gives children in reality, in spiritual knowledge and meaning if Allah gave you a child it means Allah gave you new spiritual life. If after many years you didn’t get a child and then you get a child then it means that child will be advanced because you are a spiritual person . You gave yourself and sacrificed yourself for Allah and gave up your happiness for Allah - then Allah rewards you with that child.

If Allah didn’t want us to be under His rahmat He would not call us to the Day of Promises when souls are before Him. Whom he created to hellfire, He could send to hellfire and who is for paradise, He could send to Paradise. But He brought altogether to His mercy and said, “this is My mercy, accept My confirmation; you have to confirm here that I am your Lord.” So of course, Allah swt is calling the souls and they are saying “You are our Lord.” They accepted of course at that time Allah’s Oneness. That is why the hadith of the Prophet (s) said, “everyone is born on innocence.”

They came to earth and they changed, but originally they are Muslim. Yulid al-insan ala al-fitra -“everyone is born on innocence.” So it is the parents and environment that changes you, but in reality you are still Muslim. So some of these senior representatives are still in the presence of the shuyukh. You cannot take them out. They are sitting in the VIPs chairs in Allah’s Divine Presence. They are doing their jobs. Now they have to be polished. Everyone has to be polished at some time. Not anyone is given immediately what he has to do.

That is what I have today, so last Ramadan, I was bombarding some of my followers. And I know that is first to me and I deserve that and they deserve that in order to crack and bring out that diamond.

And in reality they are advanced and I hope they keep following, and their love must not change. This 10 days is now the 2nd ten days of Ramadan; the first ten are gone. These 10 days was given the `ahad, the covenant, the promise to Sayyidina Mahdi alayhis-salaam that he will bring with him the secret of the ayah "qad ja al-haqq wa zahaq al-baatil inna al-baatila kaana zahooqa - truth came and falsehood has gone" and in his time he will never accept anyone who has a bad intention to be in his circle, that has thoughts that are not correct. He doesn’t like or accept someone who does things without thinking. Allah ordered him to take the secret of that ayah and work on it. That secret is now the key of everything. That is the key of haqq vs. baatil. That ten days he is carrying that and working on those who believed in his appearance with heavenly support of Ahl as-Sunnah wal-jama`at and those of other beliefs and that is going to be noticeable in the near future. He was given 12,000 divisions of human beings and seven different divisions from awliyaullah. Five different divisions: Budala, Nujaba, Nuqaba, Awtaad, Akhyaar and then jinn and malaika to protect those who are to be protected. And that is why he is cracking on those representatives, the good ones known to be doing work for Grandshaykh and Mawlana Shaykh Nazim they are going to be first to receive these manifestations of the ayah. They are going to be under these different groups under the ayah qul lan yuseebana illa ma katab Allahu lana, Huwa Mawlana wa alayhi yatawakaloo al-mutawakiloon - Say: "Nothing will happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us: He is our protector": and on Allah let the Believers put their trust. 9:51 They are going to work on the meaning of that ayah to make sure that those who are not under that affliction will not be hit and that they will be clean and cleared. With that secret of spirituality they are working wherever they are and they will not die except on purity and they will not die except to see Sayyidina Mahdi.

So cracking on them down, because they are leaders, they will be shining like stars on dark night. Their face and body will be shining, especially those who have been trained and those who have gone under seclusion. We don’t have to name them but they are known. Because many people when they heard these talks they thought it is Nurjan and that is not true and I am cracking on some to get the jewels up and in order to get that secret out of the two verses I mentioned. Qad ja al-haqq… and qul lan yuseebana illa ma katab Allahu lana. Mawlana Shaykh Nazim knows, he cracks on me still and whatever he talks and sends to talk is for me and then for the rest who are hearing that. That is for the 2nd ten days and for 3rd ten days and in that time more ayats will open from secrets of Quran and he will open these secrets of Quran those who have been cracked and they will receive from Sirr al-Quran and their heart will be able to teach it without referring to any books and only referring to words of Mawlana and Grandshaykh.

May Allah forgive us and min Allah at-tawfiq bi hurmatil Fatiha.

Different tajalli. Sometimes tajalli changes because intercession comes. Allah gave shafa`a to Prophet (s) so tajalli will change with his tajalli. So Allah gave awliyaullah to write petition and be accepted. Sometimes the petition is accepted and sometimes not.

It changed.