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About My Name

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

27 March 2011 Lefke, Cyprus

My father gave my grandfather’s name, Shaykh Hajji Hassan Effendi (q), to my elder brother, Hassan, and he thought whoever comes after Hassan will be named Husayn. Then it was my turn but my mother said, “No, you are Nazim,” otherwise I would have been named Husayn Effendi. (Laughter) May Allah forgive them and forgive us also.


Alhamdulillah. Their hearts are very pure, yes. May Allah forgive us for the honor of Sayyidu ‘l Ahlu ‘l-Jannah, Sayyidina al-Hassan (r) and Sayyidina al-Husayn (r).